Not a christfag, but I decided that I wanna see what a church service is like at one of my local churches...

Not a christfag, but I decided that I wanna see what a church service is like at one of my local churches. It's not like I have anything better to do anyways. Should I know anything beforehand? Any unspoken rules or bible stuff I should know about? Also, should I go to a protestant or a catholic church for my first church service?

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Pick Catholic.
They don't have as many loony cults.

Also, lmao 777 trips, the lord blessed this post

yeah just pedophile rape cults

Don't protestants diddle kids too?


post the denominational key word of the churches you're considering going to and we'll let ya know what they're like

Eh you won't see anything interesting. They hide the child sacrifices from the newcomers.

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I dunno, the churches I looked at either said roman-catholic or seem to be like catch-all places for different strands of Protestants. This is in Europe, so I think there aren't that many differences regarding the latter.

I lean towards roman catholics ones though, because they seem to have cooler churches

bump for my own salvation

if you're looking for something more modern and relevant look for buzz words like "evangelical", you'll probably find nicer people here. "uniting" and "pentacostal" will probably be similar.
Words like "baptist" will land you amongst old people who aren't exactly open minded.
If you head to a "Roman Catholic" church, or anything catholic, expect weird and old traditions, the service will probably make little sense to you, but hey, the cathedrals do look nice.
Anything "methodist" "calvinist" or "lutheran" will land you somewhere in the middle of "evangelical" and "baptist", a lucky guess really, happy hunting.

Thanks man, might start with a uniting church in that case, which seems to be very common around here. Might check out a roman catholic service later on

THere will be a bowl of water that 300 people have put their hand into, and you have to put some on your finger and do the cross and touch your forehead, that what I remember from my childhood catholic church.

Be kind and quiet and if they ask if you're christian say that you recently stumbled apon it. Last, pick a church not near you. Accepting and loving my ass lol, better they never see ya again if you dislike church by the end.

Unitarian garbage. Expect women preaching about supporting your lgbt neighbors
There's a reason it's popular

>bible stuff I should know about?
The Good News (gospel, godspell) is that Jesus sacrificed himself for you to fulfill the requirements of atonement under the Mosaic Law, and you are now clean before God, no matter what you've done.
>protestant or a catholic
Want to be impressed? Catholic
Want to be impressive? Protestant

I'm really paranoid about this as well. Don't like my neighborhood anyways, so I'll probably go somewhere else anyways. I even thought of just attending service when I'm in a different city.

Yeah, it might be a bit generic, but still probably a decent introduction. If they play christian rock I'll be straight on my way to a catholic service though.

Thanks user, that might be all I need. Come to think about it, through cultural osmosis I might also remember a few other things, just in case.

Jesus himself taught that the two most important commandments of the Torah were to love the LORD with all your heart, soul, mind and strength, and to love your neighbor as yourself.
Everything else is commentary.

Love your neighbor as yourself is close behind.

D-did I stutter?

You have to give up the anti-semetic thing.

>Also, should I go to a protestant or a catholic church for my first church service?
Depends mostly on what country you life, if you live on US or any other major protestant country go to a protestant church; if you live in catholic or a non christian country go catholic.

The qtest girls are in church. Seriously, and they are fucking hot jumping around yelling for the Lords salvation in their dresses and what not. Its distracting. Dont drop spaghetti.

If you went to church because of some girls you're doing it wrong,

They are a plus. I go for the word but I'm a young man; where else should I look?

If it's a catholic church, you can look at the decorations, they are incredible most of the time.

Id try and find a conservative Catholic Church. Theyre more to the point, very easy for a first timer, more passive, you dont have to deal with the loons that raise their hands in the air and sing Christian rock like its their job.

I'm a protestant heathen. The pope is a false idol. Only the apostles are saints. We speak to our Lord directly. The nunnery is a cult. The catholic church as an institution belives in pseudo wizardy bullshit like holy water. We broke off from the catholichs for a reason. Their services are boring, protestants actually worship their God with enthusiasm and fun. We have the best girls. They like to dance. Our one and only source is THE source. The Holy Bible. Choose wisley, user.

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I'll never know why protestants have Catholics so much. Seem like it's local leaders zealous for power and people wanting to make their own rules instead of following the Scriptures.

Then why protestants choose to take some books out of the bible?

>power hungry
>when catholics litterally elect a pseudo messionic king that litterally start and end wars due to political tinkery
Haha, dude no.

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You know, what you're saying + that picture actually makes me more inclined towards Catholicism

Dude, every single minister I know is power hungry ans zealous of his power (usually they are also very rich and act like petty dictators).
In Catholicism you have some power hungry in the higher levels, but most priests are poor and humble.

As long as you end up saved user. That is somthing we all agree on.

Am I mistaken in thinking that Catholics generally believe in salvation through good works, while Protestants believe in salvation by accepting Jesus?

Unless we are talking about extremes (Calvinists or Monks) both support both.
But Catholics focus more on deeds and Protestant more on faith.

Yes. Catholics incorporate a litteral karmic system. Your deeds will be tallied and weighed. Protestants belive in personal salvation, and that the morals we hold dear culturally or biologically don't matter when it comes to divinity.

Catholics believe in salvation through faith AND works, Protestants believe in salvation through faith alone

Protestants say you have to accept Jesus and you'll have a Christian life by consequence. (Faith alone)
Catholics say you've to accept Jesus and make and effort to live a Christian life. (Faith + deeds)

Alright, gotcha
Thanks for helping me out

Makes sense, I think focusing on good deeds sounds nice and it couldn't hurt to improve other peoples' lives

Being a protestant is usually easier and you've many churches to choose.
Catholic church is only one, but you've many orders and movements inside. Going from ancient Benedictions to very modern and young Salesians, from hardcore fascists from Opus Day to Franciscan hippies. So you can also choose if you want to.

To keep it fair: Protestant churches do a lot of charity and good works. It's just not an imperative to salvation. Sometimes you can't give, but still belive.

Protestants do some charity but it's mostly local, while Catholics in generals are more centralized.
Where I live the Catholic church keep a hospital, two schools (the one I studied) and an retirement home. (I'm from a Catholic country).

My problem is with those that are real jerks but believe in Jesus and believe they'll be saved beinga ssholes.