Why is rope so expensive? I just wanna kill myself ffs

Why is rope so expensive? I just wanna kill myself ffs

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if you're gonna kill yourself why does it matter how much money you're spending?

I dont have that much money to spare. Im broke af, I got less than $90, fhats for sure

Make some rope out of cloth or something, third worlders do it all the time. Grab your sheets or some curtains and braid away faggot.

lol bro for that just buy heroin. its the only way to kill yourself comfy. you just fade off into darkness relaxing sleepy as fuck just going to a peaceful sleep

better than having your neck bent and legs twitching while suffering to death

Bro why the fuck would you need 50 feet of rope? 10 feet should be fine. Also use blankets or cloth or something and make your own rope, rope will tear up your skin and it will be extremely painful.

if your gonna kill yourself why are you larping searching rope on fucking home depot's site and making a thread about it on Jow Forums? if you really wanted to kill yourself you would. jumping is free, hell you could even use a towel.

Does that mean 1 and 1/2 inch? If so, that's too thick. Go with 3/4. Also make sure to look up the hanging chart, and pick the height that'll decapitate you. Otherwise, it's possible you'll be saved and wake up a vegetable.

Manila rope is an extremely strong made from some magical Philippine fiber that doesn't break for some reason. If you're a land whale then rest assured that this thing can carry your weight.

You know there's other methods to kill yourself that are way cheaper like drowning, toaster in a bathtub, fork in the wall socket, car park jumping, fucking walk on the train tracks or get hit by a car it's not hard

Im sure its cheaper to Uber to the nearest city and find a sky scraper to jump off of

Use your shoelaces OP

>it will be extremely painful
for whom?

Just do it with a wire from your computer

for you

Well it is an once in a lifetime investment, maybe its worth the price.

just use a belt you tard

Tfw found a rope in my dad's backpack. At least I don't have to go and buy it now.

Live stream it, don't be a pussy, at least give us some entertainment

When I decide to do it, r9k will be the first to know, don't worry. I just don't know when exactly that will be yet.

Get a job and don't kill yourself. Maybe you'll feel better about your life if you start accomplishing some easy goals to start.

It's the suicide and jump rope tax.

>Get a job ... Maybe you'll feel better about your life
KEK. this almost certainly will not be the case, especially assuming that OP doesn't have any decent career prospects

Just take a loan at the bank you coward.
If I had to hang myself, I would hang myself to a paraglider and try to have my lifeless body go to some festival or anything.