Isn't it weird how anonymous this shit is? someone we hate in one thread could be our friends in the next thread

isn't it weird how anonymous this shit is? someone we hate in one thread could be our friends in the next thread

we could be talking to the same 10 people every day or like 10,000 different people we meet and disappear. and we dont know

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That's great though, no 500K karma powerusers who think they're chads or something

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>someone we hate in one thread could be our friends in the next thread
This is something that I think about a lot on boards like /a/ or /v/. One second I could call someone a retard with shit taste, and then praise him for having good taste in another thread.

>friends in the next thread
i hate literally every person on this board.
>the faggots that want to feel better about themselves by giving "advice"
>the losers that blame other for their failures
>the posers that "come here to make fun of you losers"
>the chads that subtly brag about how they fuck women
>the attention whoring """"fembots"""""
>the underage retards who are too stupid to even read anything
>the hedonistic animals who tell you to not shame them for being sluts while they shame themselves
>the boomers, just because they are boomers
>the jannies because they're not doing their jobs
>the white knight losers enabling the attention whores
>the larpers making bait thread over bait thread
>the retarded Jow Forumsiticians making everything a jew issue

i hate literally every single one of you
however, it's easy hating faceless entities

Internalize your shadow.

holy shit dude work on that wtf that sounds miserable

do some drugs and chill out. weed and kratom is cool but kratom might just make you more angry

is it your first time on an imageboard?

That's the beauty of anonymity. We're not strangled by identity, I know many online forums where you're constantly constructing a persona, feel obliged to comment on this, and feel wary of commenting on another because it'll be set forever.

Humans would be so much better if we all wore a blank mask.

>Hating faceless entities makes you miserable
that's what i meant, those retarded fucking comments must come from a summerzoomer

I get exactly what you mean bro
It's like people who come here have a certain idea of how they should act
And they don't realize how much of an attention seeking poser it makes them look

We'll all meet again by and by.

I love it. No identity bullshit distorting your opinion, just judging one's words on their merit alone.

not exactly what i meant, but i'll take it. thanks for a (you) that didn't infuriate me. have one back

I don't know what's better about the pic: the literal landwhale with the mulatto kid, or the dog looking like it wants to fuck her

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>epic bacon xD looking guy with long unwashed hair who makes long reddit posts about why showering is unnecessary
>"sassy" landwhale who thinks she is at least an 8/10
>morbidly obese single mom with black child
>skinny fag with Pink Floyd shirt
>balding indian manlet, likely to have turned incel by now
>fatty in green dress making le funny face xD with near-hover handing balding husband
>single father with baby carrier, likely male fem

It really is amazing how many stereotypes this checks off

>what looks like a lesbian couple with a dog
>chad-esque guy doing the surfer hand gesture
>girl pretending to hide behind fern.

The surfer chad appears to be the only not super retarded one there, and even he is trying too hard.

I wouldn't quite consider him Chad, desu, but compared to the others he definitely is. One eyed king among the blind and all that

Wouldn't know what to call him. He still seems more well adjusted than the other personifications of reddit in the pic

That's what I like about it. No one has to carry any of the stupid shit they said or any of the conflicts they had into the next thread. The slate stays clean. Except for the histrionic tripfags.

Not at all, it's painfully easy to classify people just by what they write and how they write it

Maybe, but is anyone really autistic enough to do that?

Literally how many times gave you seen "fucking normie get off our board reeeeeeeee" on here though

Immediately classifying 2 posters, a normie and an incel. I hate these terms btw

this is a grim reminder that I spent my youth talking to fat old depressed people online

you and I may have talked dozens of times before in other wojak threads and we would never know

are the trannies categorized under attention whoring fembots, hedonistic animals, or are you ok with them?

Those are two broad ass generalizations that almost anyone can fall under? I get called normie all the time despite the years I have been around here. I have made reee posts of my own even though I have had lots and lots of sex. Lots of sex


But yeah that true i think about that sometimes and because of that theres no emotional attachment as well no hurt feelings

this is far beyond cameltoe and reason
what do you even call this?

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(((You))) original Chad Jow Forums poster.

>could be our friends in the next thread
??????? do normies really do this?

You live to hate and I live to laugh at you lol