>fatasses the table over stuffing food into their mouths
>talking with their mouths full like pigs
>always an old lady who gets food on the corner of her mouth and doesnt know
>fucking babies screaming with shit all over their face
>kids crying running around
>everyone sweating and stinks like ass
>waiters dripping sweat all over your food
>fat old people farting and burping right fucking next to you
>confined space
>constant noise
>too hot
>suffocating on peoples disgusting breath and expelled gas
>toilets getting obliterated by some whale like right next to you
Why does anyone enjoy going out to eat at restaurants. Why did that have to become a normal thing people do, its awful in every conceivable way. I would rather make food and sit relaxed in my quiet home and eat alone. People are fuckinng disgusting pigs and there are too many fat and old people who stuff sugary fat food into their mouths like fucking hogs at their feeding trough and you see them get giddy when the waiter brings out their 3 layer chocalte cake for them. Then they get up and shit out a 15 lb log and clog the toilet and come back without washing their hands the fucking imbeciles.Eating at restaurants is awful and I never want to ever eat at one again. Fuck every resturant, its always like this. Why is it normal to eat right fucking next to strangers in a confined space.

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alot of the locals restaurants around where i live dont have many people on them so you can get a table with no body near it on the other side of the place, that also isnt in some weird dark corner but a place a person would normally sit.

the hellscape that is clapistan

Sure a restaurant might be nice, but nothing will ever beat a box of tendies on a comfy winter evening. Hearing the ding of the oven you get up from your computer chair, still wrapped in your blanket that drags across the floor as you walk, your feet insulated by thick sock, your body clad in soft, warm pajamas. You down the hallway, the house is silent save for the light pitter patter of your footsteps. You enter the kitchen, lit solely by the light inside the oven. You open it up and see the steaming hot tendies, ready and waiting just for you. Carefully you slide them from the tray onto a plate, you reach into the fridge quickly to grab your sauce of choice. You saunter back to your room in a dreamlike state, the sensation of smell washing over you, your mouth salivating and your tummy grumbling. You pomf back down into your computer chair and tactically wrap the blanket around your body so just your head and arms remain without. And you eat. And you smile. You are happy.

God bless tendies and God bless America.

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I don't even get the concept of it. You can just make the food yourself at home, and for cheaper, and you dont have to sit in a stuffy room with a bunch of strangers smacking their lips and clinking their silverware. I hate seeing people eat its infuriating. Even at movies, fat fucks cant sit for 2 hours without having a jumbo popcorn and a soda and smacking their lips right fucking next to you. I literally want to fucking choke them to fucking death and stomp their fucking head in. On airplanes people have to eat, even a short flight. Sporting events. concerts. Shopping malls. Every fucking public place I go I see fat fucks stuffing their faces and I cant take it anymore. can people really just not fucking eat something for longer than a few hours?

That thing in your pic is a food court
Food courts are portals to the netherworld for Satan's minions to travel through and torment humanity

Actual nice restaurants or even pubs here in the UK (when not full) are quite alright

There is no such thing as a nice restaurant, because they all involve seeing other people eat. Why do they exist.

Eh, the local ones in dunneleon Fl. Are pretty chill, not crowded, reasonable temp and solid food that's from scratch as in I got to see the chef cook it a couple times at both restaurants


Go to small, low traffic resturants. They're the best ones.

eating at home is the best. maximum comfort and you can control most stimuli

Second last time I went to a restaurant, some old lady got absolutely black out drunk and puked on her way down the stairs. Literal vomit waterfall blocking the only way up or down to the upper half of the restaurant. I was sitting on the opposite side of the place and besides the table directly next to the stairs I swear I was the only one who witnessed it happen. Was absolutely vile and I'm surprised there wasn't a big deal made about it.

last time i went to a restaurant it was just like that, except there was also a fucking beggar loudly telling us the story of his life and moving around tables for money

completely fucking disgusting, no reason to ever go to a low-class restaurant IMO

I have never once watched other people eat at any restaurant I have been to

Maybe stop being a fucking sperg, it might help you enjoy things

>Why does anyone enjoy going out to eat at restaurants
Because they're too stupid to learn how to cook.

Sit in a BOOTH in a nice restaurant with low attendance.
You should be talking to the people you're with, anyway.
If you are still annoying, you have actual autism which is of course characterized by uncontrollable sensory overload.

This sounds far worse than a state cafeteria.

>Gang of office worker boomers sitting at the table behind us start drunkenly singing
>Baby screaming while the cumdumpster of a mom is on the phone
>Group of hipsters are having a headache inducing conversation about music
>"Are you guys ready to order?"
>"Actually, John Lennon was, like, a really, like, bad misogynist or whatevurr. So, y'know, like, I don't, like, listen to his toxic male-fantasy music 'cause it's, like, very problematic."

Just fucking end me.
I hate it. I hate it. I just want it all to stop.

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Should have drank onions milk

I wait tables at a classy establishment and it's nice

Fuck man, I love the Front Porch

Thank god I'm not the only one. It seems like everyone loves going to restaurants. But there is nothing I like about them what so ever. Constant children crying, pushing chairs, making a fucking racket. Why the fuck would anyone want to fucking slobber their piece of shit $10 soup into their mouths surrounded by constant uncomfortable shit. CLANKCLANKCLANKTINGTINGTINGTING Half of the time I cannot even hear the person I'm sitting with over the unbearable backround noise. Children should absolutely not be allowed in high class resteraunts. At taco hut sure. But for fuck sake there should be some amount of money to pay to get away from all of the shit in a modern restaurant. If I wanted to listen children making a fucking racket I'd go to a special needs daycare. Having worked in a few small restaurants I can tell you shit behind closed doors is much dirtier that you think. You picture clean stainless steel cooking tops? Clean floors? Pans that aren't caked in burnt shit? Yeah maybe in the immediate area of the counter. If you're in a fast food place. But I guarantee you if you go back there and look around you will find some shit. Bags of buns literally just on the floor. Food that should be immediately refridgerated left to sit for an hour sometimes after delivery.