I am another casualty to Asian women

I saw another post about Asian women last night and after another night of great sex I decided I gotta post this.

Been seeing this Asian girl for two months now and I think she's it. Wife material. All the rumors are true. I'm living a meme. The sex is fantastic, way better than any White girl. She goes absolutely bonkers over my cock, it is a tight fit and she loves me stretching her and tapping her cervix. It's been all raw, never once did I cover it up.

Been going out for two months now, she got clingy real fast, but she actually treats with me respect and just...loves being with me. I dont know, its different than any of the other girls I went out with. We get along really well. She appreciates alot of things I do that other White girls would take for granted. And she loves that I take care of myself and stay fit.

I asked her what she thinks of Asian men and...she didnt have anything really positive to say. That's all I'll say on that lol.

Dont care if you dont believe me, think this is a troll post etc. It's for real.

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yeah if you are having enough sex to compare sex with an asian girl and with a white girl then you shouldn't really be on here

Based and redpilled.
Not you, her. She knows how to play her role. You better play yours well or she'll drop you in a moment.

I'm a white girl, when I date a guy I do all those things, I've been told I'm wife material. The difference is I do those things out of love and respect for the man I'm with, not because I want his money or am using him as some kind of status symbol that I can use to social climb to the next richer, better looking white man. How does it feel to be used like that, not even out of care, but purely because of her self hatred? Btw, Asian women rule the household in Asia. So be prepared to hand over your entire paycheck while she spends it all on LV bags and other pointless gold-digger shit. And expect her to drop you like a hot egg roll as soon as she finds a guy who earns more than you.

>two months
>she's so clingy already!

This gook works fast. Every Asian chick is nice in the first few months until they've sunk their gook hooks into you. She probably sniffed your desperation and autism and is love-bombing you to shit until you're emotionally dependent on her.

>casually mentioning having sex
Leave the board, you fucking idiot. Sage

White roasties getting toasty over the superior Asian waifu

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lol seething white bitch
your kind aren't any better either.....note how every egirl who whores herself out happens to be white

i honestly though this was just a meme, pretty surprised

There is a good reason why Asian women are memed so hard on here. They are the real deal.


Do you live in the USA or in Asia?

What the fuck is this discord psyop shit?
This is seriously more annoying than those tranny psyops. For fuck's sake. Kill yourself, and I say this as a white male.

>I asked her what she thinks of Asian men
A confident and secure MAN would never ask something like this

This thread reeks of sour grapes, autism, cope, and smelly hairy Asian snatch.

i honestly think im going to quit posting on this website

They got me early, I never had a chance.

In high school I fell in with a crowd of nerds, and amongst them was this plane jane vietnamese girl.
One day I get around to buying a phone and she gives me her number and we start texting, a little every few days at first, then every day, then all the time, them she tells me she likes me.

No white girl would humble herself to initiate a relationship, but this girl was human enough to do the right thing and demonstrate the ultimate and comprehensive supremacy of the Asian woman.

Things didn't work out with her, but that was because I did nothing with my life while she went on to be a successful medical professional.
I'm with an Asian accountant now though and putting myself through university so this one knows I'm good value.

Best of luck OP.
White women delenda est.

WW will have the last laugh when they're rejecting your ugly psycho half gook sons and mocking their tiny penises.

I'm at work but let me respond to this real quick, cant resist

The relationship is real. I am not a rich guy, I do have a steady job and make decent money. She likes me for me, it just feels right. It also helps that she is in love with my cock and praises it all the time.

USA. She is a 2nd generation Asian woman so no she is not fresh off the boat so to speak. So in many respects she is just like other girls here. But she is different in other ways.

This is not a discord psyop. I'm a real person.

No one is gonna want them

How does it feel knowing your hapa daughters will be self hating whores and your sons who look nothing like you will grow up to resent and hate you?

How does it feel knowing you're dooming the white race by further decreasing our numbers? How does it feel to be the reason whites are going extinct?

Not him, but:
My daughters will be female, and thus deserve to suffer.
My sons will be fine, I'll just take them to Asia to find them pure Asian waifus too.
Let the white race die, the lesser races that depends on us will suffer when we're gone and that brings me joy.
Feels good in a sexual and forbidden love kinda way.

A whole generation of hapas will be coming. Soon it will be the norm to be half-Asian, so its really no big deal. Alot of the 2nd and 3rd gen Asian women from my high school married White guys and they have happy families.

Like what was said in last night's thread, America is going to have a healthy hapa population in 10-20 years. And even if White women were not raging whores, Asian women would still score White men. I think that the situation is just exacerbated with the fact that White women are indeed raging, out of control hypergamous whores that have insane standards for the men they meet.

Asian women are perfect for fucking or short term relationship, but I'll never have children with one. Imagine a son with a woman who hates the men of her own race? The kid will always be 50% asian and most asian features tend to be dominant. I'd rather stay childless than having inflicting that to my child

>I'm a white girl, when I date a guy I do all those things, I've been told I'm wife material.
And yet here you are clearly single, frustrated, and upset that someone found happiness. If you were truly wife material you would have settled down with the previous guy you were with. Fucking idiot women., lmao

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Based and redpilled. Asian women are crack cocaine to white boys

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Asian women are fucking nuts for white cock. I wish I could tell every white girl I meet that she needs to regain some sanity and stop being an insane hypergamous bitch and try to find a White man to settle down with. OP sounds like a decent product man and we are gonna lose his genes to Asian women.

The situation is really bad because you really cant blame these White guys since so many White women have become absolutely toxic and Asian women just resist the masculinization much easier than White women. So they are a breath of fresh air to men who were on the receiving end of toxic white women.

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Maybe some Asian countries but a whole continent sounds like a cope.

What did she say about Asian men, I wat to hear it

>expects to drop you like a hot egg roll

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I'm not upset at all and I'm dating a wonderful good looking man who fucks me like a whore and treats me like a princess, and I can't wait to have well adjusted 100% white babies with him. So stop projecting.

Don't listen to these coping subhumans, no self-respecting men would settle with insect people if they really had the choice.

Riddle me this white lady.
You might be a unicorn, but most white women aren't. What will you do in 20 years when your 100% white son, jaded and bitter at his white female peers for being a bunch of feminist harpies, brings home a cute Asian woman?
What will you do then white woman?

And yet you're posting in this thread projecting your unhappiness. But hey not my problem you're in denial.

I don't know who's worse or who exploits who more: the self loathing, white worshipping Asian gold-diggers or the desperate autistic spergs who prey on their self hatred. These morons think a 4/10 paper plate face SEA monkey is a 10/10. But hey, it's not my maladjusted hapa kids I need to worry about, so who gives a shit.

>The situation is really bad because you really cant blame these White guys since so many White women have become absolutely toxic and Asian women just resist the masculinization much easier than White women.
This. The situation is pretty bad. So what can we fucking do? I dont know

It's not my problem you're assuming you know anything about me on an anonymous Mongolian basket weaving board. Sorry you're mistaking women's desperation and self hatred for genuine attraction or love.

At least he won't be hapa. Lmao.

>Assuming you know me
And yet you did that in your first post by assuming OPs situatuon you fucking hypocrite. God women are dumb. You have so much salt it could fill the ocean

says the dumbass thinking asian women truly """love"""" him when they just see you as a trophy, kek

The only racemixing that is acceptable is Latina women. Most of them have acceptable levels of White admixture so your kids come out 50%+ Aryan.

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And white women don't? Gtfo you stupid bitch lmao, all women are the same

oh shit. looks like you caught an even more rare pokemon

agreed. OP sounds like a decent guy and we are losing them to Asian women. I suspect there is really nothing much White women are going to do, its the mans job to fix shit.

TRT is the only way. Testosterone replacement therapy.

Do you mean white women should be taking test to become men since they've failed as women?
Or do you think men should get more test so we can wrangle white women back into submission and fix this shit?

>Or do you think men should get more test so we can wrangle white women back into submission and fix this shit?
That's exactly what we need to do. Because Test levels have been plummeting anyway and most guys have test levels of a fucking geriatric. I know this because even me, I've taken steps to produce more test, I workout regularly, healthy guy and my test levels were low.

Its a fucking epidemic and this shit is the result of it

Well I took up Muay Thai a month ago so hopefully that helps.
But I've already taken the yellow pill and put a ring on one so I guess it was too late for me.

OP is a cuck

that's nice, but you're in the honeymoon period. Get back to us in a few years when she's shat out a few Tenda's and is now micromanaging your life

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typical story of a self hating asian girl shacking up with a robot. what makes you think you are any different from other wmaf pairing?