Room thread

you know how it works

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Why so many (milk?) cartons in the bin?

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I took the /blanketpill/

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too lazy to take out the trash

I've seen this room posted here before, is that really yours?

>same tv

sony kbl 32bx400

Fair enough
Yeah thats actually mine. People post it alot because its funny. But I'm actually sitting in that room right now.

this photo has already become outdated and it's not even that old yet.
comfy as hell, OP. i want a couch for my room but dont have the space sadly.
i see your room posted a lot, also very comfy. but the blue throw doesnt really match everything else.
i wanna black out my windows to protect my light sensitive items but i dont think my parents would be too keen.

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Well fair enough, that's a genuinely nice room, the dildo isn't even out of place
I dig your room as well, looks pretty comfy and that's a nice wall color. Good body pillow as well

Also, could you tell a total brainlet what color that wall is? I can't really tell for some reason

Thanks user, I think my dildo is a nice touch

honest to god Im jealous

Due a tidy but i rearranged my soft friends shelf

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Did you use the doorknob with your ass?

Is english your first language or?

>itt retards posting rooms which aren't theirs

That's a nice dilation station.

he's referring to the fact that it looks like there's shit all over ur door, dumbass. is english your first language or?

I love that painting, your also that trap on /soc/ who fucks the dragon dildo right?

Female or a sissyboi? I fuck a sissy on Grindr who's room looks similiar

Vile devil, did you kidnap the lady of my heart? I knew that bogans are not to be trusted.

Let's see your butthole or clit

what are the worst rooms ever posted lads?

Europoor lol you guys are messy

You need to take the PC off the rug. When it's on rug the CPU tempture will always be up 10c more then on tile or a table.

Hey it's a thread full of underage fags that don't own their own home

comfy af except dildo(s)

Na you like the dildo user:)

Can you show us anymore dildos? That one is pretty small.

You wouldn't ride my dildo?

No way I would TOP someone in a room this dirty

yes i am not a faggot

or "no" lol, i wouldnt ride

Would you let me peg you?

You live with your parents and have a loli daki? I wish I was so bold.

I really like your sad green man.

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>my own space that my mommy and daddy let me have

I have my own apartment

paying rent doesnt make you a homeowner

I own my home I'm 35

Pretty tidy in the scheme of things considering i work 12 hour days 7 days a week.
Speak for yourself. I pretty much own this. Considerable deposit and mortgage paid in 5 years unless i get an inheritance before
>he *you. It was a retarded comment its blatantly just where the paints come off. Im sorry nobody thought you were being funny

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12 hours 7 days a week how much do you make a month?

What are you doing here at this age?

Been here since 06, retired why not? I'm watching t.v and browsing reading news etc.

Not a lot of sex happening in there Im guessing

About 4k max. Im a driver so it varies per job and not every hour is paid. Its a decent income for a uni dropout

I was born with a vagina, but thanks anyway
Nope, not me sorry!
There's only one haha and it was bait

What is your job user? 72 hours a week is a lot

I like the plants is it real?

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Well its not every week to be honest. But i've a fair amount debts i want gone so i do what i can. I have my usual job coach driving then do deliveries weekends and nights

Where you from faggot the Maples my 2nd team

Nah theyre fake from ebay but I like how they look.
I like your little (bonsai?) plant

Pretty good Canada room. It's so good and manly I forgot your country was a tranny shithole for a moment.

North of Toronto

Your a faggot but props for bug repellent and fishing pole, mesquitos and get so bad sometimes use a mesquito suit and the fucking blackflies will be gone here soon

Have sex, manchild

Fuck off Leafsposter. Habs to win 2020 Stanley Cup.

Nice Maine here

I get head from a twink at least

Before finding a job

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After finding a job

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that is some good shit user, i've been thinking of doing the same thing after moving out. (the whole nothing but a mattress and basic stuff)
is it as satisfying as it seems?

That's a mortal sin.

Sure is comfy not having a lot of possessions to stress over or large bulky furniture. I think I still prefer the minimalist lifestyle.

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Use some money to get a better fucking mouse senpai

I see. How long did it take you to get from pic 1 to pic 2, if you don't mind me asking?

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It's ok for now. I'd prefer to have a bigger one for more free space but I can bare with this one.
I just think it's as boring as I am

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I wanna hang out with you in your room, it reminds me of early 2000's for some reason.
you german by any chance op?

protein you stupid bitch

dont paper cut me with that EDGE

Nice schnauzer

Since my last post I've had two more paranormal encounters but i'm moving on sunday

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That wasn't ectoplasm, it was your own cum.

>Thoes walls
>Thoes angele
>That carpet

My niga are you in an A-frame near a midwest Engineering University?

Those things are comfy as fuck

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It's minimal and tidy so it probably keeps your head clear
Very nice plants, have you noticed any insects? That's my fear when it comes to house plants
Your bed is really cute c:

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I was visited by a purple floating orb ):

eh i wrote it because there could be other dildos hidden lol

smol monitor

Nice shutters

Are you that Asian dude?


Are you a "girl"?

Anyway, here is mine, just finished cleaning it and i put on some new sheets as well.

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Schnozzers best dogs

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Please don't tell me you guys have a light on when watching television?

i'm slowly getting all the junk past the comptuer desk out
none of it is mine

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no him but it's breddy comfy, unless you have a large living space, then it just feels too empty sometimes.

im not sure of the exact colour name but it's a peachy yellow? i'll try find the paint pot for it.
my mom was with me when i bought the daki :^)
sad green man (naughty cat sheng sheng) likes you a lot too, user