Be me

>be me
>sit in cafeteria by myself
>cute girl approaches my table
>8/10 easily
>she points at the chair in front of me
>asks "May I?"
>she is really shy about it
>i smile at her
>"sure, please do"
>she nods in thanks and takes the chair to sit with her girlfriends at the other table

how do i get over this break-up, robots? this is the farthest i have ever come, she was an angel

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I mean, what did you expect?
A qt swooping in out of the blue and stealing you from your shitty life on her white steed?

>tfw that cute butt will never sit on my face

This is an old ass copy pasta. Saged and reported

Don't do anything, It would be weird to just go with her friends as a stranger and start talking with them

Is it bad that this would actually excite me?

i keep thinking we could have at least given it a try you know

>"sure, please do"
Your first mistake

That's a guy, dude. Stop it with this faggotry.

kek lmao it happens sometimes.
masturbate and play video games sweetie.

>it happens sometimes.
yeah, okay

Is it really? orig

yes it is a dudes ass and yes you are a faggot

Yes, so fuck off.

Who shat in your breakfast you bunch of fucking retards.

you fuck off son of a bitch.

>be me
>pretty cute girl all around
>see my girlfriends sitting at a full table
>look around
>see table with lonely looser sitting by himself
>go over there and ask him "may I?"
>he gives me the most retarded smile ever, probably got a hardon
>"sure please do"
>ugh disgusting
>take the chair and walk over to my table as fast as would not seem rude
Your first mistake was getting your hopes up. Second was assuming what she meant was in any way, shape or form positive for you.

Then stop fapping to guys you fucking cunts.

go marry your dad you son of a gay

I didn't know it was a guy you fucking idiot.

YOu son of a bitch dont project what you did on us , I never masturbated to trannies or shemales.
Anyway stop thinking about what I do with myself and go suck a cock and bump the tranny thread.
Son of a bitch.

lmao me too, we dont browse tranny threads often to know if its a boy or nah. unlike that disgusting idiot.

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Yeah, I think he's projecting.

How does it feel to know you're gay now? Jesus.

originally original oreg

Thread must die.

lmao imagine having that saved on your computer

>see nice ass
>jerk off to it
>people tell me it's a guy
>makes ass less nice for whatever reason
the amount of cope on these closetfags

Because muh labels!!

Must be sad being this mentally handicapped.

i'd rather be braindead than paranoid about my sexuality, constantly making up excuses why i'm not gay

Must be sad being this gay.

Yes, in the mind of the braindead, everyone's gay.

That is a female ass until there is proof otherwise

i know for sure that you are, but keep telling everyone otherwise, closetboi

Funny how you fags operate. There's nothing about the image that suggests it's a male, yet somehow I'm the fag for not knowing it's a male's ass, and not wanting to have anything to do with it because I'm not into males.

It's not being a fag. It's called not being a newfag and knowing that this picture was posted before. And yet you saved it and reposted it. And probably fapped to it.


Someones you have to lie to the mentally retarded to not cause any unneeded problems, so yes. You're right. If that makes you sleep at night.

When you thought he couldn't get more retarded, he proves you wrong.

Well, I'm sorry for not having a database of all the images ever posted here. How can I repost it exactly if this was the first time for me seeing it?
Do yourself a favour and return to your tranny threads.

>Someones you have to lie to the mentally retarded
>writes this
>calls others mentally retarded
oh the irony

You're clearly the one who's into that, faggot. You wanted him to sit on your face. Fucking disgusting.

God the faggot's seething so hard he can't type properly. What a shitter.

You've never written a typo before? Wow you're so smart!
You're clearly not even trying. Go back to your trap threads.

It's mental illness when you see everyone as gay. Go check yourself.

I came back from having sex with a 8/10 cutie and you still are talking about gays?
You obsessed creep nerds needs to be burnt alive.

I don't browse them, but you're obviously into them, kiddo. It's a mental illness to be into men.

>ywn destroy that bussy
Just end my life already

A mental illness you clearly suffer from since you knew it was a man. How else you'd know it was a men if not browsing those threads?

Because it was posted multiple times here not long back. You'd know if you weren't a summerfag. Go back to fapping to men, degenerate.

>Because it was posted multiple times here not long back.
In the tranny threads that you frequent I'm sure. I haven't seen it before.
You do you, but I'll stick to women.

>stick to women
>faps to men