Anybody else like girls who wear very little or no makeup?

Anybody else like girls who wear very little or no makeup?

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No, I hate everybody.

I was almost going to let myself be baited for a second, gg

>anybody likes girls who wear little to no makeup?
>posts girl with full face of makeup


I want to like girls but they are all so god damn slutty. I could probably easily settle down with one person and not be a shit person but all girls are sluts and its disgusting

She has eyeliner and mascara on and thats it incel

Honestly I prefer girls with make up. They look good because they put in time and effort and weren't just gifted good looks for free by genetics.

8/10 times girls who "look good without makeup" are just really bad girls wearing makeup.

>Tfw girls actually claim stupid shit like this despite the fact that everyone can see that they are using tons of skin care products

>TFW incels think skin care products and makeup are the same thing

If you took a fucking shower and cleaned your ratty face and hair you might see the distinction.

Yeah, eyeliner, mascara, filled out eyebrows, foundation too
underneath that there's the primer, moisturiser, maybe cream to reduce her eyebags and sunscreen

Obviously you haven't lived with a woman other than your saggy middle aged mom who let herself completely go about 20 years ago if you don't know this :^)

My bf loves when I put on makeup. He loves seeing me go from cute girl next door to looking like a pro pornstar. Anti makeup faggots are boring and have small dicks.

I have a small dick but I love makeup

Bruh...shes wearing make-up.

That's a cute collar, how I get my gf to wear one?

starting the thread off with bait is overplayed. how about some subtlety`every once in a while?

You're an honorary gigacock Chad then user.

Why thank you. It is an honor indeed to receive this title.

No I like girls with a shit ton of eyeliner.

You have to make her call you daddy and pat her on the head when she drinks your cum

I have a makeup fetish

I need a man like that, you're lucky. Anti makeup men also watch anime.

If Women as a group decided to stop wearing make-up and stayed on top of it, I'm certain it would be normalized within 3 months

>to looking like a pro pornstar
your bf is a faggot with generic as fuck taste, 'pornstar' make up is ugly

I very strongly prefer girls without makeup, almost approaching exclusively like.

The girl in the picture wears tons of makeup, by the way.

yes, they seems more genuine that way
indeed it would, most males don't give half a shite about that way. disregard this guy

The slutty look ages well and can look sexy into your 50s. The cutesy shit stops working when you hit 30.

This. She's absolutely caked in makeup.

Fucking this, the little make up look actually is full make up. Do people really think a girl with no make up has so little imperfections on her skin? If you ever been near a woman when she does her make up you will realize how much shit they put on their faces to conceal everything, then they put on what many would actually call "make up".

the opposite is true, the slutty look looks horrible and trashy on older women, it always looks like they're still stuck in their slutty 20s phase instead of changing their looks to properly suit their age

Absolute bullshit. Why deny it? Maybe they don't like dark purple lipstick or sharpie eyebrows, but men LOVE makeup. Most of the hot girls you see around irl wears makeup. The hottest older women are the ones who dress up and wear makeup.

>Most of the hot girls you see around irl wears makeup
most of the 'hot girls' i see irl are disgusting and generic to me, they look like clones

>i like girls that are obviously very pretty and dont need makeup
do you think youre special for this?

LARP harder faggot.
Or (You) actually are gay...?