Confessed my feelings to one of my closest friends about 20 minutes ago

>confessed my feelings to one of my closest friends about 20 minutes ago
>known her for almost three years
>no response beyond this

Was I just subtly turned down

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kek, confessed on Discord

i honestly dont know what you expected

Never tell someone about your feelings online. Always in person or not at all.

Thats prolly the only place they talk cause shes an egirl

Her previous ex confessed over Disc

That's not a confession op, you're just fooling around on the Internet. Now stop playing and go earn money

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Exactly. Girls get told that over text all the time. You should had done it face to face.

women aren't stupid, she would have known already that you had a crush and didn't say anything cause it would upset you

LMAO this is hilarious I didn't know people were this gay good job man

This, OP is probably the type to do constant embarrassing flirting if he has a crush

>starting a relationship over pedophile tranny discord

>I have a crush on you
Try harder homo

Females get this all the time she already has a bf your just feeding a troll at this point also she was a friend not a girlfriend you shemeat

Just drop it and move on. That's the best thing you can do.

To everyone saying that she doesn't return my feelings: why did she give such a cute, sweet, coy reply then? A blush, a heart, an ^^ emoji... it would kind of be leading me on to respond that way if her feelings are platonic.

have you ever confessed to a girl before? shes just taking it like a compliment and nothing more. shes probably not interested since she didnt say anything else. thats a pretty shit reply user dont get your hopes up.

>its text and not face to face

just delete her man who cares

We've talked for hours almost every day since July 2016

this means she likes you retard

It means she doesn't like you back but is too nice to say it so she beats around the bush

Fucking move on jesus dont make a fool out of yourself

You'll just have to wait it out. Your brain will evacuate this poison with time.

Are you just trolling me? Everyone else says something different...

>known her for almost three years
dun goofed
should have moved on already and just kept her as a friend if you really like her

would it ve pett6y of me to just deleyee my accounty without respinding to her
i regret bringing this back up i wrsas happier when her rrssponse was moree ambiguuoues

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holy fucking autism op please never talk to a girl again

jesus i dont blame her


no I'm not drunk nor pretending to be
I'm just really upset
my mind isn't
working ight
right now

wow cool typing man you sure seem bummed that this internet relationship that you've been creating in your head hasn't turned out quite the way you expected, now take some deep breaths, delete discord and carry on your life as a new man who doesn't substitute meaningful friendships with people in real life for strangers on the internet who are just going to use you for their emotional benefit.


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Pack it up king, its over

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we've met up multiple times offline you stupid piece of shit

t. retard. find the next girl and this time talk to her in person. you'll know if she's interested in you. if not, move on to the next one. you are literally going at a snails pace with this shit faggot

She's basically saying "Awww, how sweet!... But I only like Chad."

This is why I come to Jow Forums, fucking golden.

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Fuck man this sucks, bro if you're sub 4/10 we ca relate dude this shit is mook happened to me all too often. You gotta fucking ignore women dude they all hate our kind, fuck man this is mook, I hope all turns out well for you OP.

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*poke* and *blushes*

>>confessed my feelings to one of my closest friends

I have legitimatly never seen a case where this ever worked, in all my entire 8 years experience of browsing this website

fucking amazing display of autism

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>a confession
>on discord
>at 6AM
good job OP, you earned your asperger degree

what's also hilarious here is the fact that she already responded with her *blushes* message. it was then your turn to elaborate but instead you acted like it was still her turn until you autistically *poke*d her 2 hours later

how much attention does this retard need

I've seen it happen before. Most 4channers just aren't very desirable.

there's no fucking way this shit is real
he can't be that autistic to the point of not even being able to type correctly

>at 6AM

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he is prettending to be drunk rn so we feel sympathy

fucks sake op, you deserve to get turned down for typing like such a massive faggot
who says "poke" like that

>i've never been rejected
feels fucking good man, but if you must know user is that you're wasting your time, i spent way too much time trying to date e girls and i realised its a massive fucking waste of time, i went to a bar, danced with qts with my bro and made out with one and got her number, i also got tinder and i've had a few girls from there build something with me, dont waste your time on discord, all friendships and relationships there are bullshit

please post more this is fucking hilarious

>discord confession
please be a larp oh my god

That was the girl who replied with the blush and the heart.

this thread has potential
just to make sure, put me in the screencap

>That was the girl who replied with the blush and the heart.
for once i'm glad i'm retarded

I mean.. *poke*


fuck felt like somemone punched me in the chest from reading that. I feel for you OP better luck next time, discord builds all sorts of superficial love this is probably more common than people realize.

So what now from here? are you still gonna talk to this slit or slowly cut her off

As mentioned everywhere -- Women only want Chad.

>this hurts me more than it does you
Why do women always say this? It makes no sense. Is it just making things about them for attention or something?

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Dude who cares what Jow Forums says why aren't you talking to her more, it's so awkward for her to confess then fall silent & expect her to give you a monologue. Go fucking lead the texting & see how she feels. At the expense of maybe embarrassing yourself to someone maybe 'compliment seeking' who cares? GO CONFESS & BE CUTE RETARD.

OP wtf you fucking retard that's my fucking girlfriend stop doing this shit. Delete this immediately.

Fuck fuck ignore didnt read all thread. RIP OP

I like to think that OP is drinking himself to death for real

thank you user
i don't know
what im going to do

and no i'm not drunk
my mind just
there's something
wrong with it
right now

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I would never date a girl who uses Discord or Jow Forums. That's a bigger red flag than Tinder in my eyes, despite being a long time user of both.
Just use dating apps or go out like a normalfag dude. It's way easier anyways.

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Contrary to whatever you hear people tell you here, there are women who have some type of feelings and either don't want to hurt the other person in some way, or they just want to keep things from getting too awkward, like they'd try to somewhat salvage the whole situation if possible and keep them and the other person on okay terms if still possible.

Don't tell me you were never in a situation where you argued with someone you might've genuinely liked or enjoyed talking/spending time with and you tried to resort to just deescalate the situation and somewhat keep it on okay terms so you could balance the whole thing out, as to not let it go out of control and risk losing this person you might still enjoy talking to in the future.

It's not as much about them being selfish (of course that could still be a thing but that's another subject), there are women out there, just like guys, who would rather prefer to keep things as civil as possible and not let it go out of control, especially if they knew they somewhat liked that said person.

Okay I hope that wasn't too confusing, I tried explaining it the best I could.

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if you dont want to chase her then dont retard she already said no
maybe if you poke her again she might change her mind


>fell for girl on the internetz
>6 AM
>I don't want to be like John

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She's so cute! I want a fembot that blushes when I confess to her

i don't
Want to be like john
He's been in love with her

since 2011
his obsession with her has ruined him
he's not even a pale shadow
of who he used to be
will the same happen
to me?

He actually said crush leave and never come back

if you're the girl in this situation what exactly are you supposed to say? Seems like no matter what you're gonna hurt them, maybe ruin your friendship or at the very least make it very awkward. I think this girl is doing okay all things considered but it seems like it's going to be shitty all round no matter what you do

it will if you actually obsess over someone who has rejected you and confirmed that their feelings for you will not change.
theres no way this can work for you.
let it go brother youre embarrassing yourself.

You were John the whole time.

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going to bed
good night

Just go on Grindr already, what will happen is you will ghost her she will move on to the next orbiter

Listen to this while you imagine what could've been

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we both know thats not true, youre gonna stay up lurking this bread till it 404's

i dedicate this track you OP, hopefully this whole ordeal makes you come back stronger ittps://

poke her again just for the lulz

Lmao your name is samuel? Damn that's gay you might as well be a Benjamin the gayest name on esrth

It gets better, anons

Could be a nice opportunity to study female behavior. Please indulge us, OP.

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>This hurts me to say, probably more than it hurts you

it's worded shittily but i get what she's trying to say

>espngose to the confefssdion.png
get it together man

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she's only vaguely aware of Jow Forums's existence

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Don't worry man, at least you have a great friend. She honestly seems awesome, cherish her

In all honesty: this. Let's take a poll on OP's oneitis.

Do you want to know a super secret trick about how you find that out?
>go into chat with her
>ask "what is that supposed to mean"

oh my fucking god you got no self awareness you dumb fuck, this is physically making ME cringe in embarrassment. i don't know how it doesn't make YOU shudder at all.

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Thanks for the screenshot
I remember seeing this fag while browsing earlier but forgot where

>My feelings are never going to change
Lmao that means she never considered dating or even fucking you
I have many female friends and I can guarantee they all think about what it would be to fuck one of their friends if he is attractive enough

Just give up on her man, or it will get sad and awkward
It will be hard but have pride and dont chase after her
You had balls confessing to her though, be proud of that

you are an actual retard dude what the fuck stop, don't fuck with her

why would you actually do that
i feel sorry for her
why is she still talking to you

>Hehe. Our "special" moment is seen AND influenced by random ppl
Y u being a dummy, OP?

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How is he fucking with her or doing anything wrong?