Imagine looking like this at the age of 28

imagine looking like this at the age of 28

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premature balding can really turn a possible 7/10 into a 3


Serously, why do white people age so badly??? They're beautiful before 25 then they age like milk

Not genetically superior

The burden of western civilization wore heavily on him, he is still a hero.

It's just white people. You don't see this with any other race.

So many butthurt leftists and mudshits coming out of the woodwork, keep seething

I guess it's the NZ shooter.

i looked like that at 16

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hahaha, yeah, imagine... that would be terrible, haha

I actually think White people age pretty good.

Sun damage does it. White people that don't age are introverts and shut ins.

Unironically because of fair skin. Fair skin is beautiful when you have a smooth skin but it also fucking sucks to hide imperfections when you start to age,

Imagine being as based as him.

im one of the only white people I see that dont age bad but my hairline is total fucking shit. hoping meds save me otherwise im fucked. I mostly only see Asians Mexicans and black girls that dont age like shit

well I found this one vegan Canadian guy on youtube whos 37 and looks kinda like a 20 year old

what are you supposed to look like at 28 then?

I look like that and even worse at 32.

>imagine pleading not guilty when you had a go pro on yo head
The mad man if given the chance is going full how Ted Bundy did with the whole representing himself thing. Almost a year away but yeah.
He has lawyers at the moment who just say yes or no.

this is the face of someone who killed little chidlren in cold blood

this faggot will never have peace in his life and i hope he ends up with couple of Muslims in jail so they can "take care of him"

Islam is the truth, fuck all of you tranny lovin faggots

Im 34 and look younger than him even with thinning hair, poor dude

not surprised a muslim is infatuated with little children

He's going to solitary confinement, you goddamn idiot.

>muh superior genes

Your nigger ass is ugly as fuck before 25 and after as well.

this was probably after a week of being bashed by prison guards, give him a break.

also he did nothing wrong

White people age like shit.

Dark skinned people like myself age gracefully. Black don't crack.

Who came up with anything involving skin care? White people

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How do u look now?

White people do age like shit sometimes, but even then they still look better than most niggers.

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Says the white boy who can't get pussy on Jow Forums

Speak for yourself, nigger

Yep, this is an original comment

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>trip fagging nigger thinks his opinion matters


Your mom has had sex with black men long before you were born you realize this right?

died last year senpai

Careful that you don't cut yourself on that edge, nigger

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imagine looking like this

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>contine my mission

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