Any tips? pls no black pill bs frens

any tips? pls no black pill bs frens

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general stuff only, wont share profile.
do you have good experience? ever seen another robot there?

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Consider uninstalling it

is she a laplander?


My account looked exactly like OPs. Dead.

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As someone who has gotten quite a few dates out of Tinder, here's some advice:
>Get some pictures of you out in public with friends, or at least pictures taken by somebody else who isn't your mom
>Groom yourself for all your pictures
>Try not to have more than one selfie
>If you actually want success, your profile statistically doesn't matter as most matches are made mostly based on physical attractiveness, but just put a joke and a little about yourself
>DON'T whore out your dog, that shit is played out in the Tinder arms race
>If you have a fit body, find an excuse to show it off. Not just a selfie, but you laying on the beach looking shredded with sunglasses on or in the pool with your friends.
>Pictures of you surrounded by hot women will make girls jealous and REALLY want to get fucked by you due to their competitive, hypergamous nature.
>Pictures of you doing your hobbies taken by other people do wonders to show you're really more than just a pretty face
>Studies have shown pictures where you are looking away from the camera are more attractive than pictures where you are looking into the camera, sunglasses count for this but not for selfies
The most important thing to succeed on Tinder is to already be attractive. Once you are attractive, you too can compete with 10,000 other sub-par men for Chad's sloppy fat leftover slampigs while he and other rich, buff guys plow the hot Instawhores who "aren't there for hookups" or whatever the fuck. Consider uninstalling.

10/10 post and 100% this

Do you think if I had hot friends and hobbies I would need Tinder to get laid?

Tinder isn't for loners, user. It's for already valuable men to further expand their sexual marketplace, for women to get validation from strangers,, and for losers to just give women validation and paypig up for Gold or whatever. Get shredded, make some friends of any kind, pick up a hobby (something easy like guitar or jogging) then you can compete on Tinder for fat girls and boring blank slates.

i have NOTHING you mentioned great not even a dog. except one pic where i dont look into the cam amazing

this so much

Here's some bonus advice: subtly implying you have access to drugs will MASSIVELY boost your matches. Party sluts, weed-loving art hoes, crackheads, whatever kinda girl you want. Even the most normalfag women will bite their bottom lips and get moist at the idea of dating/being fucked by a smirking, drug-dealing/taking bad boy who doesn't play by the rules and doesn't care that people know.

i dont even drink alcohol orignaloe

Then unless you're already attractive, Tinder ain't for you.

why not? whats the matter with drinking. isnt NOT drinking so "different" those days, so your(?)original drug point fits again

Alcohol and consumption of alcohol has always been a huge part of humanity, user. Not drinking makes you stand out like a sore thumb, likely maladjusted and afraid of losing your inhibitions and just having fun and having an "adventure" or whatever it is dumb whores call getting fucked in a Wendy's parking lot at 2AM after having too much to drink. The thing is that "not" drinking isn't breaking any rules, whereas doing/selling/providing drugs is, and implies you have a lot of social status and connections to be able to acquire them assuming you don't look like a junkie.

idk, being different than everyone (according to your post) seems like breaking unspoken rules a lot

There's being "different" and being different, user. Being "different" means still being a charming, attractive, well-adjusted adult with a large social circle, just not in the mainstream. Being different, actually different, is deeply unappealing to women unless you are fucking gorgeous, which I assume you're not.

>Being "different" means still being a charming, attractive, well-adjusted adult with a large social circle, just not in the mainstream.
this post makes no sense whatsoever

That's why you're a loner trying to get laid using Tinder, user.

if you symphatize with normalfags so hard, why are you here?

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My account had zero matches. I went out and started meeting thirty girls a night. Online is shit. Maybe it was okay 10 years ago

>Why would you want to understand the way the majority of people function?
Shit, man, I dunno. I don't like them but it's good to understand them.

Online was "good" as few as 5 years ago, before Tinder existed/entered the mainstream. Tinder introduced hordes of normalfags to online dating instead of it mostly belonging to genuinely lonely men and women looking for companionship. It was super easy to make a connection with some lonely woman if you were well-groomed and not just spamming dick pics on sites like OkCupid.

fair enough
how many % of them dont have inner monologe again

Something like 20% of people have used online dating once or more. Reportedly 6% of people have ever actually gone on a date from meeting someone online. Take your dumb shit somewhere else, everone meets people in person you arent a normalfag if you use online you are a creep or a single mom

The thing is, women don't respect guys who try to date them online because they don't have the guts of talking to them in public.

Imagine someone would go through all this just to put his dick in a aids ridden 60 iq whore

Where do I have to sign for that?

Make her laugh.
Don't mention your height if you're trying to be cool.
Or just don't. Wait a while and see if you can manage to meet someone in real life.

>20% of people
>What are demographics
That's a fucking pointless number due to ageing population. Of course only "20%" met through online when you consider that the majority of people in any western country now are old, genius.
>Hurr let's survey eighty year olds to ask if they have ever used online dating lmfao genius

The real thing is that online is just too fucking slow. There arent many real people and texting one person at a time who may not even be there is dog shit. You might find someone with a similar lifestyle but if you have a standard lifestyle that person already has a bunch of shit messages. And the single moms arent active enough to send you a message in the first place.

>Don't mention your height
If you are 6'1 to 6'5" you should subtly allude to it. Any taller than that and you are too tall, any shorter and you should keep it a secret.

Yeah, see, this is why 30% of young men haven't been in a relationship in the last year. You're basically competing with actual gorgeous millionaires who not so subtly show that they have 9 inch dicks in their mirror selfies that also show off their abs and expensive cologne and the lingerie of all the other girls they were fucking last night on the ground. It's an uphill battle and you're really better off trying to meet a nice girl in real life, not on the internet.

>Make her laugh
good point ty
>dont mention height
lol of course not, facebook norman tier

Its 20% of 18-25 year olds. Also I can only imagine youre getting paid to keep advertising for tinder, faglord. Everyone I have ever known thinks its a lame way to meet people. You only get on there when youre bored, my friends who actually look good have gotten dozens of college chicks at bars and 1-2 matches on tinder. Maybe your city is all nerds and shut ins

Care to link the study or article?

Businessofapps statista and pew all say the same shit. Its neither popular nor successful as a standard way of meeting people. Its used completely different from what you think

If we're gonna do a he-said-she-said of studies, then some wedding website surveyed 14,000 newlyweds and found that 20% of them had met their spouse through Tinder in 2017. If we actually heed that as true, then that means it's officially THE most common way of meeting your spouse, at least for the 14,000 people surveyed. According to Pew's data, which you quoted, in 2015 27% of 18-24 year olds had used a dating app. That was four years ago, and dating apps have only gotten more popular in that time. If we actually look at the data, the amount went up from 10% of 18-24 year olds just two years prior in 2013 to 27% in 2015. Unless, hilariously, you are going to imply that somehow the growth just... stopped, despite the industry only making more and more money?

Oh, also, your Pew Research actually completely contradicts what you said. It's 66%, not 6%, of people who have used dating apps have gone on a date with someone they met through a dating app.

>a wedding app survey found 20% of their users who got married used another app to meet someone
that's great, and i'm saying if you get 0 matches on tinder that is completely normal because most people are not on tinder actively. you could meet 200 or 300 people this weekend by being social in public or at fun little classes or whatever. you could meet 5-10 people just like you by going to particular events. there's no defense for tinder unless you just use it in your spare time to look at pictures and maybe get a random conversation

6% of all people. 1/3 of the 1/5 that even use it.

It's two thirds of dating app users have gone on dates, not one third. Also, once again, this isn't selected for age groups. Young people are far, far more likely to go on a date with someone through Tinder. Normalfags love Tinder and use it a lot, at least where I live. Go to any social media site and you'll see a lot of memes about Tinder dates and the like. It's firmly planted in popular culture now, especially zoomer culture, and since 2015 (when out of date survey was taken) the industry/use of Tinder has grown massively.

>it's still a shit way to meet people
cool. good advertising. i bet you think most people use twitter too

What the fuck kind of advertising is That was me, and I tell people to uninstall it. Deluding yourself won't make Tinder or its reality go away, user. The jump in use was from 10% to 30% in young adults in the US in two years, and the jump in people getting married thanks to Tinder and dating apps jumped from 5% to 20% in 2 years as well. The numbers are only climbing up as people become more lonely and atomised, which is a statistical reality.

It's a shit app designed to fleece lonely men, but that doesn't mean it's not popular.

if you say so advertising bro. i still see bars packed full of people. last weekend every nightclub in the popular part of the city had a line that was 30 minutes or more, even most of the bars had lines. i already have a girl and met about 25 people.

>People can't use Tinder AND go out at the same time
Wow, this is a strange, interesting reality you inhabit, user. I wasn't aware leaving the house rendered a human being physically incapable of using a phone. I wasn't aware people existed in a zero sum game of dating where you may only choose one path, and angels descend from heaven to slash your wrists and banish you to the wastelands should you stray from the path.

You absolute dumb fuck. Do you think none of those people used dating apps? Fuck me, I'm too smart for this, I am gonna get some sleep and pretend you don't exist.

>he tries this hard to advertise for a piece of shit app that gets most guys 0 matches
alright good night retard

Be something different than the usual Chad

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exactly my tactic wish me luck
how does it work? how do you start a convo?

tfw rural user who's only chance is to met women is online or at chick fil a

rural would suck but there should still be festivals and church and stuff. online idk maybe, i feel like rural people use internet even less if they can

based low iq alchol poster