Lets do this

Lets do this.

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Why the hell do you want to know my penis size. Fucking homo

My willy is your willy but with more girth.

t. tiny penor

everyone on the internet just adds random numbers to their size
by internet standards i'm 8.4"x6.1"

wow amazing!
volume = pi*2rh

This considered big, right?

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>penis has this much volume
later virgins

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Feelsgoodman. Too bad I'm socially retarded and try not to make any friends.

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By statistics, yeah.
By women, no.

Feels good that I was born with muh dick instead of having that rarity of a high iq

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now is my time to shine

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It's estimated that 3% of men worldwide have a penis ranging between 7.5 to 8.5 inches.
That 3% all happen to be in this thread.
Anyways, mine is right in between the low average and high average. Too lazy to post the picture, but it proves nothing anyways.
5.9 inches long and 4.8 inches wide. Literally dead on average pretty much.

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Actual real honest stats tho.
Not that I actually use it. I'm in my early 30s and I've only slept with 2 women, last time was more than 4 years ago.

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What good is a big one if there's no one to use it on?

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>That 3% all happen to be in this thread.
3% is THAT rare tho. That's just one in 33 people.

didn't you know being a virgin on Jow Forums highly correlates with having a large penis?

It's because all their masculinity went to their dick instead making them less assertive & can't pull qt waifus. Big dick virgin club represent.

just because this thing between my legs is bigger than most men is what helps to keep suicide at bay. that and the hope of attracting a gf with it...

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Hi. I'm decent size. Above average. Too bad it looks small compared to my giant body.

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Too thicc. You will never fit.

wow what a shocker, most robots got way above average penises

Average length but the dicc is thicc.

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Because we stay home jacking off all day

what do my dicklet brothera gain from this?

big dick robota get a well needed ego boost because of their shitty lives

>mexico scientific survey

I think as long as you over 5" girth > length. I would love more girth.

I would trade in an inch in length for an inch in circumference. I am deathly afraid of showing any girl my pencil dick. No girl cares about the length. They can get pleasure from 3 inch dick. It's all about how thick it is and I feel like I wont even fill them out if I ever lost my virginity

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Average everything.

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I've shilled before but hydrpumps = easiest way to gain permenant girth. Not best/fastest just least effort & most fun. Won't bother expelling your skepticism but GET ONE IT'S LIKE 100$ FOR PERMA GIRTH & TEMPORARY .5 INCH GIRTH

100$ for a device that simply creates a vacuum... is that not shilling?

see ya later virgins. gonna sharpen my pencil in some snatch

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and apparently it can permanently ruin your dick

here's mine, been with only one girl though

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I used my hand as a visual aid.

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I have a bathmate Hercules. About time to get something with more room to grow but I don't have $100 right now. Probably gonna pump later.

I don't care about cost when I've gotten an inch of magic girth I shouldn't have. Make one yourself if you want dude. My point was it works, and yes if you over pump & ignore the agony you feel you can damage yourself, duh. 0 injuries personally though. Disbelieve if you like. Meant to write Hydropump also not Hydrpump, water based is the only one which works.

Any results so far or no measuring? Would be nice to hear other Anons experiences.

are penises on the high average end really meant to be THAT thick? thats fucking massive.

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>jobless, live with parents
>afraid of women
>women fear me
>havent seen daylight in bout a month

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wow how did you attain such a big ding-dong user

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kappu its ok, just suck on my 8" dick for milkies

Too lazy to fill out the form, so have a photo instead.
They say a picture's worth a thousand words.

>tfw ugly uncircumcised dick because loleurope
>tfw curvature makes my dick look shorter than it actually is

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that shet looks like it creates impotence user...
im already at 8", and even though i want 9", i rather not risk impotence/ED.
besides it looks very painful for the amount of effort to get an inch in girth/length.


just makes it even worse

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I think I have gotten a little girth from it. It definitely makes erections better.

> it creates impotence
Yeah if you do it wrong. You are only supposed to pump 10 to 15 minutes at a time.

Retards shouldn't do PE. It's perfectly fine if you know what the fuck you are doing.

I can fill mine up to the top, but you have me beat in girth.

hurrr durr ma dick is 10x9 is ithis smol?
every single thread, this board used to be so much better, does it have any mods anymore? fucking dumb

Uncircumcised is based & anti-jew. For anyone viewing this, discoloration goes almost immediately after exiting in my experience, unless your dick is super new it takes some conditioning.

Makes it healthier, especially if you use complimentry exercise.

Despite making up 3% of the population...

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I'm above average I guess I'm not killing myself

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Does the girth make up for it?

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I've used it on and off for over three years. It's only painful if you use it for more than 15 minutes at a time and/or pump it up to an absurdly high pressure.

I could probably reach the top if my dick didn't curve downwards, but muh girth would probably force out all the water by that point heh.

Women don't like the look of an uncut cock. I've only ever fucked prostitutes, but they all said that the foreskin ruins my otherwise decent penis.

desu the bigger your dick the more likely youre to post it

>3% is 1 in 33
>considering this is the internet and it's world wide it's easy to find
>people with bigger dicks are more likely to confidently enter these threads and post

>tfw you're a coping dicklet