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Hanging in there blackbots?
I really fucking hate not being white. All races find them most attractive and it makes me seethe. Even the few that do like black guys wouldn't like me because I'm timid and the exact opposite of a charismatic black chad. Life is suffering.

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go back to twitter neil degrasse tyson

OP must have a little dick. I love me and my BBC. White women love it, I've starting bulling. White women are fucking whores for BBC and I feel bad for White men. Luckily our women will always be loyal to us. Our cocks reign supreme.

There is already one black bot thread. Post there and don't flood the catalog, please

Speaking as a tyrone, being one is terifying because black girls love having kids out of wedlock if youre handsome. They will try and fuck you every day until shit hits the fan. It's best to stay in church, and fend them off with a bible, or find a christian black gf. Secular black girks are fucking wild. Sucks cuz, I really don't like white women; they just don't resinate with me, but black girls take a lot of work.

Getting ready for college. Tired as hell but itsa life

It's above average, but nobody ever sees it.
Why do they want to have kids out of wedlock? Are black women as dumb as believed?
There's a girl at my job from Nigeria and she seems pretty nice, wholesome and Christian (though I'm agnostic) Should I shoot my shot because she honestly seems like wife material.

Above average is good enough for you to bull

working and sleeping, shit nothing else

I'll never understand you clowns who want to be white. Maybe it's because I grew up in a blacker environment so I'm more secure in my blackness but you all come off as pathetic. Where I'm from, black guys are considered attractive. Even though I was an autist, I never had much issue with black girls or latinas. I like people automatically assuming I'm cool because I'm black. I like getting fades every two weeks or growing out a big ol' natural.

Imagine waking up in the morning and NOT jamming Teena Marie, the original transracial or driving around the city to Computer Love. Thank god im black.

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Nothing wrong with being black. Just dont be the stereotypical nigger. Also dont racemix

>Nothing wrong with being black.
>dont racemix

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I mix with whoever I like user. My brother is already married and has a child with an Asian woman. I'll probably marry another black woman or a Mexican.

It's cultural imo, african girls don't come with the cultural baggage afrimeri girls come with. Why do they have kids out of wedlock? Because they are irresponsible party hounds. That's why. Go for it user, she sounds fun.

I mean if he is black he should make children with another black woman. Its way worse to have children 50% black and 50% white or 50% white and 50% asian because they will look like shit.

Why should I care what you think my kids look like?
Why should my kids care about what you think they look like?

>Why do they want to have kids out of wedlock?
We don't think you need to be married to have a family, also the welfare system of the 20th century encouraged having kids with no father present, so this culture was created.

>look like shit

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>they will look like shit
Not necessarily. But your opinion of someone else's kids doesn't matter.

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Fuck off of this board and get back to Twitter, you stupid fucking nigger.

My first waifu...i-i love you mariah.

they are ugly
i dont care, that was just some advice

>Teena Marie
mariah carey aint ugly, but the blasian he posted does look goofy af

Make me loser lmao at you buddy

t. dry dick calling qts ugly

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What does teena Marie have to do with anything