Who is the coolest chick that ever visited this shithole?

Who is the coolest chick that ever visited this shithole?

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gay repost

why it's always on /b/? what do women see on /b/ that they like?

idk but I really dont like brooke she is sooooooooooooo slutty shes everything I hate about western sluts

its the main thing its known for its what people new to the site come to its the most popular board its just a statistic

i think Brooke's tits are getting bigger, along with her thighs

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Her face looks like shit here but how did you get this? She blocked me on discord after she took 200 dollars for a plane ticket to Odessa Texas then KEKED ME WITH A NIGHER

Mini would never do that, she's a Romanian angel

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pls gib romanian milk

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probably egg girl

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Japanese Lettuce Hardcore was definitely the coolest.

milkers or it never happened

mini come back!!!!!

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>coolest chick
>Posted photos of herself
Pick one

It's because that's the normal fag containment board.

everything about mini is seriously perfect

ehrhehe you go

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her body screams BREED ME

>there is qt autistic girl in country next to mine
I missed the chance

no it doesnt, brooke is just some thot that you fuck and kick out of the house. mini is breeding material

how do I acquire Mini gf?

move to romania, major in biology

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>mini is breeding material
dubs of truth!!!!!!

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