What will happen to Jow Forumstards when they get older?

What will happen to Jow Forumstards when they get older?

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They'll raise some woman's kid she had at 16 and drink themselves to sleep watching the news until they die.

Most polfags hate trump because he sucks jewish cock
Actually visit instead of strawmanning

They'll die in a mugging

The real world catches up to them.

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Fox news slaves, fighting the fight like grandpas currently do on sites like twitter and FB

This is proof Operation Mouth of the Lion was a success. If you were running in tranny circles you will see this was their main point. To keep repeating that Trump is a zionist shill until the cognitive dissonance forces Jow Forums to choose between their meme president and hatred of Jews.

a) grow out of their retardation
b) live a shitty lonely existence while seething about Muslims and niggers and whatever else endlessly
c) find a mentally fucked woman whose self esteem is low enough to tolerate them, knock her up, then realise having a kid is not all sunshine and rainbows as shown in their based trad propaganda and become run-of- the- mill alcoholic wife beating abusive fathers

>Find a woman
For some reason it's very hard to find a woman who is truly racist. There is something biological that turns them off instantly once you start expressing how you feel about jews or niggers or whatever... they will never look at you the same way

Its not really a meme if he keeps not doing a damn thing about immigration

It is relatively rare from what i have seen and its not about whether the woman is racist or not

If she has low self esteem she will pretend to vaguely agree with the dude just to have someone around

Some people are genuinely like that, if you are a self hating husk of a person you will happily date a nazi

And also, no shit, normal women and normal people find poltards and hate filled bitter cunts in general disgusting and avoid them

Imagine having niggers living in your head rent free

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Imagine hating whites while wanting to live in white countries

they marry their asian waifu and then settle down to some form of normalcy

Didn't you invade first it's only fair if we do it as well or do you see yourself as the exception

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Literally only the french and the UK were apart of colonizing and the reason for middle eastern wars is because of jews
Go fuck yourself niggers
Eastern europe had nothing to do with colonizing

He has normal levels of hate for immigrants which is the most you could ask for in a political candidate. He let off a few dog whistles about rapists and drug dealers, he called Haiti a shithole, he is building the wall, he banned certain Muslim countries, he said something about how you never hear about "immigrants from Norway"... this is the most you could ask from a political candidate. Beyond this level you enter into David Duke territory.

Don't listen to Jow Forums

>i want immigration in the largest numbers ever but they have to come legally

some of them grow up
some of them come here

"hurr durr im Eastern European and I hate niggers and mudslimes xdd"

all while Western whites see you as a subhuman pest, no better than any nigger

you would literally be better off siding with the other minorities, but that's too much to expect out of you and your double digit iq having people who peddle being white as their greatest quality because they don't have any other damn thing to be proud of

All of Western Europe has and still is invading and stealing shit it's only fair that we come and get our shit,

Ahh you got me you the Jews must be forcing the entire western world to sell bombs and deploys troops to the Middle East

>go fuck yourself niggers
Lel rent FREEE

>eastern Europe didn't colonise

But thier still profiting for it.
You whats crazy, how you always blame Jews nigger chinks litrally everyone except yourselfs,you have to realise that the world is the way it it because of European not the Jews or anyone else Israel didn't invade Africa for money Israel didn't invade asia for again money it was the anglos.

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Niggers and muslims still see me as white and im not a nigger who has to cry about everyone hating me so i can get special treatment
Who cares what westerners think im white and thats all that it takes for niggers to hate me

Lol do you believe he believes that? Given everything you know about Trump do you think he really wants more immigrants?... dude he's just saying that so the media would get off his dick about being racist

>wah wah boo hoo muh colonizng
I forgot that niggers arent human chinks are infinitely better than you and i hope china kills all the africans after they get finished with it

Dilate. Bitch about cherry picked images all you want but the right is the Chad masculine ideology. It's the ideology of responsibility, tradition, honor, and self reliance. Leftism only preaches selling out your homeland, leftism only teaches you that masculinity is toxic, leftism only teaches you to kowtow to women, leftism only teaches you to accept homos and trannies, it's literally an ideology of self hate and dependence on others to care for you, it is objectively weaker than the right and when you aren't cherry picking it objectively has more Chad's than the left. I mean seriously I could post dozens and dozens of mutant tranny leftists but I just won't bother, you all know I'm right.

>gave work visas to illegals
>still hasnt done anything about the border
>muh 65D chess!!!

I like how you skipped over everything else

>RENT FREEE ahahahahaha

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Blame your tribesmen for selling you
Arabs castrated their slaves
Fucking retard american

The reality is:
He doesn't care, he just wants re election. Afterwards, he will go back to sucking jew cock and shmoozing with dems at ritzy jewyork parties while you fight in Iran. It's what dubbia is doing.

It's the truth, and this makes YOU seethe.

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You obviously dont know shit about the news if you think he hasn't done anything about the news. He literally made the mexishit president bend the knee with his tariffs. Its huge news. The Mexican military has placed it's own military at their border and is cleared to fire on the illegals, sounds like trumps done a fuck load about the invasion. And that wall is coming up more every passing day. Based Trump. .

Legal immigration is still bad

When you stop referring to your own political beliefs as "Chad" you'll get a seat at the adult table.

Oh shit sauce in that? Is that real?

Fucking boomer kys

Like killing men that have spears with rifles and cannons or bombing shitty little villages in the middle of nowhere for oil

>self reliance
like being supported by a whole fucking continent

>muh homeland

Iam sure your """homeland""" was someone else before and another bore him these things don't matter ppl move around shit changes don't be a little bitch

>homos and trannies
Jesus your also scared of men sucking dick and ppl with gender dysmorphia
All this talk of chadness and yet your spokes by penises and women who want to change thier vagene to a peepee

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You're a shill whose trying to force the narrative that trump isn't effectively getting his agenda through yet hes accomplished more of his promises in 2.5 years than any other president despite a hostile media and hostile Congress. Contrary to what the jew media says, trump's unfortunately not a fascist authoritarian and he has to battle for every one of his policies every step of the way, he cant just snap his fingers and make it happen. Appreciate the great strides hes done instead of being a gay little concern troll

>muh 65D chess!!!
It's not even 2D chess there is a clear reasoning behind what he's doing that anyone can see.
It's simple but to you it's 65D chess baka Jow Forums has turned your brain into mush.

But I'm interested in what you think he should do or say regarding immigration. I suspect you have no actual opinion and will just give me a meme answer but I will give you the benefit of the doubt.

Dilate tranny.

kill niggers
Hang jews

What about le Swamp is it drained or isreal is he still sucking Jewish cock and the tarrifs are going to bankrupt american companies not to mention him having socialism for the rich litrally giving them more and more money and don't even get me started on his foreign policies

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stay mad
>Dilate tranny
ironic how the right invented the npc meme but it applies to them so readily

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Lmao at you thinking honor has anything to do with war fighting. Leftist trannies truly do not understand honor

>not even 2D chess
Our boy trump is playing hide and seek alone and fucking up the counting

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Probably the same things that happen to anyone. I rent homes, my friends an engineer, and my other friend is almost an engineer. Normal people on the surface.

Is their any honour i assassinating foreign leaders to increase you nations profit margin

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It's the weirdo who keeps making threads here about Jow Forums again.

Swamps difficult to drain but hes enacted most of his policies and accomplished a lot despite them trying to fight him every step of the way, engaging in diplomacy with a long time ally is not sucking cock, the tariffs have already worked and Mexico is enforcing its border, and hes created more jobs than previous presidents and the economy is doing great. His foreign policy is marvelous. Seeth and dilate tranny.








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Again, lmao at you thinking honor only has to do with warfare and doesnt apply to every facet of life

>KYS boomer
You'd like that wouldn't you, troon
>Killing men with spears with rifles
The anglo-zulu war was done and dusted with in the 1800s. I could make a current year - shiggity diggity joke...
>Muh homeland
What was north america before Europeans showed up? Nothing

dilate troon

They go off in numerous directions. Some will grow up and some will finally get girlfriends, some will have the misfortune of being present when a meme is born and suddenly see the light.
Jow Forums is also highly reliant on simply being present frequently, since if you dont visit for even a month, when you go back it seems like an even more retarded echo chamber than when you left. A couple of months and you sincerely wonder how you could ever have lent any credibility to the ravings of the internet equivalent of a dude wearing a sandwich board.
The majority of the tards there are just kids being edgy, with a few sad sacks in their 30s and 40s who really should know better, but are just so desperate to feel like they belong somewhere they cant give up. The ones to watch out for entertainment-wise is the couple of relatively intelligent guys who are absolutely smart enough to see through the bullshit, but who are having too much fun being the smartest guy in the room to care.
Jow Forums is just like any other fundamentalist breeding ground, you need regular and constant exposure or 99% of the audience will start to deprogram.

You know what's great about being a literal boomer? Remembering the good old days when it was socially acceptable to literally bash trannies. Now y'all can't handle mean words on the internet. Bloo bloo bloo!

Probably turn more left leaning or central atleast when they finally realize that sucking off some millionaire isn't going to make them millionaires too and they aren't getting that virgin maiden for marriage.

Nice copypasta faggot
Saving this one for later

Who's trying to fight him he had two years with the house and the senate WHO WAS FIGHTING HIM
>still blowing isreal i see
Rememder before isreal we didn't have terrorists

>making your closest allies hate you

And the economy has been doing great since Obama and al the jobs are shitty wage cuck jobs

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How do you even meet a woman that agrees with you even if you are hateful? Im not even racist just like the idea of imperialism, stealing resources while you enslave people generating capital, wars fought over land, and kind of fantasize that my homeland succeeded in their imperialist attempts and commited war crimes, lol.
My views on inmigration are pretty much live and let live both for migrants and natives; people are free to inmigrate but locals are also free to whichever attitude they want to have towards them, it's ok to go find a better life somewhere else but it's not a human right to have politicians and people to put their rights below yours.

Im not white nor american so don't try to guilt trip me faggots

gib raycis gf

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>Le good old days

When we could assault a person

Throwing the word "objectively" into every other sentence doesn't make your argument more credible.
Tradition has the been enemy the enemy of scientific progress since its conception. Not "objectively" good, considering science is the practice of studying things in an objective manner.
Honor can lead to great things, but just as many people have died because of "honor" as have been saved by it. Not objectively good, when you consider that preserving life is generally an honourable thing to do.
>self reliance
Society as a concept doesn't have self reliance. Everything you own was made by someone else. Everything you're using to communicate with now was made by someone else. Self reliance hasn't existed since we stopped being hunter/gatherers.
The concept of homeland in and of itself has objectively caused as much destruction as it has prosperity. Not objectively good.
>Homos and trannies
I'm not even going to try and say anything about this one because I doubt anything I could type in a comment online would change your opinion on the matter.

That goes for everything I've brought up. The qualities you mention are not objectively good or bad, though they definitely have helped humanity at some point in the past. However, they've also caused just as much destruction; nothing made by humans can be objectively good or bad because we're not objective. The need you feel to arrange everything in life into rigid rules that must be followed because of "tradition" and "honor" are ridiculous. Go and study some history before spouting drivel on the internet.

>Im not even racist just like the idea of imperialism, stealing resources while you enslave people generating capital, wars fought over land, and kind of fantasize that my homeland succeeded in their imperialist attempts and commited war crimes, lol.
>Im not even racist
>just like the idea of imperialism
>stealing resources while you enslave people
>kind of fantasize that my homeland succeeded in their imperialist attempts and commited war crimes
>Im not even racist

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>what was North America before the Europeans got there

It was someone's homeland

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Dude your totally not racist

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Are you Japanese? Not surprised that this wasn't original.

They would mostly do that to people of the same race, basically our racial brothers, other amerindians and the white people that you hate so much, it's ok because you can't be racist towards them. ;)

Dilate. I dont even go on Jow Forums and I'm still an ethnonationalist. I dont need Jow Forums to teach me about nigget criminalit, the deceitful traitorous ways of women, the danger of muslims and the population replacement of whites

>Literally repeating conservative talking head points

Fucking lemming

Guess what your the world minority and spinning your going to be a minority in your own nationand after 50years thier won't be any white ppl Isn't it funny

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>all this pilpul and leftist rhetoric/opinion represented as fact

Yikes. You're just cringe my dude. Dilate


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>le dilate NPC

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>t. Npc redditor

Wowee zowee. a leftist whose run out of arguments has to resort to snide comments. Really not surprised. Now seeth less and dilate

>pilpul and leftist rhetoric/opinion
What did I say that was opinion here? Explain how I was wrong.

>Litrally brainwashing a child

I thought only muslims did that oh well

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>he only knows about what his npc professors put in his head and not the rest of native history

No white ppl ,can't wait for the party man that shits going to be cash

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>cherry picked images
A tactic NEVER employed by Jow Forums

The anti intellectual right winger meme In full action

What about you listening to what ever rightwing personality tells you is fact an and not questioning it

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Nah shes an intelligent girl whose reached the logical conclusion that importing sharia to the country can only be a bad thing

>Prefrontal cortex finally reaches maturity by age 27
>cringe to death

And Mohammad has also learned that the west is the true enemy


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>im a retard and I didnt even need to go to the retard store to become so
Not much there to be bragging about bud.

>he thinks the most well armed demographic in America will just be simply replaced

Kek when the race war kicks off, it wont be noguns basedboy leftists who win. Your party thinks masculinity is toxic, it doesnt really lend well to warfare. And you're all clustered in cities that cant supply themselves.

>mfw leftcucks literally have to start eating each other to survive after ethnonationalist rural boys cut off their food and water supply

Now seeth cope and dilate


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>cut of food and water

Ok well cut of our febral funding then and we'll sse how you'll compete with china Africa and Europe in food production ,have fun not having roads

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Dang autocorrects a bitch

What is this dilate meme. I guess I'm out of the loop. I don't go on Jow Forums because it contributed to a breakdown in 2011 lol

It's like the honk thing I think probably just another way they can signal each other

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Yea but it's something to do with Trannies I understand. A vagina thing I guess.

OH kinda of like a "see see I hate trannies too" thing

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>What is this dilate meme. I guess I'm out of the loop. I don't go on Jow Forums because it contributed to a breakdown in 2011 lol

r/the_don boomers think anyone disagreeing with them is a tranny or something

>Chad ideology
>proceeds to bitch about cherrypicked images because thats how much of a chad he is
>so chad that he types up a new copypasta
Kys you mongreloid

Where did you go fren regardless your future mixed babies are invited to the cookout

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NPCs be NPC'in

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M8 you'll be dead within a week of shelling. You all lived in densely packed cities. China and Africa will not be a factor before we've utterly retaken the cities lel

probably get cucked even in death like this fucking loser

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>hurr hurr everyone who disagrees with me is a tranny
>muh ideology about worshipping the sky fairy /the remains of my grandads grandad six feet under and other arbitrary mindspooks like "honor" and "homeland" is so based!!!!

Also unironically using the word "Chad" while justifying your political ideology just takes the fucking cake

They are obsessed with talking about and posting post-op trannys stretching out their new pussy-type openings. They fucking love it. Its become more of a signature meme than Pepe at this point, and is possibly more appropriate to be honest.
'Dilate' has become something of a mating call for Jow Forumstards now, where they pretend its a catch-all response but in reality is more to attract the attention of other tards. The more unrelenting detail you can go into the more plumage you are showing. The one in this thread just keeps shouting dilate over and over though, so hes bottom tier tard. If we stay very quiet and dont move too much however, he may attract an upper level tard who will answer his calls of 'dilate' with a much more complex song of doctored statistics of the LGBT community's suicide rates.
Lets see what happens.

Wait but our goys with Order the military to nuke your shit as soon as you start affecting the money and we'll also freeze the internet and banks can't have a war without money or communication

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Or you could do pic related

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I can just smell your vodka-and-cigarette scented breath through the screen, subhuman slavshit

Get off the Internet and go beat your babushka to death for 20 euros or something, your stupidity literally hurts me

>20 euros
Iam dead

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