Be me

>be me
>38 years old
>not a wizard because I had sex a couple of times in my late 20s
>normiebook tell me is my old pure love intrest birthday
>I was so fucking in love with her
>she always rejected me during high school
>contact her, she barely remember me
>I'll gain her trust sending her an old polaroid from high school
>we start chatting
>now shes a single mother of two beautiful child
>of course she's intrested in a relationship but she wont have other child
>basically she wants a cuck husbando
>now I'm in a great shape compared HS days
>at least good for a 38y.o man
>ask her for a date
>fastest "yes" in the history
>my goal make her ragequit the date
>go get her with my van
>white man marches on is playing when she get in
>our date is in a shithole
>drink a lot all the night like a fucking irishman
>talk about how mush I love Trump
>calling him god emperor all the time
>she nods and smiles
>when the waitress took me the bill she asked me for her part
>that was unexpected
>told her we are good, just give me 20 bucks for the gas
>she did it
>jesus fuck this changes everything
>on the road to her place I stop my van near a drugstore
>"why did you stop here user?"
>"because I need to buy some condoms, couldn't FUCK you later otherwise..."
>I keep looking at her, smiling
>she smiles me back
>to think she was my pure waifu back in the days, how much I struggled for her,
>never ever had even a single kiss
>she still was in my mind years after we left high school
>I banged her hard two times that night and another time in the morning
>we are in her bed
>she told me she could gradually move to my place leaving the kids on her parents to gradually introduce to me
>told her we totally have to talk about it
>but now I have to get some dinner for both of us
>leave her place
>never come back
>it's a sad, dull victory, after decades
>but is still a victory
>keep fighting for it user one day you could have yours!

In OP her instagram profile

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Oh my god do people do this or is this just some lame copypasta

have some fucking self respect

>but is still a victory
keep telling yourself that

A man used a whore like a whore should be used. Eh, what's the issue? There was consent, trannies. Or you prefer rape and therefore disagree? I don't get you reddit crowd.

You cucks can fuck off.


why so triggered, my amigo?

bull shit story. no one acts as shit as possible if they're trying to get laid and that girl is not 38

>to think she was my pure waifu back in the days

38yo men don't say "waifu"

I was feeling bad for her until the end where she's the slut in pic related for public view. Good work.

>reading comprehension
He said his goal was to make her ragequit the date, and the getting laid was described as basically accidental. I don't necessarily believe the story but come on, man.

She looks stunning, you're wasting a good chance to have a happy life with her

You will still never have her in her prime, you will never have her when she was pure and build a loving relationship with her.

You could only have her as a desperate, used up whore, a shadow of her former self. The woman you loved no longer even exists.You could have saved her then user, but you didn't.

This was not a victory, it's just proof of your failure.

what a fucking pussy ass closeted homo sexual. you want a loving relationship? what a pussy

I wish you were right user, but I'm really 38

No used goods thanks, also two kids

>The woman you loved no longer even exists
Me neither

This never happened, OP is still in HS and the only true part is that the girl rejected him, so he made up this story in his twisted mind
Prove me wrong

>happy life
>raising some whore's kids
pick one

>No used goods thanks, also two kids
surprinsingly based for this site

You two must have talk about how you felt about each other back then. What did she say to you?

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I wish this is true user, I could still have my whole life ahead

>now shes a single mother of two beautiful child
>two beautiful child
You know you're desperate when you start calling the kids of a single whore beautiful.

>now shes a single mother of two beautiful child
stopped reading there, kill yourself op

You know I was sarcrastic right?

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Assuming this isn't a pasta, fellow boomer, you both were lucky and unlucky

My Highschool love crushed my dream right after graduation by slutting around

On the other hand, she is now married and happy with a proper family.

I wouldn't want to do what you did, it reeks of spoilage and nostalgia.

It's better for the past to stay buried friend.

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>My Highschool love crushed my dream right after graduation by slutting around
I know this feel user, had the exact same thing happen, she acted so pure and nerdy throughout high school

youre alright for a normalfag, even brought out the white knights. this thread is the gift that keeps on giving

That totally happened

At least try to make your fake stories a bit believable

Based and thot-patrol pilled

>she acted so pure and nerdy throughout high school
mine slept with some normie dude (not even a chad) at some random summer birthday party

I was at the party, too.

That's when I knew all women are worthless.

Based as fuck user. Nicely played. also don't listen to the cucks itt, they jelly

You lusted after some chick for years, waited until she was broken, desperate and basically breaking the shelf she had been put on years earlier, and then finally managed to have sex with her. And this is your victory how?
This chick is probably top of the world right now cos the sad sack who followed her around at school was still willing to bang her 25 years later. She may have aged, but shes still got it obviously if you were so keen to get her into bed. With two kids it was probably her best night in a while.

It was my college oneitis that did this for me. She seemed so pure and innocent, but eventually I realised that she was only like that around me because she couldn't see me as a man. She told me she was embarassed to even talk about sex, and then I found out that she had been slutting around with multiple guus this whole time. One morning she's holding hands platonically with me, at night Chad is nutting on her face and calling her a whore.

And the worst part is that I can't stop loving who (I thought she was), and no girl I've met came close to compaing to her. She ruined the entire female gender to me.

Why do people teach us to love these women that don't exist? Why not just tell us what they are like?

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>she was embarassed to even talk about sex
Maybe that's why instead of talking about it she did it all the time lol!

>Maybe that's why instead of talking about it she did it all the time lol
Yeah hahaha except with me because I'm ugly and autistic, so it's better to treat me like some asexual eunuch hahahaa

Fucking kill me, user

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Don't worry bro, we all know the feel