So I need a robots opinion

So I need a robots opinion

What am I

Im 31 have 2 kids
3 long term relationships
2x 2 years and 1x 9 Years
Have fucked about 25 women
Have had a threesome before
Have done drugs socially on and off
5 were hookers 20 were met in real life or tinder
Im 5 ft 9 in
No college but have a trade and am currently back at college
Kind of cute I guess
Good at talking to women I suppose
Im not alpha or beta just a guy whos friends with both but wouldnt classify myself as either
Ive been completely broken by women but still have a girlfriend now whos loyal
Hate my life with my long term gf and mother of my kids leaving but still have the willpower to not give up
Im fairly self aware

Im not a chad and Im not a normie so where do I lie

You guys are basically social observers Id actually really like to hear your opinion on guys or women like me

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God you're a fucking retard. I'd expect this kind of post from an 18 year old, but a grown ass man with two kids? Jesus Christ. I feel sorry for them.

I actually wanna know where the people on this board think I fit in on the social spectrum cos its so black and white on here and I feel like I cant possibly fit any of the stereotypes

Why do stupid people reproduce so quickly? It's like there's an inverse relation between IQ and reproduction.

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>Im not alpha or beta
>Im not a normie
You are a normie. If it wasnt for the 5 hookers you would be a baseline normie, but with them you're a bit of a sad normie.

>Grown ass man with children
>Still worrying about where he falls on the social hierarchy of NEETs and autists

If it wasn't for that fact I'd put you at Brad-level/pseudochad.

I think you're a monumental retard still stuck in his teen-early 20s who managed to replicate his success back then. You must have peaked in high school and managed to ride that peak out into your adult life.

I dunno what exactly to call that.
Seek help, though. Kids being raised by an idiot who cares about r9ks opinions will likely wind up being serial killers or someshit.

Fuck off and die normalfag your not welcome here and never will be now get out!

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To be fair I didnt peak in high school far from it I started coming here recently and wanted your opinion on me

You would be a Chad but youre a manlet
Youre definitely a turbonormie
20 women fucked through Tinder is Chad status, but you are a wee man
Fucking Christ
I cant tell if this is a humblebrag or youre just a social retard

Does it make you upset I had to get a vasectomy to stop getting women pregnant

Thanks man appreciate the input

Actually fucked the hookers in my exs bed to have a little over her mentally

>I had to get a vasectomy
Why tf would you do this?
Just get really good at pulling out

Shorter women like shorter men in my experience about 3 inches taller seems to do it for them

Did that for a few years but more satisfying nutting inside
Piss between nuts and its a pretty good failsafe for the precum myth

Yeah but why get a vasectomy?
If you cant nut inside, wear a condom
Vasectomy seems like the LAST option to me

More kids is more child support

Id rather jerk off than use a condom
Condoms literally make sex worthless unless the girls a solid 9 and you aint getting it any other way

>Did that for a few years but more satisfying nutting inside
Imagine your fucking father posting this.

Id be more upset if my mother said it

>i didn't peak in high school
>i still have the social values of a highschooler and seek social definitions on a vietnamese basketweaving forum

God I feel sorry for your kids.

This genuinely gave me a good laugh hey thanks man you robots are alright

You know the banter here is on fucking point
If you fags took some of the edge off and used that wit in real life thered be a lot more of you getting laid

Whats your score on the old iq test

I did one as a kid and got around 115. I recently got one online and got 145, but I don't feel like someone who has 145, only slightly above average.
But OP is clearly a brainlet, that's the point I was making

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145 good dude what do you do for a living
Im op and my iqs not that high but its high enough that to be fair I should be ashamed of my life choices

I'm in research working on a driving simulator. We're trying to see if teleoperated driving is a viable concept.
As I said, I don't think it's accurate, 115 is probably more likely. I don't trust online tests as much, they're designed to stroke your ego and tend to be more forgiving so you share the results and the test on social media

You're a failed normie.

That means you have to make like a tree and leaf.