Does anyone still have dreams

Does anyone still have dreams

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I would like to suck Bailey Jay's girl penis but that's a dream

I only have nightmares occasionally when super depressed.
I havent had dreams for many years.

having a gf is my dream

Ye, i want to live the fuck away from society. That's a pretty normal dream.

I've felt this feel one to many times

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I do, more than ever.

I would fuck Bailey but sucking her shemeat is gay

Leave before it's too late
>Can't believe it's not original

Oh I've been here a while my dear friend. Over a decade. There is no guaranteed identical end point for everyone passing through here

Nope it's darkness from the moment I close my eyes

nope i miss them to be honest

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Yes, sometimes I fuck in dreams and I wake up full of cum
I hate it

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Play with your ding dong then you spanner

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I don't really get dreams as such. I get sleep paralysis occasionally and go into a semi-wake dream state. And I sometimes wake up filled with fear or dread which makes me think I was dreaming about something but immediately forgot the details.

I hate fapping, I only do it once a month because I feel really bad after it

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Only betas feel guilty for the deed rise above it and shoot your goo my dude

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>only fapping once a month
You'd stop having wet dreams if you did it at least once or twice a week.

But... user-kun fapping remind me the lonely I am

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I unironically want to be an astronaut.
Gonna learn Russian and do some flight simulators before next semester starts in September. Anyone know any good and fairly accurate simulators just so I can get a feel for how aircraft work and the reflexes/timing/control I'll need?

Leave this place before it corrupts your pure dreams

Then fap to your mum

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It's good to have goals. And damn if I wouldn't Bailey. Especially chubby Bailey. No homo, of course.

Dreams: have had terrifying nightmares since I was a child. Sleep where I don't remember my dreams is a refuge. Used to smoke trees of weed in a bid to have no dreams.

I have nightmares only. Similar to . Once i had nightmares nightly for a month. The only stopped when I pledged to never go to sleep again and die of exhaustion instead.

Real life dreams: make it big! Art student user here. I'm actually doing quite well on my path.

My dream is to become a private investigator.

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Once i sat on a banana and it changed my dreams forever

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>Once i sat on a banana and it changed my dreams forever

I'm guessing in a heterosexual way

I dream of thick hard cocks not gay tho but it's hot no homo

Last night I had a dream that I was back in High School with my old online friend. They invited me over to their house and I was super excited. Then we went into a class room and he started changing in front of me. I was a bit flustered but didn't make a big deal of it. Then he took out his dick and started playing with it. I told him to stop because people were walking by and looking into the classroom and they would think we were getting it on. Eventually my dream transitions to me at dairy queen. The place is packed and chaotic because my family is having a reunion. I know for a fact one of my older cousins had a history of molesting my younger cousin so i try to keep an eye on them. Later I realized they were both missing so I frantically run upstairs (apparently the upper floor to this dairy queen was the upper floor to my house). So I see a light on in the bathroom and and start yelling at my cousin to come out. The older one comes out with his pants at his knees and when I look inside my younger cousin is curled up in the bathtub sobbing. I grab my older cousins hands in an attempt to stop him from fixing his clothes. I want the others to see exactly what state he came out of the bathroom in when they find him. I tried to scream to get people's attention so someone would come upstairs but so matter how hard I screamed no sound would come out. Then I woke up.

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Yes. Lisa has wet dreams about marrying a cuckold,

and then murdering him covertly
so after that when she's thinking this up and rubbing her cunny sweet spot about that insurance payout free money,
she can end up with an insurance payment, and fucking with a bull like Nelson.
and that entire time she's vigorously frigs her cunt right where she likes at those times when she can't find a random guy to do it for her, even though that's kind of her modus operandi and she might let mill house fuck her once or twice because she is too lazy or incompetent to get herself off with her delusional because she's from the right socio-economic backround, so she can just get a string of guys from any background anywhere to do that for her and it's kind of a bastard inconvenience to her personally and an insult or a personal attack if anyone doesn't do it for her so she starts acting hyper manipulative and accusing people that don't do what she wants of doing wrong things and getting the entire franchise to attack them with new celebrity guest appearances every year.

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No fap boy here
I also have dreams where things are pretty normal but there are little changes sometimes they reach a point where I confuse shit that happened me in dreams with real life

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A bump by any other name

Had a dream I was some place called grave yard city. It was like a city in mexico. Can't remember any details though. Just the name of the city.