You will never make a girl happy by making her breakfast in bed

>you will never make a girl happy by making her breakfast in bed
is there a worse feel?

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Yes being skinned alive is worse

my soul is being skinned alive every day you pleb

Kind of looks like his butler made her that breakfast in bed, and he just delivered it.

just be a butler bro

>ywn massage her feet while she has breakfast

What girl would I even make happy...

>making her breakfast in bed
they ordered room service nigga

Breakfast in bed is retarded unless youre going to make her happy by making her breakfast in bed and then doing the laundry. It only works in hotels for this very reason.

>imagine being a cuck

i can't imagine how this wouldn't turn off 90+% of women in the long run

you do it once in a while you idiot not every day

You can always find a sissyboi and have breakfast in bed with her

I would rather make myself breakfast and eat it in bed while watching YouTube compilations of people falling down stairs on a cold Wednesday morning to be quite honest

Don't worry man. Just lower your expectations or find a girl that was bullied throughout middle school/hs and before hitting the reality that will toughen her up. They're usually hungry for any kind of affection, so just find them and love them and you'll have a gf. That's what I did.

that's overdoing it. wake her up in the middle of the night with one cookie. thank me later

yeah in addition to all the other provider behaviors you do, which turn her off because she wants an aloof man who doesn't give a shit about her needs

>women are greedy and want everything
>women don't want free breakfast
pick one

what a retard. the trick is to drug her food with opiates, so she doesnt know she is getting addicted to opiates, but she knows the food you give her makes her feel better. there, now you have a loyal gf

If she passed as a girl and her boiclit was locked in chastity I would fuck her sissycunt and eat breakfast with her

Then your gf would od from binge eating

and that's our goal

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assuming its hotel service and for an ig shoot. i feel like if youre rich enough to have and be used to a butler you probably dont really take pics like that