Paid a girl $75 to cuddle while we watched a movie

Paid a girl $75 to cuddle while we watched a movie.

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its pathetic but i essentially paid a girl to do this with me too.

I wish I could afford that

So what? 75 bucks ain't that bad if you're a wizard neckbeard. Besides, if she's a qt, does it even matter? Coz the feels of never having cuddled a girl is probably a lot worse than 75 bucks out of your bank account

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I don't spend any of the money I don't have to from my wagecucking job. I live off rice and ramen so I have a lot in the bank.

I paid a fat girl 60 dollars over time to talk to me because I was so horny

the more I saw her pictures the more disgusting she became she is such a fat slut I wish I could take that money back. she was such a fat leechy pathetic fat fuck who sold nudes online but were fucking disgusting because she had A cup tits with a giant fucking white mcdonalds trailer trash pale stomach

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>not fucking a sissy on Grindr for free

Yeah it felt really incredible at the time. Her body and breathing, I just felt so at home like I never wanted to get up. Afterwards though it feels like that rush of shame you get when you just finished fapping to some weird shit.

Did she have big boobs to cuddle with?

I'm seriously considering cuddling services. I don't wanna penetrate and all that nasty stuff. I just wanna hug.

I'm not a fag. I'm also not prison gay yet. I still feel like I have a shred of decency left in me.

Most normies do the same thing they just disguise it as buying dinner/drinks/flowers etc. its all just money for services in the end, you did well

How long before you end up pounding boipucci?

I don't know anything about breast and bra sizes but they were respectable. About enough that I could cup them in one hand. She was a healthy average weight and she is cute in a kind of girl-next-door way, with really long curly black hair and bangs. She posted something on social media about selling feet pics and I'm not a footfag but I thought if she was willing to sell feet pics she might be willing to cuddle me for two hours with no sex.

hopefulIy never

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How would a girl even get into this? I mean, sounds like easy money.
Did you approach her or did she approach you? Also, how did you guys find each other?

Sounds comfy desu good on you op

this whole cuddle buddy thing is a niche thing right now but i think it will get massively popular in the next 5-10 years. not op but i did sort of pay a girl to cuddle and watch tv with me a couple times. i just knew her

Just wondering how to make a little extra money. I'm in college and don't have any money after paying tuition. I don't want to go full cam girl/prostitute as that could ruin my life if I'm exposed. I live in a big city and have a car, so I could find people who would want to do this.

Also, I'm not the most attractive but I do have big boobs (DD)

would you let the guy squeeze your boobies a little bit

god women are such fucking whores go wait tables or something holy shit

why can't you just be a good person. why is this so hard for women?

for 75 bucks? sure. As long as he isn't being creepy and trying to have sex with me. I have a couple male friends that I'm fine with them touching me.

also, nice quads

Waiting tables is hard.

what's not good about cuddling for money?

I'm just wondering if I should advertise somewhere, maybe on craigslist or something.

How much to fly over to the UK and be my gf?

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all of your "male friends" are creeping you and want to gangbang your pussy open until it prolapses. sorry to break this news to you

you're a bad person because you want to cuddle for money, you're also probably fat. nobody cares. fuck off

She was posting on instagram about feet pics. I kinda knew her through one of my uni classes but I'd never really spoken to her. I don't know if Craigslist would be the best idea, you might get a lot of people thinking your trying to offer covert prostitution services.
fuck I want to do it again I feel so lonely now

stop responding to this thot. we dont like thots. dont help support thots. dont talk to thots

the girl i dated recently paid for everything, paid for gas, paid for food, even wanted to buy me clothes and i let her. i always make other girls pay too if we date, and could still get laid. you need to be an asshole

good luck meeting a robot irl, there isnt a big cuddling market

For $75 I feel like you are entitled to a handjob at least

Maybe if you flew here. I don't want to move too far.

relax, after this thread, I'll go back to lurking and secretly posting and none of you will know I'm a fembot anymore.

thanks. Maybe I'll consider getting an insta. My feet are pretty ugly with a lot of veins and I have a scar from when I needed surgery, but I could post other pics. I'm pretty flexible, so I could do weird posts like that.

I'm not trying to make it big. Maybe make a couple hundred over the school year.

Pay her 150 for a fuck and for her to sit around for a couple hours. Be almost like real dating lol.

Seriously though.It does feel bad, but only if you let it. Think about all the good things you felt with her in the time that you had.It will inspire you to achieve this with someone who will want to do things with you in freewill.

>whoring yourself out for a couple hundred

so fucking gross dude kill yourself

I just want some spending money, dude. Believe it or not, I love playing vidyas. And with all the cool games coming out next year, I'm want some money to buy them.

wait tables you would make a few hundred in a week. I make 100 dollar an hour and dont cuddle dudes

>Maybe if you flew here. I don't want to move too far.
I was considering traveling to the US again. I'm not sure if I was serious about paying for a gf though. Maybe for cuddles, idk

and dont do it just to play video games you gross whore. buy them used youll have that in common

I wouldn't ever want to have sex if the other person didn't love me. She also said she would never do sex work, not even blowjobs or hand jobs which I think is good.

Well, if you're ever in the sw, hit me up

you're disgusting. go away

>I'll go back to lurking and secretly posting and none of you will know I'm a fembot anymore.

you goddamn evil wench

I wish I had the money to pay you to be my gf. I'm a poorfag though. I think I'll have to resort to paying women to pretend they love me if I ever want to pretend I've had a gf

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all the best fembots are

You guys are helping me see a nice way of making some money. Thank you.

Well, I have work in 20 min, so I'm leave y'all, but I'll leave my computer on and check the posts here after. See you later!

can i pls cuddle you and rest my head on your boobies

Aight, add me on discord sideborg#8648

fucking nigger, not even the ugliest lard man would pay to cuddle a nigger

I would pay good money to cuddle a black girl and I'm 120 lbs 5'10 white dude

Already there. Just a temp thing for now

wont the knowledge of the sensation make going without it worse?

its ok user
i paid 5 bucks for a grill phone call saying "good night babe love you" with a qt lovely voice

>fuck I want to do it again I feel so lonely now
guess so, that is precisely why ive never pursued explicitly transactional affection

>wanting to fuck Hank, 43 in a wig and his wifes dress
>on top of that for free

Seek help. Not even memeing.

And you didn't even get to fuck her.

Cringe and bluepilled

Idk I might take the Grindr pill and fuck a twink

Where is the best place to get boipussy? And do they all TOP?

Not him but I prob could it's just a hole I mean a sissy would be ideal or a twink

>not wanting an experienced man to pound your prostate and giving you a boigasm
>for free :)

Get a real job you fucking whore.

I couldn't do it, that sounds so pathetic, even more than being a virgin and alone.

More sad than pathetic

send boobs or ass or clit or pussy pls pls pls

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did you feel warmth, love or /thatfeelwhen/ feel?

Hope you can treat her to something after cuddling, maybe give her a good foot rub and a gift as a thank you

I felt warmth and belonging more than I ever have in my life. It felt like I finally knew what I wanted, like my brain fog was cleared and I didn't feel that vague anxiety or terror you feel constantly when you are not doing something productive. I wished so bad it would never end and that she would let me hold her forever. I feel miserable right now without her touch, I wouldn't take it back though, not unless I could experience it again and again.

i feel you bro. i had lot of good female friends years ago, long time buddies, the crew.

they knew i am schizo piece of shit living in cage, but they always gave me the warm of the night. its not about sex, just pure emotion. people of today are lonely units of shit

What are the chances of girls that do this, end up liking your company and giving you free sex?

I would pay up to 300 dollars to cuddle a fembot. 75 is cheap.

That's ok, we live in a society that shames acts like that. But human contact is essential, like drinking water

Y'all is a southern thing, you fucking yankee.

Are you going to school in California?

>netflix is $10 a month
>weed is like $100
>food is like $50

That's $160/mo just to hang out with a girl. Hmmmm

>My feet are pretty ugly
I am an expert foot fag. Post them and I'll rate them and give you a foot market evaluation. Veiny isn't necessarily a problem and for the scar it depends on how big and where it is

I'm surprised this thread is still alive. Also I'm not posting any pics of myself. WAY too insecure for that.

Burger or euro? Origi

You would only be my gf if I paid you, right?

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burger I guess?
idk about that. I'm just thinking it would be an idea for the school year.