Driving around town

>driving around town
>tents everywhere near businesses
>garbage is littered
>bums look like zombies
>air smells like shit
>drug use in plain view
>normal people go about their days like its nothing

I am about to snap. I'm literally on my last nerve. We need to do something about these bums. If i find out i have cancer or a terminal illness, i will take an AR-15 and clean san francisco. I want to smash a bums face in so bad.

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Homelessness is becoming a big problem in Seattle too. Though it's more like a drug problem resulting in homelessness. You'll have bums shitting on gravestones at a synagogue, cant make this up.

Around 20 Burger King locations in San Francisco. At least triple that if you want to include the surrounding areas. How many of them have an Asian manager?

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>i will take an AR-15 and clean san francisco.
Start by aiming for your face and pulling the trigger.

Why not support candidates that will enact legislation to provide support for people with addictions and offer better job placement opportunities?
No, no. I'm sure this complex problem can be solved with much less humane action such as letting an angsty frustrated privileged 20-something go commit mass murder. Yes, that will both solve the issue of the homeless AND help eliminate the circumstances that led to the creation of all those homeless people.

Yeah but I WANT him to commit mass murder as an accelerationist
If you expect these faggot politicians to care you have another thing coming

No they wont care so long as people keep voting in politicians that promise shallow solutions to complex problems a la Trump. That is assuming most people would exercise their democratic rights in the first place which most don't. Also committing mass murder against impoverished people in a liberal city in a liberal state wont motivate politicians to 'deal with' the homeless problem.

Don't try to dox me cuz i will kill you. I'm in San Mateo.

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Isnt all the pro homeless policy the reason blue states have a homeless problem in the first place?

user is talking about cleaning the streets, you're obviously just one of the shills who has been brought in to 'raid' this board among others, kys

>i will take an AR-15 and clean san francisco
I hope that you're using a VPN, nigger.

Hey, so am I user! Want to meet up sometime?

I don't know why you thought your crap crusade against bums was welcome here but you misjudged the situation badly

Should I assume you're anywhere but San Mateo? Anyway, I don't really care. Have a good day, you African American wannabe.

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Most Jow Forums tranny fags are NEETs who are borderline homeless. Once they lose their roof over their heads its fair game when they become bums. I cant wait to kill a homeless robot when the time of reckoning comes.

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Not sure about SF but seconding Seattle being a drug problem manifesting itself in the form of mass homelessness. The city council doesn't give a fuck and organizations legit have places set up to hand out free needles. They used to be 1/1 exchanges but now you can just roll up empty handed and say "Yeah I need 20 needles" and they'll give them to you for nothing. Addicts are making their way up here in droves because they know that not only will they not be bothered by police, they'll be straight up catered to by the city. The one upside to this is the population is becoming more and more conservative and, more importantly, more pro-gun. It's a long-term solution but eventually either Seattle will be an empty husk of a city or it'll be red enough to sway the vote towards enacting more conservative legislation.

>Why not support candidates that will enact legislation to provide support for people with addictions and offer better job placement opportunities?
Because there aren't any. Liberal candidates want to import more homeless addicts for virtue points and conservatives want to send them somewhere else. Nobody running for office actually wants to help them because that would cost money.

Imagine living in the shit hole that is california.
Lol just secede already and be terrible on your own.

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Either of you want to go on (gay) date?

Is this really what California is like?

I thought this meme died a while ago.

Same shit happening in the suburbs here in SoCal. Supposedly people have offered them better shelter and programs to get them back on their feet but they deny it and say they prefer to be beggars. They've been breaking into people's backyards and sleeping there, too

All major cities is littered with bums.

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Plz dont leave me trapped in this godforsaken state, I just want to get out of here but I only speak English so getting a job is rough

Who is to be blamed for this, the chinks or american tech giants? housing bubble and all

Didnt call you a shill, your speech and thoughts just have the same patterns as those that post the cuck threads, the bmwf threads, and all the other shitposts that ruin this board, feggit

Only if I get to be the top. I'm not gay but I'll be your friend user.

All the blame is on the state government. They pass shitty laws that gives nothing but burden to the people. They don't enforce federal laws and they want more gay beaners to come here.

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>Didnt call you a shill,
Wrong. Here's you, 4 hours ago
>you're obviously just one of the shills who has been brought in to 'raid' this board among others, kys
>you're obviously just one of the shills
>Didn't call you a shill
>your speech and thoughts just have the same patterns as those that post the cuck threads, the bmwf threads,
Nice asspull. I haven't really said much ITT.

i just want to move to japan where being polite actually means something and strangers dont start talking to you weirdly and get on your nerves and where the train and busses are not filled with crying children, people who for some stupid reason play their music through speakers loudly and sandniggers who talk so loud everyone can hear every single word and you dont even hear your own music through your headphones anymore

Awwwww you drive a car AND live in San Francisco, your life must be soooooo hard, you poor thing

how easy is it to blend into the hobo crowd as a spic, asking for myself. ill take any job offer

>he doesnt have a car

What a broke ass bum ass nigga LMAO

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The entire west coast is a shitfest. SeaTac, Bumlandia, Eugene, SF, LA, San Diego...I've heard that even Santa Barbara is becoming a mess. SLC and Vegas are fucked up too, tho SLC has functional programs.
Many of the junkies and criddlers have no interest in getting off the streets. They chose that lifestyle and are happy to leech off of the available services. And they make life hell for homeless people who are trying to get out and get back to normal. Cities are not evaluating on a case by case basis. They either give everyone welfare, or they crack everyone's head. SLC has implemented a decent model for dealing with their problem, but activists in other cities Stonewall their governments from doing similar.

Bet you drive a shitty '98 ford (lmaooooo) or smth. Enjoy your money pit, wagie.

Uhhhhh i have a 2016 370z Nismo. White. Forgiato rims.

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How are Redmond and Bellevue holding up?

Yep California is the only state which speaks English, the rest of the US is all Spanish and Niggese

Sorry, I meant getting a job here is rough. I cant afford to move out on my own and have next to no experience outside of a couple years of retail

Hello Vancouver phonenigger.

funny this all feels like 1970s new york bankruptcy except the west coast going through the shit now

why do you even live in san fransisco you fucking idiot

They still make them? Well that's actually pretty cool burger king nigga, not a fan of Nissan but the 370z is pretty nice. Does it have a manual tranny or baby paddles?

Are you kidding me? Stick shift and living in Frisco? You crazy. Its automatic.

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Your precious society is gonna burn to the ground. The bums will feed on your rotting corpse as the ashes of your world smolder. Your consumerist hellhole is going to be destroyed. The ones rejected by society will inherit the new world, and those that contributed to society the most will be shunned and killed.

What anime is your avatar from my guy

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Lyrical Magical Nigger Hoes ni Yokoso 3


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>crony captalism turned housing into a luxury which not many can afford
>haha let's kill those hobos they're all junkies xd

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Just get a job and you can afford a house. Save money and spend it wisely dumb fuck.

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NYC is going to shit under deblasio last I heard, but I guess that's what happens in a city where you're either a millionaire or you're broke. I grew up in 80s NYC and that shit was wild. Not as bad as the 70s Fear City era was, from what my family tells me, but still really gritty.

What if I don't want a house? What if I don't think it's worth working that many days of my life just for second rate shelter? What if I don't consent to the contract of living in society?

>drug problem resulting in homelessness.
Try a "Big Tech moving into the area and making the rents skyrocket then stonewalling any real solution" problem. Seattle tried to implement a head tax on big businesses in the area and Amazon threatened to leave the city if they did.

thats literally what rural areas are for. god i hate living in a small town.

I make $52k/year and can only afford renting a room (not even a studio or one-bedroom apartment) if I want to have money left over to save where I live. The average price of a house is upwards of $500,000, and that's on the very low end.

Then you will be saying hello to my bat in the future, future bum.

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>just get extremely lucky and then wageslave for 20 years and you might be able to afford your own place
>say goodbye to it all if you're fired or have to quit working for any reason at all, the house you've been paying for, will be taken away and now you're a hobo

>buying a house instead of purchasing an affordable condo

That's why your a hobo.

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Anyone who voluntarily lives in the Bay Area is fucking retarded. Left or right leaning, doesn't matter. Anywhere without a middle class typically becomes a shit hole and holy hell is SF a great example. It's a pleasantly cool temperature Sino-Mexican favela port.

Now if someone can't afford a $20,000 mobile home in Alabama, they're retarded too and I agree with you. Living is cheap as hell in most of the US but muh fusion cuisine, muh gay pride, muh Hollywood, muh silicon valley.

I just don't want to live in a place where tornados come every month.

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I understand, user. SF would be paradise if it wasn't infected at the root level. Just enough sunshine, plenty of cozy fog and rain and mild temperatures, etc. California as a state has so much potential but at some point, we have to let it go. Also, don't forget about the San Andreas fault's possible disintegration or tsunamis or radioactive ocean waste. The coast scares me. No where is safe from natural disasters.

>NYC is going to shit
Muh all-time low crime rates


>California as a state has so much potential but at some point, we have to let it go.
Truer words have never been spoken.

Why are things always this way? Those who have a gift, waste it and those who have the best mental abilities to turn it into something great are autistic robots?

if they really wanted to reduce the problem having simple suicide clinics where the homeless can easily access them in big cities as well as clinics in smaller dead end towns would really clean things up. just a simple clinic where you walk in say you want to die give them your ID and maybe pay a small fee unless you have no money. Then they escort you into a simple room or small court yard hand you the cyanide pill and let you take it.

Give people a simple way out and let them end their own fucking misery. Enough of this life cult shit its not going to get better for a shit ton of people myself included and sometimes death is the best choice. Its like the 43% of trannies that off them selves. They do it because they realize they will never be the opposite gender and will likely never pass so they kill themselves because this world has nothing for them.

If there was a fully open euthanasia clinic like that, I'd rather die in my bedroom. Maybe provide private rooms to die for those without homes, but I want the option of taking the drug home to die. Also, there are better options than cyanide. Maybe that pentobarbital that I've heard of would be nice. It can't be that hard for government labs to manufacture enough.
I love and hate this state. So many resources, diverse landscapes, climates for anyone's tastes. I bet growing up in the 30s onward here would be pretty nice. In a small town, the depression wouldn't have been too noticeable, the war would've been a bit scary with the threat of Jap invasion but nothing happened, the beaches were clean, the mountains rugged as ever, suburbs started to appear and were actually nice to live in still, the air was cleaner, land cheaper. But then you'd grow old seeing it all fall apart when spoiled boomers tore it up and their grandchildren, millennials, built monuments to Leviathan. It's a cult here.

Or they can just make housing affordable. Free modest flats for those who struggle would also make sense.
The only reason this isn't a thing is because the current society's first and foremost goal is to make everybody miserable.

>Enough of this life cult shit its not going to get better for a shit ton of people myself included and sometimes death is the best choice.
Humans are literal cattle. Imagine if your idea got implemented, the first ones to try it would be the debt ridden. Even non debt ridden humans are valuable to them, as long as you produce-consume, that's the only and true reason you exist.

Not disagreeing with you on death being the best choice btw, but they'd never let it become commonplace.

Good to see that you're still here and doing well, Amazon-kun

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Doesn't solve the problem of thousands of homeless refusing to live under a roof and shooting up on buses and shitting on sidewalks. We need to bring back the mental asylums to house the mental invalids and addicts for long-term care. Jail isn't going to help and is overcrowded already. Doing nothing and giving into their whims clearly makes everything worse. Sending them on buses or planes barely changes a thing, they could just come back. They need help because if someone refuses to go to rehab or is too incoherent to say yes or no to shelter, they need to be medicated and locked up for their own good.

OR, you let them kill themselves in clean, friendly euthanasia clinics for cheap or subsidized prices. Let them order a reasonable last meal, give them a room with a nice couch or chair or bed, give them music or a movie or a book to read for a night then let them take the pill at their discretion in comfort. Or, for the non-homeless, let them take it home to die with family. Forcing people to live, forcing people to get treatment, forcing people to be in a city, is tyrannical.
It's tyranny. Man was not meant to live like this. We deserve to be free and open and if we can't have this, death is the only choice. I suppose the ones who choose to live are already dead inside. Euthanasia is the next issue that needs to be pushed because it is the final solution to it all.

>San Francisco
Yep, the issue is really fucking bad not only in the Bay, but Northern California in general. San Jose is my hometown but I've returned there for university and I walk/take the bus everywhere so it's fucking noticeable. If a bum isn't stumbling around screaming at every single person who so much as looks at them, they're limping at a 10 steps per minute rate to the nearest bench or whatever. Shit and piss smeared everywhere, the rain makes the stench amplified. They'll walk into the store I work at, the library where I study, everywhere. I mentioned the issue being prevalent in Northern California in general because I live in a small rural town in Stanislaus County and there's still homelessness here, though it's definitely micro compared to big cities like San Jose.

Not all homeless are mentally ill or drug addicts, and those who are, often end up like that due to being fucking homeless in the first place.

Think for a moment what would happen if they received a free, modest apartment.

1. They wouldn't be shitting on the streets and being an eyesore anymore.
2. They would finally get a chance to live like human beings and not feral animals, secure and with a degree of dignity.

The best of all is that this wouldn't fucking cost anything to the government as social housing is cheap and billions are spent on housing and feeding dumb niggers anyway.

There's no drawback whatsoever, and it wouldn't even cost much. The only reason this isn't a thing is because the current system exists to perpetuate misery.

Yep, I'm near you and I see camps fucking everywhere. This place deserves to be nuked, nobody should live here.

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I agree that microapartments and commie blocks and tiny houses would be a huge help for a majority of homeless. I know most of them are average people down on luck or whatever, many actually work but live in cars. But there is a sizeable amount of them that are sick in the head and will refuse to live in a house. If you offer a house they'll say fuck off because the government is involved. I don't blame them, many have been fucked over before for petty things. But this demographic can be very paranoid, often psychotic, and need serious psychiatric help and will never have a good prognosis. Some are likely to face a lifetime of schizophrenia or bipolar disorder that can only be subdued by zombifying meds under the 24/7 supervision of nurses and doctors. Our country used to house such people but Ken Kesey and other propagandists lobbied to get them shut down for bad treatment.

Yes, many long-term facilities were a nightmare to live in. We have better technology, better medications, better interventions and better training, as well as a generation of touchy-feely faggot conscientous millennials and zoomers who could be trained to be decent helpers. It provide a huge boost in jobs, building contracts, and protect/house the most vulnerable and incapable of our society who have been abandoned and given the free reign to tear up their veins and spew shit all over city halls. I am not opposed to housing and the government doesn't even have to fund it. Just relax building laws and zoning, maybe eminent domain empty lots and sell to builders for tax write offs if they build cheap housing. But there are some, and quite a few acutally, who are left to rot in the streets and heralded as the face of America by the twisted liberals in SF, LA, Portland, and Seattle.

you aint gonna do nothing you lanky chink

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do it faggot you wont no balls

And you will say hello to my hi-point

>Free modest flats for those who struggle would also make sense
You know they would be handed to spics fresh from the border and totally skip out on locals, right?

>hi point

My Rock Island Colt 1911 says your strap is weak lmao.

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boomer-tier gun lmao, you're gonna get BTFO if you ever get in a fight

That isnt my only gun lmao

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Probably, or to even more local, worthless niggers. It would be nice if it worked though, all benefits.

Lol you just hate diversity. Fuck commie fornia.

Yeah but a bullet is a bullet. Fuck with me or approach me suspiciously in a back alley and you gonna get brained. I can afford to kill because I'm already a criminal by default anyway, and it's hard to track down a homeless person in a killing. But I can't afford to take chances.

you're lying anyway, I know you're too autistic to get a gun in california. post it or GTFO nigger

Posting my other strap i bet you dont even know what this is

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Why would you want that piece of shit?

That toy won't even pierce a nigger's thick skull, worthless.

>hi-point nigger
>thinks his cheap piece of shit is any good

I got a AR-15 as well...

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Yeah. And I bet you open carry it in fucking california. Not. Face it, you'll die if you face me. Lucky for you I bum it out on the other side of the country.