Is Hayley Williams the ultimate Stacy?

is Hayley Williams the ultimate Stacy?

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owo. is she fueled by top ramen?

Gimme the quick rundown on who she is cause I'm not gonna bother to look her up

Who is Hey William?

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>daughter of a single mother
>hates biological dad
>grew up rich in Tennessee
>started a band in her teens
>basically owned it
>dabbed on her old band mates
>call other women whores
>later say it's misogynistic
>has a pair of og band members (taylor york, Josh Farro)/beta orbiters making the real music
>ceo of her own vegan business
>divorced husband (literally named chad)
>feminist and big fan of abortion
>exclusively sleeps with black men now
>dye her hair for fun

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>Exclusively sleeps with black men now


>there is a nigger cumming all over her face RIGHT NOW as we write
How does this make you feel?

she is fuvking ugly now

>"hayley, how do you like youre vegan sausages?"

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when i was young i saw my daddy cry, and curse at the wind. he tore his own heart out and thats when i said that "ill never love anyone".

but you, are, the only exception

Singer of a band called Paramore

What is she up to these days? The faggy emo band she was in hasn't been relevant since 2012

boy im bout to put on "all we know is falling", if you know what i mean?

who is this cute little nigger?

It doesn't. This is the piece where everyone always loses me. I feel like everyone has a visceral disgust of a woman having been cummed on. The thing that scares me the most are the statistics about divorce and unhappy marriage.

She can wash her face and brush her teeth. Her pussy cleans itself. Has a bird ever pooped on you? Have you ever been muddy and sweaty after doing some shit? Have you ever spilled your coffee? Are you still covered in coffee? Hardly. If you shook hands with someone who recently jacked off, you probably got some semen on you, but you've since washed your hands.

I'm not judging because I would prefer a virgin given the choice. But it's because of the likelihood of a stable happy relationship, not because she had someone else's cum on her. Why do you care about the cum?

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So if it was a white Chad cumming all over her face, that would be okay with you?

ya. duh. now grow up pls

>exclusively sleeps with black men now
jesus you retards project so hard

Ih huh, mr denial

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>who is this cute little nigger?
It's a pajeet. An injin. A towel headed kinda curry critter.

I'm not sure, here's the original.

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>cute little nigger?
You were looking for a fried chicken lover? I've had one but she didn't like watermelon or fried chicken. She loved pad thai. Life is weird that way.

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>hit the wall
>sloppy seconds

niggers always get the scraps just like slave owners gave them scrap food.

stahp. racism is bad i shouldnt be laughing.

she submitted to the real emo

>She loved pad thai

What the...

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>stahp. racism is bad i shouldnt be laughing.
Srsly k lemme fix it

White ppl loving a watermelon = OKAY
Blackfrican-American ppl loving foods = RACIST

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she sings with another singer on stage they must b fucking. lmao

it was the "you were looking for a fried chicken lover?" that got me. everything after was extra.

She was my waifu in 2005 but now I see that she is a feminist. I still like to listen Paramore and Offspring sometimes even knowing they hate Donald Trump.

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big cringe my friend

cringe af
imagine being a trumptard

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her passionfruit cover is a maymay.

a nice may may

>Passionfruit is Drake's song
>Drake is a black canadian
>Paramore did the Passionfruit cover on BBC radio


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MK Ultra is a hell of a drug

its p*ssy sh*t. bring it.

what is she doing nowadays anyways. any1 knows

I looked it up Hayley Williams Boyfriend slightly overweight white guys with slicked hair
google it

You cant fuck up my childhood user, you failed.

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not as good as Yaeji's desu

bro read the comments

black people pretend to not like it because they're self-conscious about the stereotype and shame each other for it. truth is, everyone loves fried chicken and watermelon.

A new challenger appears!