Why do people hate lolis

Why do people hate lolis

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they remind me that the show I'm watching is pandering to lolicons

Why is Kanna so cute?

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Whats wrong with that its made for Japanese by the Japanese so dont hate them because a gaijin like you dont like japanese lolicons

Because shes the best

They encourage pedophilia sadly

Whats wrong with that?

Baka they do not

Because they give idiots leverage to act like you're a pedo if you're not exclusively attracted to fat bimbos.

Based and originally lolipilled

Because they feel insecure when the lolis make their peepee hard

Reminder that loli are for hugs not for fugs

>Why do people hate lolis

They don't they just hate the people fapping to them

They're for both BAKA

They are scared of things they dont understand. Now the bigger question is why you give a shit?

Citation absolutely needed

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Just a loud minority of idiots like who projects their own insecurities on the world.
It's just like those idiots advocating that violent video games promotes school shooting, they just are straight up legit retarded but retards now have power thanks to social medias.

Incorrect. Loli are for raising and looking after. Stop forcing your perversions on them

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I can raise them on my HUGE cock

We don't hate lolies. We hate the fat neckbeard faggots roleplying as them.

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Being the little girl is the essence of Jow Forums you fucking normalfag gtfo

>he doesnt know that the soul audience and posterbase of Jow Forums is little girls between the ages of 12-16

This would be the ultimate twist

They're normalfags.

>little girls between the ages of 12-16
It is closer to 8-12. Old hags get out

Shit taste and gaypilled

do war movies encourage murder?

Do food comercials encourage eating?

does porn encourage sex?

Does reading encourage learning?

Does shitposting make you look smart?

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Kanna is an ugly Loli. I only like cute ones.

Does getting (you)s really offend you?

Is she ugly cause she is the gay?

I think they hate more the idea of you wanting to fuck underage girls...

What if I told you one can acknowledge the beauty of something without wanting to fuck it. I know, that's a difficult concept for normies to understand because normies want and have sex all the time

Impossible. Wan fug.

Kanna is beautiful

I want to fuck everything and everyone
I want to especially fuck __(you)_____

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Lolis are made to take Big Black Cocks

>Loli are for raising and looking after. Stop forcing your perversions on them
Low T detected

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I hate the type of guy who wants to be the little girl.

because its borderline pedophilia

Yeah well ur mom is borderline retarded XD