Honestly, why do white women hate asian women so much?

Honestly, why do white women hate asian women so much?

This girls claims to have a happy life and good bf but is seething hard that someone else is happy with an asian.

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it doesnt seem like she hates women to me. it looks like she hates asian men t b h.

What the fuck? She is right though, have you seen what an Asian household is actually like? Also why are you guys even talking about women? You can't even get laid without paying them upfront first.

the white roastie wants to fuck tyrone and still be taken care of by chad once she hits the wall. white women are mentally ill.

Seems like she hates asian women (steals white men), asian men (not chad enough for her), hapa men (same as previous), and white men who have no interest in her (landwhale haters). She claims to live a great life but is so hateful towards many groups in the few posts I read.

(every white woman in a nutshell)

trips = based

hard checked.

>why do white women hate asian women so much?
Because they can't compete, white women are absolute degenerate trash that take 0 responsibilities for their actions.

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nope. she critiques asian women but thats not hating them. she hates asian men for handing their paychecks over like paypigs.

>Have you seen what an Asian household is actually like?
You guys are extremely naive sheltered basement dwellers. You see one short documentary or info snippet about Japan and wives holding men's money and giving allowances and you seriously take it to heart.

Yeah, like Japan accounts for billions of asian people. Maybe if you're retarded. I'd prefer a 1st generation asian american.

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t b h, if asian men were more alpha, then asian wouldnt have to poach white men. so asian women are blameless, white men too since theyre just along for the ride.

the real issue are asian manchildren refusing to do anything to fix this situation.

competition and nothing else
submissive asian girls with normal standards completely obliterate the whiteknight culture where 10 men fight like rabid dogs with each other to win over one 2/10 woman

even if a woman has no problem getting a chad she will still be bitter about asian girls because they will "steal" her 40+ beta orbiters that she never plans to date, because deep inside white women aren't stupid, they are just evil

Sorry asian bros, you guys get a lot of shit from all fronts. I hope you guys get a hot white gf.

Everything she said is true though

t. upset caucasian female
Why are white women so angry?

I was talking about China, and it's quite clear that you're projecting your ignorance onto me.

Just because you marry into Asia doesn't mean you'll find a good woman, they're just as bad as the women in the west.

found the Oathbreakers

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i didnt accept any oath go fuck yourself.
women are a market, and the white woman "stock" has plummeted
Asian woman stocks are at an all time high
go fuck your "oath" while stacy fucks tyrone.

No you are projecting your ignorance onto me, friend. I don't care what country you're talking about. I literally just said I want a 1st gen asian american lmfao. I don't want to date someone who hardly speaks English at all, that's just my personal preference. You can't read or you're just slow?

kekkles, m'lad

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Man, that picture does nothing for me. I guess you're an asian guy, you think that girl is really hot and special because it's exotic to you.

>You guys are extremely naive sheltered basement dwellers. You see one short documentary or info snippet about Japan and wives holding men's money and giving allowances and you seriously take it to heart.

This is you.

hot and exotic wasnt i was going for with that photo t b h. maybe you will piece it together.

You are a naive basement dweller though, which is why I don't respect your opinions.

some 14/88 shit

I'm a male, with higher T than you'll ever have you pathetic $oyboy
Go cry about white women fucking shitskins on Jow Forums while you're trashing your genetic heritage away to get your dick wet. Faggot.
>b-but it's fine t-their average IQ is high
Cope. Everyone should marry kikes then?

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Why are you projecting? I've date multiple Asian women that's why I don't want to date them anymore.

>call people "oathbreakers"
>they mad

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Let me be real here. Every kind of girl under the sun is terrible in equal measure and you will always be better off getting your dick sucked and then moving on. Love is great, but you won't find it filtering only for asian women or filtering only for white women. It'll just be the rare click

Western women voided that oath a long time ago.
There's no longer any meaning in keeping it.

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is that so. alright, move it along, bud.

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White girls mad they have someone with reasonable competition to them & will have to stop being such "liberated" feminist retards & stay at home with the kids again.


You sound angry user. Can't win an argument when you look like you're shitting yourself in retard rage.
>Go cry about white women fucking shitskins on Jow Forums
I have no interest in white women but I am happy for them if they are happy.

Oathbreakers move it along. There's nothing for thee here.

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Asian bros, you can take our women since we're taking yours. I call it a fair trade.

I will, don't worry about it.

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In urban canada al the higher class/successful/ women from wealthy families are not white, or at least a very high percentage. As someone with standards I just realized the math was bad on someone I was compatible with turning out to be white. I did WMBF, now WMAF

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bud. you dont have that to give, youre an oathbreaker. you are exiled from the tree of yggdrasil.

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i don't recall making an oath with anyone

so you concede that us jews have higher IQs

>white women are all trash xD but azn women are perfect waifu, go racemix everyone!!!
Disgusting. Day of the rope can't come soon enough

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>day of the rope
a false mantra. the children of Gaia are a peaceful tribe.

Because white women are shit and they know it.
They know that the asian women got better genes than them and are superior than white females

what a cuck, enjoy the taste of jamals cock you fat fuck?

What oath?

What does wanting to preserve races and not make no identity mutts have to do with being a cuck? Very curious.

>What oath?
Newfags and retards should lurk more.

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you never seen a white/asian mix first off
second off you're making yourself exclusive to coalburners
youre willingly cucking yourself by interacting with white females

Or you stop being a faggot and say it cuck

I'm not the other guy I was just wondering how what he said was cuck honestly.

White female interaction = cucking? What?

youre either cucking yourself, subjecting yourself to an insane bitch, wasting your money on a leech, risking your assets due to her unloyalty, the list goes on and on. the kike has compromised the white woman with propaganda.

swallow the black woman pill

>tfw yggdrasils last hope is the big asian wallet
>tfw the anglosaxon betabux oath was broken
What a shame

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We see right through your kike schemes. You are the joo here.


That doesn't sound like hate to me. Sounds like a valid criticism.

Assuming 100% of what she said was true, she still comes off as seething, upset and passive aggressive towards a complete stranger.

From what I've seen most western males who go for asians tend to be on the short side and have lower test, thats really why white women don't seem attractive to them. Taller western females doesn't feel like a gf for them, it's more like a mom son relationship and they feel inferior so they must resort to shorter asians.

>involved in reproduction

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Because it's not wrong. That's how my parents relationship works my uncles in Japan and most of my relatives situation.
Egalitarian relationship are the exception not the norm in marriage in Japan.

nope. my bud is a tall basketball player. i wonder if he'll ever come back, i think he will t b h

You'll want to take great care when interpereting tone as it pertains to electronic correspondence, She could be laughing as she types this for all you know. That's a whole other thing though.

Why am I talking to people in racebaiting threads? Sheeee it

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see. it is in fact the fault of asian males. spineless curs, the whole lot.

Blue... eyed... hapa?

do you not know what circle lenses are?

aren't you an asian male though?

ya. i was talking from third person.

It's the expectation of the culture. The woman of the household in exchange for complete control of the man's paycheck is expected to allocate money responsibility and efficiently. I don't see the issue with that exchange.

of course you dont, spineless cur.

Do explain. If you're not home for about 14-18hrs a day when do you have time to manage finances?

theres nothing to explain. just give up your rights to your own finances and keep touting how awesome your waifu is.