>+Don't be a whore

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Have sex

Ironically there are enough chubby chasers that the only requirement for women sometimes doesnt have to be met either.

>Dont be a whore
>Be sane
>Dont change your opinions every other day
>Admit that you are no special snowflake
Now you have labeled out 75% of females.

Bet I have more sex than you Aussiefag

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If you're a man you should have everything but the last part, and then, they chase you. :^)

I'd fuck a landwhale but sure as shit wouldn't have one for a life partner. I like hiking

0 > 0

Who wrote that shit for males? You don't need anything, bro. Just have fun with girls.

Boobs are nice.

right, daily reminder women HAVE LIFE ON EASY MODE

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I wouldn't. What the fuck is wrong with you user?

shitholer giving useless advice to anyone outside his medieval village

Mods are all gigantic faggots.


this is where this post belongs.

>Be older than her

holy fuckkkkkk, source?

This comment is very original

>tfw thin
>still don't have a boyfriend

how many orbiters, though.

zero. you have to be attractive to have orbiters. or at least cute in a way like eliza/marky/erica etc were.

Also be young

The amount of used up post-wall roasties I run into every day who will never find a guy is pretty sad.

I unironically see more hot women with shitty fat short guys with no worthwhile job and a ton of obvious problems. I have no idea how they get them because it certainly isn't good humor or intelligence.

If you are thin you are probably much cuter than you think. Why dont you make a thread in /soc/ and post some pics of yourself?

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yeah this. or theyre just shitty looking, balding, shaved head, tattoos and skinny with "muscle". theyre not even tough guys or assholes girls just like dating trash because thats what they are apparently???

>Thinking you need any of this for a woman.

You don't, you honest to god don't.

this women don't have sexual selection pressures like men. landwhales can get dick on dating apps.

lanwhales have beta orbiters thanks to social media. I think you are full of shit.

The only problem is that this isnt factual. The majority of people get laid.

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As a guy I have some orbiters, I know this because there's girls who blatantly blushed when they saw me or giggle from everything I say.

It's annoying.

>If you are thin you are probably much cuter than you think.
thin body =/= attractive face

because they have a fat fetish. nobody is attracted to a girl with an average body and 2/10 face

GTFO my board, Chad bitch.

Is trying to tear others down all this community aspires to?

nice damage control roastie. the reality is that everyone sticks to their own attractive level.

you wish it was that fucking simple lmao
women have to meet the hardest requirement of all

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Oh, come on. You need to be more confident. I'm certain you are beautiful. Just post a picture cutie. Put it on /soc/ and let me know when you post it so I can look for it.

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Yeah, it sucks. Being a woman is fucking EASY. Not easy mode, its almost as a fucking TUTORIAL.

All you have to do to have success in life is
>do not be fat
>do not be a piece of shit, you must be kind to people
>localize some shy boy with a good income, talk to him and wait for marriage


The incel classic

Nevermind the outrageous amount of evidence refuting this shite meme, it'll never die. It's like their bible