Why are modern men literally turning into women? What or who causes this mass feminization effect...

Why are modern men literally turning into women? What or who causes this mass feminization effect? Is it all part of an agenda?

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Because men are hairy and gross while girls and women are cute and soft. Men are disposable and have to compete against each other while women are treasured.

They want to live an easy life like women do but they never will cuz they're mentally ill degenerates

Also fuck off faggot shill

Who cares that's more boitwat for all of us robots to fuck and creampie

>implying you wouldn't suck a sissies boiclit if given the chance

>literally turning into women
theyre not, they're subjecting themselves to abhorrent and unethical medical procedures in a hack-job attempt to cram them into a female form, which is fundamentally impossible. it should be malicious malpractice. Especially the amputation of healthjy penises and the pumpking full of hormones and puberty blockers for children under 18.
It is absolutely disgusting and ought to be criminal, particularly considering there is a simple drug treatment that eliminates "gender dysphoria" in a significant sample of subjects and allows them to better accept their bodies as they were made by nature.
these people are mentally ill and need treatment. I am dumbfounded at the qay this is brushed aside in favor of cutting boys' penises off.

Also look at these "drag kids:" Dancing for dollars from grown adults, clearly pedophilic, but no, "Its just free expression!!!"
Moral relativism is fucking nonsense, there is good and there is evil. these are objexctive truths at their core. Certain things are relativistic, i.e. how one feels about interracial marriage just as a for instance.
but Pedophilic, self-mutilation, irreversable impulsive decisions to destroy ones functional genertics in favor of a sewn togeter diosgusting lump of flesh that in no way resembles a vagina.

Not to mention your skeletal structure, hair growth patterns. mudscle development, hormonal equilibrium, and a host of other secondary sex characteristics. this shit is a mess.

/preaching to choir

wow is an oringinal threa wooww wooooo oringinal thread guys wooo so based wow oringinal.

literally chemicals in the water and jewish subversion of society

Because women have more value in every field that doesn't require hard work to succeed in.

You are wrong on literally all points.

>I don't like this so it's bad! >:(

idk, why be either?

interesting conversation you guys are having there

>draw a girl
>call it a boy
>Lmao, this will surely meme some faggots into transitioning
Try harder shill

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jeez, why do they do that to themselves? even simple crossdressing with padding would look better

>There is good and there is evil
>This is objectively true

Aaaaaand you lost me, pal.

>Is it all part of an agenda?
well lets see here...

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humm originallito

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what's the point of this? why would anyone transition because they saw it posted on Jow Forums?

it's just an elaborate ruse to generate a massive class action lawsuit in a couple decades for middle aged trannies

Because women have turned into men and there's no room for men men anymore so thet have no choice but turn into women.

No one would. It's a bunch of people either:
a) Believing what they're posting, forgetting that in reality people statistically basically never make huge life choices because of threads on fucking Jow Forums of all places
b) Pretending they believe what they post because they want to see people like our friend a few posts above you chimp out about it.

If someone falls for hrt propoganda on Jow Forums of all places they deserve what they get. No mercy for the stupid.

seems like an awful lot of effort just to shitpost

If you don't know by now you'll never get it. Media, who owns the media? Who could possibly benefit from this?

Also traps are kind-of hot but still this shit degrades society, they've got me too with their programming but I will NEVERRR act upon it. NO E-BOYS.

When you've seen people literally go on shootings because of green frogs and memes online, do you really think there isn't someone out there stupid enough to dedicate themselves to this?

I don't know, but I do know that I want to be hypnotized and turned into a fuckhole

>thinking mortality is subjective
Kys postmodernist scum

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i guess its not stupid if they do end up convincing some people as memes got the shooters. i hadnt thought of it that way previously, thanks

Then it's on us to have the vigilance to consume information with the appropriate amount of scepticism, and be mindful that others around us do the same too.

theres only a tiny minority who live out relativistic values, ive come to think of the intellectual expression as a utilitarian bulwark

i dont disagree, but i also assume the people moved to violence already had some sort of preexisting condition. that condition is what needs to be addressed. also, people generally trend toward the path of least resistance regardless of how bad it is. doubt this will ever change

True. We need to make the path one that's hard to resist, then. The info should be simple and accessible and easy to understand, but our media isn't really concerned with that now.
If you have the time today and want to amaze yourself, look at what we're doing when it comes to space travel. In an interview on Newsweek, Rusty Schweickart had this to say about his experience in space:

>In the middle of all the hubbub of national politics and politics, there is a deeper understanding within national leaders_ that space exploration is something which is a deeper level of responsibility in the sense that we have to countless generations in the future. That's the future to which life is evolving and I believe their commitment to the NASA annual budget and international cooperation arises out of that deep recognition. What we see everyday in the news, on Twitter, etc, is the BS, the froth, the bubble, the bickering. I hope underneath that, there's a deeper understanding of our responsibility to the future.

I can't recall if it was him or another astronaut that said that after the moon landing happened, people around the world didn't say that "the Americans did it", they said that "we did it". That sort of species level "nationalism" is what I want for our society one day. One where everyone can get along because we're all humans, and fuck it if we're going to tear ourselves apart on a chunk of rock floating in the middle of nowhere. In the grand scheme of things, that's such a fucking stupid way to end.

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i think the path already sort of exists in belonging to a caring community, having the ability to act of ones own volition, and hope for the future. but as history shows, few societies maintain it. species nationalism is a nice thought, but the distrust that impedes us is reasonable given the benefits inherent to collusion and i have no idea how that perk could be removed.

>but the distrust that impedes us is reasonable given the benefits inherent to collusion

unironic brainlet over here

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what in particular? i generally see it as the commons problem and powerful economies preying on disparities

Because that's not happening, it's only LGBT psyop

What's wrong with returning to more traditional standards of masculine beauty?

This, women live life on ez mode as we all know.
A tranny will never be treated as an actual attractive natural woman, but they still get bonus points for being oppressed and there are a bunch of companies which will hire trannies over normal people.

Spending an entire adolescence and early adult life on a forum glorifying traps, as well as having your visions of reality warped and distorted by cartoon characters, due to your primary sources of media being manga and anime.

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>tfw you were never in aero's pinkpill harem

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Men realized it's a lot easier to be a woman.

Feels like a logical result from demonizing masculinity for so long and putting women on pedestals. Men dont have much of a role in society any more except for manual labor jobs that women don't want

The simplest explaination is probably the best.

Yes, there are other reasons. Why some men do it and some don't. Yet, I think it boils down to that.

This is one of my middle/high school friends he is a she now and is a qt trap. I want to fuck her boipussy so bad but I'm scared to approach as it's been year's since we've hung out and I'm kinda autistic what should I do?

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anyone got a link to aeros server


I call it "Gay-cultural drive theory".

We all know from high school that only fags study art. Usually some effeminate asian boi who loves the o, big vascular manly cocks of white men. So the culture produced by the artist homos is a bunch of statues, movies and paintings of big burly men, with muscles. You can see this before the fall of rome, how they worship the manly men in art.

But when something disturbs this order, when manly men start doing art, it triggers a feedback loop of femeninity. Because it removes the only ones who really appreciate man, the effeminate gays who just loves to get fucked in the ass by a cool dude.

Right before the fall of Rome, manly men got into art and made statues of weak effeminate youthful guys. The type of man we would today refer to as asian or HAPA. Because this masculine form speaks to the strong alpha man, relaxing him, that he won't have to step up and defend his authority.

But the worship of masculine femininity shifts the balance, so that everything that is good has to be some sort of femininity. You lack a pure masculine ideal.

Straight men or gay tops should not make art. It should be made by the most vicious gay bottom who has nothing better to do with his time than to think of all the big strong men he wants to fuck him.

That is how we become appreciated again.

i did that and im not interested in transitioning

If you cannot beat man, change man.

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>but they still get bonus points for being oppressed and there are a bunch of companies which will hire trannies over normal people.
Do they really think this will last for long? When societal breakdown begins they will be the first to die.

Explain third world trannies then.

>draw a girl
>call it a boy
but it clearly isn't, if you look at the definition of the shoulders, legs and the upper arms. This is actually good trap art, because it cares to adhere to the masculine form.
It is not "draw a girl call it a boy"

>third world trannies
holy shit. with how bad mexican breast implants are, not sure i wanna see one of those

I could literally hear the Chateu de Autiste Music playing in the background as I read this post.

You are one fine trap-art connonsieur.

What do you think, is anime the root of trannyism?

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it's probably just the mentally ill part. what they become can be anything from furries to methheads