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>I am incel
>all my self value is being determined by how many women I bed
If it's pussy you want then it's pussy you will get

Worry not my dear friend you can get all the pussy in the world - white pussy, black pussy, spanish pussy, yellow pussy, high pussy, cold pussy, wet pussy, smelly pussy
hairy pussy, bloody pussy
snappin pussy
silk pussy, velvet pussy even horse pussy

get the insecurities out of your system and gain some EXP

pic is not the hooker I am banging but the same body type and have been visiting escorts for years ama if interest

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How do you manage the feeling that you're just wasting time getting your dick's heart even more set on something you'll never really have while your marriage prospects dwindle?
How do you cope with the fact many of the girls were forced into it and their lives are hell?

had about 5-6 experiences with paid sex, all sucked except the last one

and the last one was so nice, I think it has to do with the fact that I'm almost 26 now and don't bother anymore with cute romantic shit, I'm horny like an animal and the female form is beautiful, I want sex from time to time
fucking a beauftiful girl with money beats remaining an incel just out of spite/pride

You forgot to mention what robots really want boipussy :)

Don't pay for a hooker you can go on Grindr and pound boiholes for free less of a std rate and safer and legal

I will make hookers do the most nasty shit with my BBC. I want to piss on one.

I am too old my teenage love time is long over
I frequent independent girls

Not everyone cares about marriage,children,or a longterm relationship. Where did this meme come from?

Look at females. Many aren't in a relationship. Some just like dick so they are single.

basketball-american detected

I am sorry but you are the outdated version of Homo Sapiens 95

White boy please. Your women were the first to push feminism and sexual freedom.

imagine arguing with a black gentleman on the internet while the jew works behind the scenes
you are a friend

I have plenty of money, over 5 digits. I just don't know where to start in finding an escort.
I just want to stick my dick in a qt girls poopchute

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you sound like a florida user

Nope. Texas user

you have all the info you need on this anonymous yoga board
you know everything you need to know
everything is up to you

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>implying incels just want to get their dicks wet instead of loving and being loved by a gf
If sex was all it took to cure inceldom it wouldn't even exist to begin with, prostitution is just buying a service with no feelings involved, just masturbate its cheaper and you won't get std's from your hand.

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Sex does cure inceldom, that's why incels don't want to have it.

Do you also have chicken pussy and dog pussy?

its less pussy that I want and more validation. I'd rather have some drunk party thot look at me and say "eh, you'll do, lets fuck", because at least she's choosing me above either an alternative guy or just not getting laid. As opposed to an escort - to an escort you're a customer, and everyone in every customer facing job absolutely hates customers and just wants to collect their money and never see them again. that ruins it for me.

Stop having such a sour worldview. There are escorts who enjoy what they are doing. Some even love taking a client's virginity.

I reached out to femdom escorts but they didnt respond so I'm even more insecure now

went to the massage parlour the other day and had a hypoglycemic attack which left me shaking half way through

the handjob was great though

I had it(regret it) and still get rejected non-stop, not much of a cure for getting a gf.
Prostitution is literally assisted masturbation.

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