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It's regular r9k except we all post like we're in the Wild West. Welcome to Cowbots 9000.

Notable last post:
>well howdy there partner. how do ya reckon I could leave this GOSH DARN small town if im on probation for being black.
>Feels saloon is opening soon you rascals.
I'm having a bit of trouble still here up north, soon I should be free though, as soon as I am ill be here for you.
>This lad needs a shot to the face, he's speaking nonsense.

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Some tunes:youtube.com/watch?v=9xF1K9NT5Lo

Happy trails pardners

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hell yeah it's cowboy time

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yeehaw pardner!

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Bumperooni for ye ol' thread

Yeehaw, boys, let's go nigger wranglin'

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I reckon you are one of them niggers from the East eh?

Ain't no different than out ere than in the West. We slavin here no different than you coloured folk. Only difference here now is that you ain't got no master to keep you sheltered and protected. Better watch yer hide out ere unless ya dun fancy gettin eaten alive.

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>God Created Men and Sam Colt Made Them Equal!

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How is this ace shit associated with niggers never understood it it's in the cuckold stuff alot

I've been thinking. If Yaweh is Yeehaw maybe christcucks were right.

Dare you speak to me like that, you heathen! Know you not the word of the Lord? I should have thee run through for thy impudence. Consider this a warning, lest I wage a Holy Crusade on your "Wild West". More land to spread the word of God in.

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It's a fucking album, are you retarded?

Well pardner you sound high and mighty with yer big words an' all, but i reckon a bullet'r two will stop ye dead in yer tracks

Punieteros gringos

Thems fighten word round these parts. Bess get back to fairy land fore we rough you up.

Very well, you heretical dogs. Your magic staves of fire will do my armour no cut, no dent, no damage! Face my sword and cower, fools! Zounds, consort!

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The Ace of Spades, and especially the album, have nothing to do with the Queen of Spades tattoo.

Well, don't say we didn't warn ya lancelot!

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Taste my boomstick Varmit

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Hah, your fire magic does nothing against me! Die by my sword!

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do you feel lucky punk?

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I need not luck, for I have the love of God to forever protect and aid me in battle!

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Son don't ye know this land is godless

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God wont help ye around these parts lad, now why dont you mosey on outta town fore you end up like them negros hanging from the trees