How did we get to this point?

how did we get to this point?

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>how did we get to this point?

literal sheeple retards

Its just the same as a college fraternity, no big deal

We stopped treating women like property and they started to exercise their right to have sex with whomever they wanted. They capitalized on the same freedom you waste.

absolute state of americans

sexual "liberation"
give em an inch, they take a mile

just catching up to europe

God I wish I were that fridge

>implying you even have an inch to give them

god I wish I had the fridge physique

Because of millennials like >college fraternity
He's one of those normies who believes everyone have orgies in college.

it's irrelevant. Keep the accelerationism up. Upon the good moment, 90% shall be sent directly to Hell

>Chuck + Rally

What did they mean by this?

What are the odds that these girls are actually really smart and good students?

>ywn be invited to the pussy palace

99% chance they're liberal arts communication majors or something like it. They'll probably make Cs-Bs.

the joke is that the store used to be called "Chuck's fuck and suck"

So this is the beer they're drinking. It's called Pacific Pilsner and it's brewed by Pacific Western Brewing Company in Burnaby BC, Canada. It's 5% ABV and seems popularly consumed in outdoorsy, mountainous areas. It's rated 2.73 on Untappd and 2.33 on BeerAdvocate which are pretty low.

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Wrong picture there lad. Are we looking at the same one here?

If I was a chad I would try to make at least one robot friend (and by that I mean a genuine robot, no LARPing normiefag), preferably multiple, and then I'd take them along with me to the party, convince whichever Stacy is running the party to let them in and watch the hilarity unfold. I want to see you guys at that party, just for the lulz

SOME woman have always been 'whores', it's a necessary function for the survival of the species

Agreed. They just created this event so they can collect their DNA and falsely accuse them of rape. That's why they say no condoms.

Better than IPA shit no doubt

Beer is the most garbagetier alcohol anyways. Even good, expensive beers (my roommate is hugely into collecting beer) taste worse than shitty walmart wine. The difference is even more extreme when comparing beer to hard liquors.

imagine the smell walking into that place

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IPAs are an acquired taste. You have to develop your palate before you can appreciate them.

Chad here I have a perma virgin robot friend occasionally I take him out iwith girls and he gets really drunk and rapey and they all become terrified of him it is hilarious.

My roommate is like that also. There are some "stories", which are made even better by the fact that he claims to have a girlfriend (who still goes to school) in his hometown

being a low-tier normie doesn't make you chad, buddy

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Women's rights were not a mistake lol

but your birth was lol

anyone else unironically miss trashy college house parties?

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if you get too drunk, just puke and go back to drinking.

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Currently Sneed's + rally

>college parties
they look disgusting, too many people

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I wish I could make a time machine, print out this picture, go back in time, and show all the faggot cucks who voted for women's suffrage this picture. I'd warn them that if they do this, they'll start a chain of events that will ultimately lead to what's displayed in the picture; and that it affects all western women to varying degrees.

i mostly went to parties where i knew the hosts or a decent amount people. theyre pretty comfy but yeah it can get out of hand. would never go to another one but miss them anyways

no because if you belong on this board you should've never been to a house party

Boomers ruined everything because they were upset that they lived in times of excess and plenty but their parents wouldn't let them listen to rock and roll

How do the guys involved cope tho?
There's nothing more gross than promiscuous women

The few guys I heard defending it/like it had some sort of cuck fetish and were mentally broken

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You know their dad's pay thousands of dollars a year to send their "little girls" to college just so they can study women or genders studies with a minor in psychology and of course they don't even go/pay attention in class and they get miles of dick and do a shit ton of drugs and alcohol and then when they're done they get a job in something they don't even have a degree in at all because the company needed diversity points. Having a daughter in this day and age is truly the ultimate cuck bois.

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>tfw have been the robot friend of several chads
living hell. shit like that made me a recluse.

Dumb faggot I'd never agree. But I would be thankful you told me about it, because then I can call the cops on your shitty party for disturbing the peace, or if underage faggots are there too, for serving alcohol to minors. Enjoy your "party" in jail.

lmao, enjoy getting jumped

>do your best to raise and love a girl for at least 18 years
>pay thousands of dollars so the dumb slut can fuck dozens of frat Chads because she thinks you didn't love her enough
Is there anything more cucked than having a daughter?

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Cool. I can report you for assault, which is even worse. Dumb normies.

White men are betas and can't control their women.

Pretty simple.

this always existed you just didn't have the internet to fuck with your head you god damn loser. The Facebook algorithm showed people go max npc and will only share or reply to things that upset them, that's what you are doing here, you are taking a photo that is exclusive to that situation and bring here to blow up into something bigger than it is

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>yes goyim, ignore the fact that all your women are turning into mega sluts who can't keep long term relationships

>this always existed
no it hasn't

This image seems quite old and a far cry from the hyper-feminist almost puritanical SJWs who think things like this are disgusting and lead to sexual assault.

Was OPs pic taken in the 00s?

They seem like fun girls.
Not parties but I do miss getting a drink with a group of friends at the bar or someone's house. Its just better to go out on a whim and hang out than trying to throw a wild party.

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this is such a tripfaggy paragraph that i was genuinely shocked to see no original name. fucking twat

this always existed you just didn't have the internet to fuck with your head you god damn loser. The Facebook algorithm showed people go max npc and will only share or reply to things that upset them, that's what you are doing here, you are taking a photo that is exclusive to that situation and bring here to blow up into something bigger than it is


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Have you never been to a college? The hyper-feminist types are the biggest sluts.

OP is mad he'll never get invited to the pussy palace.
>No condoms
Fucking skanks. Keep your STDs to yourselves.

>an edit made in 2017 over at reddit that got busted that year
>people still seeth over it

how dumb are you incels? can you not into photoshop

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OP wants other people mad so he isn't the only one mad

Only when I feel bored as fuck. I haven't gone out drinking in years and I don't really miss that either.

The social interaction and shenanigans were fun. I distinctly remember 2 nights back in college were I lived the Chad life.

The 60s were about as crazy with women as today user. I mean "swallow the kids" was slang from Woodstock

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>the tiny hippie minority in the 1960s
>all of human history

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That is supremely sad and I find it hilarious.

Maybe in movies made in 201X,

I take it you never read any about Greek women of the 1st century then?

Any thread taking about hating group x is almost certainly steeped in that, false flag or no, the goal is just to incite a response that is negative in nature.

>I take it you never read any about Greek women >of the 1st century then?
just this shows me you have no idea what you're talking about

you cant miss something you never had in the first place

This is fine

>no blacks

As long as they have this it's fine. More white children will be made and everyone has fun

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That reads "No cock blocks" dweeb.

then you'd also know that this behaviour precedes the fall of such societies?