Tfw ill never have a high functioning autistic bf to obesess over

tfw ill never have a high functioning autistic bf to obesess over...
it hurts

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I am one, in a relationship. I'm glad she's not too obsessive, it's kind of a turn off to most people.

I am so high functioning that I am undiagnosed.

i have a high functioning autistic bf to obsess over but he gets annoyed easily. im not too over the top and i understand he needs space so i do my best not to be too needy but i want to support him and show him i care but he seems to not care if i do, or about me at all really. kinda sucks a lot

i have a high functioning autistic tranny gf that obsesses over me, she's a cutiepie

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wow can you normalfags just fuck off already? if you have a relationship you dont belong on this board

Fuck you, this thread. And your mom.
My disorder is not your fetish.

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why you so mad bro? youre in a thread about relationships.

So autism is a fetish now. Still not gonna help me get a gf.

> directly addressing topic

either this post if off topic or I am not

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r9k is a place for social outcasts and if you are in a relationship you have no place on r9k

I don't understand why high functioning autism is a desirable thing but I hope I come accross someone like you some time because otherwise I don't know how I'll ever find love

i can see why youre a social outcast

because they dont have the social skills to leave or cheat on you.

as someone with HFA, I've had no problem breaking up with several girls...

In fact I'm pretty sure my inherent dismissiveness towards women is what attracts them in the first place.

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>I've had no problem breaking up with several girls..
fuck off normalfag you dont belong on this board you promiscuous r selected subhuman now fuck off and die

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are you a biological female, white, healthy weight, no debt, in her 20s, from a first world country, non whore, monogamous, overall healthy, available person?

you deserve to die an agonizing death you will be burned alive your eyes sliced open pepperspray up your nostrils causing your lungs to burn and they will collapse under the agony if i saw you in person id kill you without a second thought.

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No I am a biological male who identifies as such.
there are no girls on r9k when will you learn this?

Well, that's true. Apparently, not for that other guy, but it's true for me.
Then again, I also don't have the social skills to obtain someone to leave or cheat on.

you are not tall enough to kill me, I can already tell

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yes we are, go post that shit on facebook nigger