Mom "jokingly" says she's not fit to be a mother again

>mom "jokingly" says she's not fit to be a mother again
Fuck you. I see what you're doing. I won't give you any sympathy. I know you inside and out. Should've had an abortion while you still had the chance.

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Be nice to your mom

Some females should not bare children. Also some men shouldn't either I'm one of them.

Not sure how society got brainwashed into thinking each and every person should have children.

I want to be friends with her, but it will never work. We're too similar. I only wish she had a girl instead of me.

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Try to make things work between you too
I wish i did with my parents now ill never get to be close with them

If you say you won't ever get close to your why assume I can get close to mine? What's your situation, user? Personally I feel like I'm way past the point of no return.

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Your mom is good at manipulating you.

How do we use filters to block images again?

You're probably right. I don't know who to trust anymore.
Even if you did, I often slightly change mine. Do you think if it was possible, the mods wouldn't have done it already?

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i don't think that's possible here

My parents are dead, i cant talk to them anymore. All i want is to go back in time and just hug them and tell them i love them

maybe block all 600x600 images and for extra safety create a folder full of your possible avatar creations and blacklist all those if that's possible

I'm sorry, user. I guess appreciate what you don't have more.
I could always crop my images. You'd have to manually go through dozens of avatar creators to blacklist thousands of potential images, not to mention that I also used photoshop in the past, making that number practically infinite. I doubt Hiro cares about some me that much. They seem to bother less and less with my threads now.

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Who is she? She is from the some VN?

>french avatarposting
Va te tuer espece d'idiot.

what date was it again where you made covered 75% of the catalog

We can go to a place post-birth abortion is allowed & do the deed together, user. I'll finish what your mother couldn't.

nice, shes subtly telling you is okey to cum inside

I wish you would appreciate her she probably tries her best

Je suis pas francais. J'ai oublie cette langue presque totalement.
I'd prefer being the bottom.

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Use the MD5 hash with Jow Forums X

Your mother is right and she failed. And you will never be a real woman.

Yes I know I will never be a woman! I wish people stopped trying to control me in such evil ways! I am actually very submissive, but only to caring and nice people! I would let them to even hurt me a bit for their pleasure, but not like this!

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