Greentext your average day and anons can rate you or give advice

Greentext your average day and anons can rate you or give advice

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There are 2 average days depending on when I work (I work part time so the wek is either of these)

average work day
>wake up
>go to work
>go home
>to tired to do anything but browse Jow Forums
>go to sleep

average day off
>wake up
>put on an album
>clean up the house a bit
>watch a movie/tv show
>play the piano
>to go the library
>Go shopping
>binge eat fast food
>read some more
>browse Jow Forums
>read even more
>go to sleep

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>go shopping
where/what do you shop?

>wake up
>take a bath
>wears the usual salaryman suit
>drive to train station
>board the overcrowded commuter train
>arrived at office at 9 AM
>lunch and smoke break
>evening break
>go out at 7 PM
>board the overcrowded commuter train
>drive home
>grab some dinner
>take a bath

that's my average day

>wake up
>morning routine
>make and eat breakfast
>walk to lecture
>sit in lecture
>shill for my club
>go to work at the lab, eat lunch there
>come back to uni
>go to sports practice
>go home
>eat dinner
>study or relax

>wake up
>study until 1

>wake up
>eat breakfast
>browse the internet for 3 hours
>play vidya for 7 hours
>eat dinner
>browse internet for 4 hours
>go to sleep
Its been like this for nearly a year now

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>wake up
>work out
>take a shower
>eat breakfast
>go to school
>come home from school
>work out
>eat lunch
>play vidya
>work out
>eat dinner
>work out
>take my evening shit
>work out
>go to bed


Summer schedule:
>wakeup (usually around 10:30-11)
>sit on couch for a few hours
>maybe wing some plans with my only friend
>if plans, probably swim for a few hours
>if no plans, play vidya for hours
>take a piss
>eat dinner
>play vidya

Not summer:
>wake up 20 min before i leave
>shower, brush teeth, brush hair
>spend .3 seconds putting on blush
>leave for scheoeoeool
>do the learn
>go home
>sit on couch for hours

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>wake up
>no breakfast
>no shower (only twice a week)
>get dressed
>browse internet
>go to shitty work
>back to work
>go home
>maybe eat dinner
>play vidya
>draw on computer
>massive terd bait

it took this to realise I don't eat much.

not work
>wake up
>mayhaps tickle my tinkler
>moar vidya
>try not to stare at my half-sisters hot boobs n legs
>wiggle my ween (not to her)

>wake up at 3-4 pm
>sit on computer for rest of day
>go to bed at 6-8 am
I don't need advice because I enjoy doing this, but getting mods to work is a pain in the ass, I've spent weeks trying to do this.

>wake up in the afternoon
>eat the lunch mommy made 3 hours earlier
>sit on the computer
>make some posts on this site that get no response
>don't even want to play games, seems like too much effort
>suddenly it's night
>realise I wasted yet another day
>go to sleep tired as fuck because I have no energy
>repeat for every day of my life
I'm 24 years old, by the way

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>wake up
>Put on uniform
>Go to school bus
Obligatory I'm 18 last year of high school
>Chat with the girl i like on the bus
>Sleep, depending on the day
>Go to class
>Watch class
>Chat with friends
>Go to the school bus
>Chat some more with said girl
>Arrive home
>Eat, change clothes
>Rest a bit, usually on the internet
>Go to the gym
>Take a bath and chill some more
>Study (sometimes)
>Go to sleep
Life is good, I'll miss this times

Normal day
>Wake up around 4am
>Make breakfast
>Get dressed to work at 8am
>Work as a intern until 12pm
>Come home
>Get dressed
>Make lunch
>Nap until 1pm
>Wake up
>Study up to 5pm or 6pm
>Play games or lurk around here until 8pm or 9pm
>Sleep repeat

>Wake up 10am
>Play video games until i`m hungry
>Cook something to eat
>Go back to play more video games until hungry again
>Cook something again
>Play video games until 3am
>Sleep repeat

I`m boring

>wake up
>take a fat shit and shower
>eat breakfast
>work or vidya until noon
>smoke break

i just graduated.
>wake up at 8
>piss, brush teeth, wash face
>feed cat at 9, make myself scrambled eggs
>apply for jobs while listening to music til around 2
>go out and buy beer
>drink until i pass out, usually around 6
>wake up at 8ish
>watch youtube on my phone
>feed cat again at 9
>make myself a sandwich or some simple meal
>dick around on phone or laptop til 2-3 am

>wake up
>decide i am not going to class again because i feel bad there
>keep sleeping until I cant anymore
>feel bad
>eat and go play games on my computer
>games aren't fun anymore
>go to bed
>try to find something one my phone
>dont find
>come here and post this
>do nothing until it's time to sleep
I wish I had dreams and objectives, but I don't.

>Wake up around 3 pm
>Make a microwave pizza for breakfast
>Take a 1.5L Dr Pepper out of the fridge
>Also a bag of chips, or whatever snack i can find
>Waddle my way to computer
>Play some videogame for the next 9 hours or so
>Then watch anime/read manga/browse Jow Forums until 5 am
>Fall asleep
>Repeat coz healthy neet

>wake up at 2pm
>watch tv if anyone is in living room
>eat dinner
>watch more tv till 10:45 pm
>play vidya games till 2-3 am
jesus I do fkn nothing

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Day off:
>wake up (time varies)
>make coffee
>do chores
>practice archery (weather permiting)
>watch tv/read
>eat dinner
>hide treats for my dogs to find
>go to my room and play games/watch movies/drink til bed

Work day:
>wake up
>TV, vidya, archery, whatever I feel like
>have "dinner"
>hide treats for my dogs
>get ready for work
>go to work
>get paid to watch anime for 8 hours cuz graveyard shift
>go home and try to sleep through the sun

>wake up 10pm
>check phone if she messaged me
>realize she left me 5 months ago will never talk to her again
>take shower
>go to work
>get home try to distract myself from thinking
>lay in bed checking her social media

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>wake up 6pm
>normally a redditfag, check reddit
>get ready for school
>go to school
>talk to random people trying to make any friends, no success
>get home from school
>play video games (hoi4) with random people

>get up
>eat oatmeal
>cry over Jinting
>hold back the feeling of not slaughtering everyone
>browse here
Everyday when I think of those worthless idiots, it fills me with rage. I'd like to carve their eyes from their heads and shoot them. Then maybe they would know one ounce of the pain I go through by not being with J.

>wake up
>put on music
>eat breakfast
>sit on chair
>browse Jow Forums
>play assetto corsa
>play csgo


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Ask the girl out user don't waste this opportunity

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pic related, but unironically and without the showering

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>wake up around 7:00
>snuggle my suguri plushie and read medieval English history
>swap book for another one in library around 10ish
>do a good 30mins-1 hour matlab
>go to gym for an hour
>either go to work or if on a shorter shift study until 4-5ish (close is usually for 10:30-11:30), longer shifts begin usually at 12:00 or before
read 1hour self-help in car before work, at the moment Peterson's '12 Rules For Life' ib4 memes its better than I expected, one of those weird books that articulate thoughts you could never express.
>get back from work
>shower, iron some clothes if I've let any dry
>make nice coffee and maybe snuggle plushies more when my legs are killin'
>play 1 hr. vidya followed by 1 hr. anime
>study some maths
>usually black out or if i make it through the whole thing, go to bed in an extremely alert state.

What club do you partake in? do you ever get jealous of people in the changing rooms, sometimes i won't be able to take my eyes off someone like 'i want that tummyy! XDDD' but in a less camp way.

What inspired you to swim. I think its Ludlum (that fella in the dan brown books) that swims right? Always figured then if you could swim then if a bunch of people captured you and tried to do bad things like torture you and hold you hostage, you could swim away .

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>wake up
>spend all day on computer
>go to sleep