Robots, why have you not taken the pagan pill yet?
kristjanity is a joke, who would live in fear of a nonexistant god afraid of doing anything wrong or suffering in hell, (even funnier the concept of hell itself being derived from Helheim)
take the paganpill anons. the allfather has nothing but true love for his children. there is no fear of sins, as he recognizes we are but mortal and make mistakes, what he asks of us is to not live in fear of sin, but to live for glory.
think robots, would you not want to live for glory and honor? dying leaving a legacy for generations to come? finding your way to the side of the allfather in his hall, or sit with freyja in folkvangr?
I say this with the utmost truth, your lives will only improve. there is no fear, no suffering in death, only honor. for 10 years now i have lived for the allfather, and all other aesir and vanir. i lived for glory, living as best i can, knowing the allfather will see my deeds and know truly i've done my hardest on midgard, and will let me ride on sleipnir's back over the rainbow bridge to find a home in his hall. i have no fear, for i have nothing to fear. even Helheim is not a negative place. the honored dead go to asgard, and everyone else goes to Helheim, but do not mistake Helheim for "hell", Helheim is not a bad place, but a place of flourishment and life after death, among those you knew in life.
Take the paganpill anons. the Kristjans want you to listen to their false "god" and live in fear of sin, but the Allfather wants you to live in honor and glory, and will not cast you to suffering for mistakes, he knows we are mortal, he forgives, for he is the father of us all. join me brothers and sisters, you have no longer a need to live in fear, but instead to live gloriously and enter the halls of the allfather or freyja in death, and bask in the glory of your brothers, your sisters, and the gods themselves. a true god rules not with fear, but with compassion. walk with the allfather.

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Adding on as the post reached length limit, i will be glad to answer any questions any of you may have about the gods or the way of life. Any questions will be answered to the best of my ability based on all my knowledge, so for those wondering, ask away please, i wish to inform.

Bumping for odin
Christians stay seething

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How do you practice paganism daily ?
How does it influence your life ?

The changes were all at once really, you get used to it quickly, atleast i did.
There is not exactly a correct way to "practice", prayers arent a common thing, generally i blot at the correct times, but thats really it. The gods are treated more as close friends and family than all powerful beings, so praying nightly isnt a thing much. The ways it changed my life may diffet from other peoples, but ill still say.
Mostly, i focus on making sure everything i do is the correct choice, and i do things that would be considered honorable. I volunteer at my local soup kitchen once a week, i donate about 10% of my leftover income to nonprofit charities. I grow food outside my house and hunt deer whenever possible to avoid getting food from farms and meet from slaughterhouses, as these places do not give the proper respect to the aesir and spirits of nature, i also use as much of the animals as possible, as i dont believe that i deserve life more than them, so i make sure to give them the respect they deserve and thank them for their sacrifice. I make sure all things i do respect the gods and bring honor to myself. It was a big change at first, learning to hunt with a bow and grow my own food without pesticides, but i feel the payoff has been worth it.

One - are you seriously a pagan

Two - Paganism (Norse/Saxon) has effectively been lost throughout history. You're practicing something re-imagined. How do you feel about that.

Thirdly - Do you seriously think large swathes of people would ever convert.

im down. pagans knew how to have a good time

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>I volunteer at my local soup kitchen
That's so christian ! Helping the poor and weak is good...

The rest can be done and celebrated by atheists as much, except the fact that you judge your actions with a special criteria : "honor".
Can you elaborate on this value ? What does it mean to you ?

its about not worshipping gods of the dessert

I hope that's not their only argument

While I am most definitely a direct descendant of pagan ancestors and greatly identify with the forest, religion is a relic of the past and doesn't fit into the way humans exist today. We have the internet and have discovered that morals are flexible and subjective. It's time for religion to die.

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yep. dessert gods suck

1: i would consider myself to be as true as anyone could be, i have been since i was 14, and i turn 25 in october.

2: i think its okay. We know very little, but many practices still lived on, so though specific history may have been lost, the genetal idea still lives.
The big one would be though, "the gods see you doing different than whats supposed to be done, what do they think", i think they understand. Odin knows all the happenings of midgard, he knows hoe mucb was erased, so i believe he and all other gods understand that, even if not the old ways, everything i do is because i believe it to be what they wanted, in my heart i only have them in mind, they will see everything i do is for them, and i know they will understand it. Odhinn, being as wise as he is, surely sees how change would come due to erasure of history, and would understand the new ways.

3: no, many people will shrug it off because "its old" or "it died off", ignoring many of the other important aspects, such as how no one pushed the gods yet everyone believed in them. If everyone believes in gods with no body to push it, does it not show the truth?
People have been joining rapidly in the past years, i believe it has unvigintillioned (x20) in the past 30 years or so, sitting in the low hundred thousands now worldwide. I dont imagine many will convert, but i hope to show people the light and help them live better

I see honor as doing what is right, just, and what the world needs. It is true nontheists can do the same things for no reason, but that does not change the fact it is honorable to do no matter what, which is why i do it. Honor is not a religious value, it just is that the gods value honor greatly, so it has a more important role in my life than most others.

Morals can be flexible with the gods. As i said above many things can be honorable, you can live different lives in different ways and still be honorable, so i believe it does hold a place.

Based and paganpilled.

I support you, paganism is the thinking man's choice.

what's the point of adopting the title of pagan when it is people making up their own systems? it's like christians who whore about and think sunday attendance is enough or using it for financial gain. the only shared variable is a self ascribed title

Pagan just means "pre-christian" or "non-christian" if used in a religious way.

idk man, I don't believe in a god or so.
and I like to larp as a christian crusaders cuz crusade and that platearmour.
also if I choice a religion for real I rather chose Shinto.

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abandoning the cruel dessert gods. theyve grown fat off worship

that doesnt address the very real religions and associated gods being invoked in this thread despite no surviving doctrine. sure, people could want a system and choose real gods to lend credence, but just like christians theyre still doing whatever they want

i didnt want to seem facetious ascribing it all to the desire to rebel

there is no reason to convert from atheism to norse paganism. there is no benefit to converting and no drawback to not converting.
I do not believe in your gods and I won't pretend to.

thats the whole point - do whatever you want, with the gods as a compass and not as laws to live under.

I'll just kindly give you the (you) you desired by saying
>" i disagree with x"
In a thread based around "x"
Have a good day, blessings of the allfather upon you.

What said is true, every single person does what they want, the gods guide me in showing me what i can do that is right. Everything i do is something i wanted to do, now i also do it for the gods. As simple as that.

>with the gods as a compass
there is no surviving doctrine unless you believe roman war propaganda.

because it's all nonsense

can i take paganpill, if im not european? If i'm not mistaked i'm a descendant of Caucasian Albanian tribes

good lads. shame they worshipped the dessert idols

Sounds like some white storefront garbage.

Nobody gives a fuck you inbred. You're like the white equivalent of a Sikh.

Sikhs are based though.

that was quite a bit into their empire. cant say i consider ponzi imperialists 'good lads', but i appreciate all the documents they left behind

good lord, what a load of rubbish. and i'm not even currently a Christian

100% you can. Many people will claim only scandinavians, aryans, and/or anglo saxons can follow the gods, these people are fools. Odin Vili and Ve created the entire earth, not certain places. Some "followers", if they can be called that, think race is important, these people are fools. Everyone is a child of odhinn, everyone is welcome amongst the gods, the allfather bars no child of his from his halls, no god so wise is as shallow as to see race as important. Pay no heed to those who say race is important, much of the followers believe not this way, or discriminate at all. Huginns Heathen Hoff declaration 127 shows this well. The gods will welcome you, as you are a child of odhinn, skin color is irrelevant.
I see insults are popular. Have the (you) you so desire, i hope the gods bless you and take the hate out of your heart.
>sees thread based on x
>goes into thread
>"i dislike x"
As above, enjoy your (you), may the gods bless your days to come.

I was simply responding to the question in the OP. "why haven't I done blank".

Buddhism and Paganism are the only acceptable religions for me, keep it up, pagananon. Maybe we'll meet in Valhalla when our time comes.

Heil Odin!

thanks, i gladly will take paganpill

Its heavily implied that only those who show an interest in the thread should reply, and those who dont should pass over it, but you did respond to said question that i asked, i am in the wrong and apologize.
Thank you brother or sister, may we meet in the allfathers halls.

Race =/= skin color
And race matters.
I agree that a religion is universalist in essence but don't repeat media's shit about "rAcE iS a SoCiAl CoNsTrUcT"

holy fucking cringe. lmfao

Does paganism reject desire like buddhism ? I'm pretty sure it doesn't.
Buddhism is closer to christianity than it is to paganism.

imagine larping so hard you actually try to convince other people to pretend that they believe in odin

>damn dude i didn't like that post, it was cringe
>using cringe at the first place

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Sure dude. We might as well all convert to your dungeons and dragons religion so we can live our glorious live as we please. But wait.
The glory is gone. There is no glory to be made. In today's world, honor and glory are not survival strategies.
Living a righteous and pious live barely is.

But let me tell you man, I'd rather live as a monk than roleplay the customs and ways of some thousand year dead god.

Your Allfather is about as dead as Ahura Mazda, Zun, or Camaxtle.

So stop shilling your heathen ways to these godless fops. You deserve better. They deserve better. Christianity has endured for a reason, and if time will break it so be it.

But don't try to force your old god upon the descendants of the people who built the current world.

so that's it? not adopting the well documented native finnish practices, no empirical humanism, no explicitly subjective 'the secret' esque honesty?
it's just rebellion and
>do whatever you want
>every single person does what they want

Do you seriously say shit like that IRL? Saying you worship a Marvel character? No wonder you're on Jow Forums and everyone laughs at you even here. Cringe as fuck my man.

The differences between the two are a bit fuzzy to me, and i stay away from media in general as it teaches nothing. I acknowledge that race is definitely a real thing, but the point still stands. No person on midgard is exempt from the possibility of the love of the gods, we are all the children of odin vili and ve, and we are all welcome among them
I would say it depends. Desires than can be seen as dishonorable such as the desire to steal something are not okay, but generally as long as what you desire isn't dishonorable it matters not
Im glad, hopefully we meet in the halls of the gods.
Imagine acting as if people cant believe in the gods
You are such a fool i wont even argue against your points. Kristjanity exists because it converts children who are easy to manipulate and, in the past, killed those who disagreed. Time is showing the death of kristjanity. Ever since the internet it has been declining, while paganism has unvigintuppled. Your mind is as full as ginnungagap you bumbling fool. Also youd be shocked to know how many modern things come from paganism, like all days of the week sans saturday, or easter and thanksgiving, but its dead i suppose.
>marvel used odin so people only follow the gods because of marvel
I cant imagine being this foolish. Its laughable.

I was just giving praise to his god, no need to fill your vagina with sand

Pay him no heed, the sand is in his head.

i hope too! Hail!

>marvel used odin so people only follow the gods because of marvel
Yes quite literally, the religion has been dead for like 1500 years. It's such a joke that they made a Marvel character and no one cared - most people probably don't even know it came from somewhere else. Imagine if they made Mohammed or Jesus a Marvel character. Get what I'm saying? It's cringe. All religion is cringe but "pagans" are by far the most cringe of all, because everyone knows you don't actually believe what you're saying, you don't believe Thor is an actual god that exists. At least other religions actually believe it because they were raised to. Like Hindus, they are basically pagan and believe in really dumb shit and monkey gods, but it isn't nearly as cringe because it's an actual religion and they actually believe it. You don't. It's like saying you worship Mickey Mouse, and you're an adult.
I bet you call trannies their preferred pronouns.

the first nations retained and continue their practices, the natives of alaska as well (but last i read of them most of the elders who spoke the language and knew rituals were dying off), and there is a wealth of documentation for asian religions. why hypocritically, but rightfully, shit on christians when paganism is the same. im really hoping for an honest answer

Top fucking kek, LARPagans on suicide watch

>I bet you call trannies their preferred pronouns.
What do trannies now have to do with this?
Anyways, I don't give a fuck, stay being pissed off for some shitty reason.

Absolutely. One thing i wish to make note of though is that "hail" is not a term commonly used, i believe i said above, but we treet the gods not as all powerful beings to bend to, but close family and friends, we respect them and live to honor them, but bending kneem, hailing, or any sort of submitting to a god is generally not done unless its begging for help in a situation of dire circumstance. The thing generally done is to wish the blessings of a god upon someone.
You know nothing of the goods so speak not either. 10 years have i lived by them, 60 more i will go. I hope you learn something, anything. Being this large of a fool will only lead to you dying from choking on your own saliva because you haven't used your brain in forever. Doubt my faith all you want, it means less than nothing to me.
Suicide wont get me into asgard so ill stay alive and laugh at the fools.
I struggle to understand the exact point of your question, but to me it seems you say "there is little proof, so why believe?", if thats the case, i can answer
No one pushed or forced the gods, yet almost everyone in scandinavia and iceland believed in them until the kristjans started killing them. 10 centuries of belief only halted by murder. The kristjans also made sure to get rid of anything documented. Much of what we know is lost, which is why "proof" in its many forms is far and few between. Asians never had anyone come in and kill them destroying the documentation, the norse did. I dislike kristjans less for the fact they believe in a false god, but more for the massacring, proselytizing, and invading they did throughout history. If their "god" is real, he would have proved it to the world, murder would not have been necessary.
The fools stray from the topic like a blind lamb from the herd. Heed them not, you have shown your knowledge and they have shown their lack thereof, there is no longer a need to entertain such a foolish person.

Nothing will get you into ass guard because it was made up and is a CGI palace in a movie like the other user said LOL fucking cope retard

I see you have as many arguments as you have common sense. Keep being angry and using insults, it doesn't make you any less wrong.

>If their "god" is real, he would have proved it to the world
if your god is real he would have proved it to the world too

no, the religion obviously is real, its why pick a title if one cant live by the substantive docrtine? and false god? thats right out of murderous monotheism and isnt representative of many historically documented interreligious interactions from the mediterranean, middle east, south america and more.

>dedicated 10 years to the Marvel god
What a coincidence that the Marvel movie also came out 10 years ago. Hmmm makes you think. You probably wikipedia'd it and found it it was real and there were a couple "pagans" on the internet and got into it for a counterculture. You're also trying to sound official by using old language syntax, which is really cringe. Do you study the King James Bible and try to emulate it? Fucking lame dude.
I'm not pissed at all in fact this is making me laugh my ass off, the fact that you people actually exist tickles my funny bone. I have actually met one before and I ripped on him so hard he quit from then on, was a literal fat fedora fag with a Mjolnir pendant. Now 5 years later he's normal and we're friends. Sometimes you just gotta rip on and mock people to get them to see how retarded they're being. Anyway it's been fun, dipshits.

You ignore the proof that exists around you. I doubt you have even read a word of any sagas or eddas, tell me not of my own religion of which you know nothing about.

I have no more interest in snow nigger gods than in sand nigger gods.

So what's your "argument"? "Nuh uh it's totally real because I said so and illiterate people believed it thousands of years ago, which I only even know in the first place because the Christian monks wrote it down"? Fucking COPE.

>You ignore the proof that exists around you
Every christian, jew, buddhist, taoist, sikh, muslim, hindu, shintoist, falun gongist, bahai, tenriist, jainist, and korean shamanist would tell you the exact same thing, and you all believe just as strongly that you're right.

>dude it's just, like, obvious
You literally got this "argument" from Christians, probably your parents.
>sagas and eddas
You mean the ones the Christians wrote down? Lmao!!

Yikes. Pagans getting roasted ITT

>strawman followed by red herring
Please try harder
>kristjans wrote the sagas and eddas
Snorri sturlussons one edda showed hints of kristjan beliefs but thats the only one.
Please try harder
I guess everyone is entitled to believe so, i would not deny such a thing. Our beliefs, especially religious, are based off our understanding of the world around us, so it does make sense. I guess i have a bias and that makes me belief my beliefs are.more valid. Time will tell, and my belief is tike will bring me to the gates of asgard
>kristjan monks
Once again the only edda showing any sign of kristjan ideology is from snorri sturlusson and nobody takes that seriously unless what's said is backed up by pre-kristjanization sources.
If a "roast" involves arguments that seem to be pulled out of the mind of a child and people thinking the more exclamation points, logical fallacies, and profanity the use the more correct they are than sure.

>I guess i have a bias and that makes me belief my beliefs are.more valid
so despite admitting that you're biased and can't prove your religion's superiority over any other one, you continue to "believe" for no reason at all

As you said before, doesnt that seem like all religions? I never claimed superiority either, i claim to believe its the truthful one, as all religions do. What i do is no different than any other religion, it just takes a different form.

nothing? and i seriously hope you dont furthur pursue the 'false god' position. it's the religious equivalent of dehumanization which is always the precursor for violence.

>Now 5 years later he's normal and we're friends
So he's a huge fag like you, I assume.

I'm not European. If I took the pagan pill I would go to jail for human sacrifice.

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>Once again the only edda showing any sign of kristjan ideology is from snorri sturlusson and nobody takes that seriously unless what's said is backed up by pre-kristjanization sources.
No shit you retarded historylet. The Christians recorded the pagan oral traditions. You're so fucking dumb.
Also why are you spelling "Christian" in that autistic way? Is it like "wh*toid", trying to spell it in a different way to make it pejorative? Every single thing about you is fucking cringy you autist.

Lmao so many salty christcucks in this thread
Keep holding in to your dying religion, Jah blesses you.

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That's my name, without the ity part. Not even Icelandic or religious desu

chrisianity is dying, but paganism is long dead

neither nothing, but apparently people prefer to feed shitposters instead of discuss

>surveys done show even WICCANS! The stupidest pagam group grew from 8000 to 134000 in 10 years
>surveys also show all forms of paganism have doubled on average, with norse growing 8x from 2002 to 2012
>christianity has been on a slow downfall, with more peolle recognizing logos of fast food and soft drinks than the crucifix
Jah says stay seething

your gods are dead. Wiccans don't believe in gods, they grew because high school girls like buying "spiritual" stuff on etsy

>Christianity is retarded
>start LARPing as a fucking viking for an even more retarded long dead religion instead and start burning incense for Odin

you faggots just need your mental pacifier to suck on and delude yourselves into giving your sorry ass life some meaning don't you

>t seething coping christcuck
Stay mad, Jah bless

>Odin Vili and Ve created the entire earth
Proof? Any proof at all?

pagan artwork is mostly drawn by Christians who have a deep respect for their ancestors.

people who post pagan artwork on imageboards are homosexuals that don't appreciate their Christian ancestors' disdain for sodomy.

>Larping as a fake religion

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Did I say I believed in god? Christians are cucks, but you worship superhero characters.

>does not understand anything about the religion yet insults it
Okay then
The existance of the earth perhaps? It had to come from somewhere, and the realms were made instantaneously after ymir was thrown into ginnungagap. Instantly sounds very much like the big bang does it not?
>thinking gods worshipped for 10 centuries are superhero characters
Okay then.

>more peolle recognizing logos of fast food and soft drinks than the crucifix
Uh, no pal.

>10 centuries
haha wow those sure are some old gods
Odin will be a footnote in history five thousand years from now

This is just getting sad.
This guy is seriously the best pagans have to offer? Really? Are there any actually intelligent pagans with actual arguments and not copy+pasted shit from Christianity?

Pretty much this, yeah. Paganism is the new fedora, it seems.

Jah laughs at you, Christcuck thinks posting funny video game makes his point more valid.
Why do you humor the idiots? Let them be retards, jah laughs at them
>In a survey of 7,000 people in six countries, 88 per cent identified the two commercial trademarks, compared with 54 per cent who recognised the Christian cross
Look it up yourself now ya dummy. I wont spoonfeed you facts like mommy does tendies

A lot of pagans actually wear fedoras. It's even more sad because they aren't even nominally any better than Christians. At least fedorafags were in principle (maybe not in practice). They at least tried to use intelligence despite lacking it. Pagans don't even do that. So fucking embarrassing.

really? this thread just for shitposting and pretend condescension instead of actual discussion?

Coz im taking the non-duality pill

>no source
Into the trash it goes then. Probably from Varg or Jow Forums or something, if you didn't just make it up yourself. Big cope.

Paganism is nothing but a big shitpost to get back at their Christian parents, so it makes sense.

Believe what you want, you're as free to do so as you are to be wrong.
>i dislike your arguments so I'll claim its copypasted and act as if you're the fool
I understand where you're coming from though, i have said generic stuff. I would divulge into what i believe and how i think our understanding of science fits in with the gods, but that would take incredibly long and require me basically going through the entire gylfaginning.
To put it blunt, rather than denying science as other religious people tend to do, i think its very easy to show how almost everything we know from modern science can fit into the religion. If you have any specific questions i would be more than glad to give examples but overall it would take too long to even divulge into.

That's how I feel, at least convert to an actual religion, not this LARP crap.

Everyone thinks it to be a larp.
I understand why, its natural that something so "counterculture and different" would attract outcasts and larpers, but i am not. I truly believe in the gods. It would still be an actual religion if not for the kristjans, they killed and made sure no one talked about it. It lasted 10 centuries, and would've lasted 10 more.
I guess you are free to believe whatever you want, but i am no larper.

>fuck you mom im not going to church on Sunday I worship the all-Father now!!

Shut the fuck up with your zoomer xxxtentacion Jah meme you faggot

not that guy, but if you are being sincere can you address my two questions