Thrown I miss you and hope you're ok

thrown I miss you and hope you're ok

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i dont really care about you tbhh

You know Jow Forums has gone down the shitter when we have unironic roastie sluts pining after chad every fucking day and ritualposting constantly.
By the way, "Thrown" is the most retarded name you can give to a person.


I'm neither a roastie or a slut

chad left her so sad :(((

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I'm really sad
this isn't true

imagine making the same pointless thread every day

>thrown I miss you and hope you're ok
I know thrown well.
He is a faggot who pretends being clingy to date "fembots" he talks with multiple girls at once and if he doesn't like even a single thing about you he throws you away.
By making this thread you just fuel his ego

As proof
His discord is throw#8306

you are making it up

Nope, check

And the pic

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Believe me now roast or do you want some pm?

I believe you know him but I don't know if I should believe the other stuff

And I don't want you to post any dm here I think leaking DMs publicly is a bad thing even in this situation

Then how about you send me your discord to this throwaway email and I send you a screenshot of his pm proving it?
[email protected]

Holy shit based. I do the same thing. I fapped with 4 e girls in the last week and they all think they are the only one and say I love you after moaning my name.

I would feel bad looking at someone's DMs without them knowing. It's also scary so I can't do it. But even if what you said about him is true it still doesn't mean he wasn't honest and genuine with me.

>The ultimate in roast denial
Let her suffer guys, it's what she wants. This Thrown guy is based as fuck, I hope he continues to break fragile roastie egos.

A quote from him
"You need to make her feel special, if she thinks she's the only one she'll be more conductive to falling from you"
"I don't really care about any of them, they are just dumb bitches in the end"
"If I drop her, means she is just a bother, keep around even the ones that aren't perfect, they are a good fallback"

I doubt he lied to me I know he really cares about me

Doubt all you want, you are the one getting heartbroken over him while he is talking to many other girls.
You are the lonely one, he won

This is so hard to believe I don't know what to say about that but I really do think I'm special for him and even if he's done that stuff in the past it's different with me

I already talked with a girl who was heartbroken by him, why do you all think you are special?

Exact same words
He's not kind enough to make you actually special

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Wow women sure feel like they're the exception at all times, huh?

I'm neither a roastie NOR a slut

I really don't deserve this I put all my heart into caring about him and I tried my best to make him feel happy making sure he's ok all day and night and I trusted him fully. Also with my current situation in life it hurts even more. I really don't know what to do

>no one will ever make shit threads where they pine for you
god damn it

Listen, I can tell you everything about him, if you want, So you can tell how much of an asshole he is, I already kinda helped another one of his "victims"

Not even meming, you should kill yourself. You got used. You put your faith and trust into him and now you cannot trust anyone so you are ruined for any guy after. You fell for this guy and got tossed out like garbage because that is what you are. Some ugly femanon who is fun to masturbate with and lead on for a bit until you get tired.

Yes I would like to talk to you do you have discord?

Send your discord to my throwaway
[email protected]

You're both actually, that or a LARPing, annoying ritualposting faggot. Fuck off.

I can't email you because my email contains my personal information please add this account I made I can add you on my main later throwaway#0689

Fuck you nigger I'm not larping at all

This isnt me don't pretend to be me

Since you're emotionally vulnerable, mind explaining why 1 eboy is so special to you to make you meltdown like this? Did he house you when you were homeless or pay for your college?

Bitch, do you know how many anons and femanons go through this exact same shtick with a bunch of other sociopath lites? She'll be fine, listen OP you'll forget about it unless you do everything in your power to hold on. Don't do it.

I was lonely