What's your opinion on this picture, anons and femanons?

What's your opinion on this picture, anons and femanons?

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I like it, what else do you want me to say?

two fingers in the bum? what a whore

based and cunnypilled, never change op


Pedo shit, men are pigs.

How is it pedoshit?

No seriously, I demand to know what's "pedo" about wanting to finger a woman's asshole next to an office chair.
Is she not wearing enough tacky feathers and shit? Should it look more like mardi gras? Does she need lipliner? If she had a dick would it still be "pedoshit?" Not enough tattoos?

god i love making my gf touch herself

Just make sure you're not using her butt for anything other than a bathhouse gangbang, otherwise it's pedoshit.

Not him, but it does pretty clearly appear to be a grown man with an adolescent girl.

Certainly not a "woman."

Oh, so how old is she?

nope you're wrong, thats a petite woman, petite is the best quality a woman can have

what are you talking about, are you an actual pedo or an cute girl?

I think you're a couple of retarded homos who are basically just angry that your hole is being appropriated for scene that looks tender and non-deviant.

Looks a girl of anywhere from like 12-16 to me.

Nevermind I just noticed people saying she's underage I didn't even notice that

Yeah well FYI it's clearly a sexually mature female, so there's not actually any reason to think, meaning that this designation is a projection originating from *you*, pedo.

Yeah, that's the hot part, uncultured swine.

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ITT a bunch of assholes accuse people of pedophilia for being attracted to non-fatasses without dicks.

>a sexually mature female

What does that have to do with the fact that she appears to be underage?

Would be better if both were girls.
Also anal is gross.

It bears on how obviously you're just making shit up because you're a fucking asshole.

Let me ask you this:
What features of this cartoon person cause you to believe she's "underage?" Is it the fact she's wearing a french manicure in an office setting, or is it just purely a matter of what your mind jumps to when you see a depiction of heterosexual intercourse?

This is what passes for activism among SomethingAwful trannies now.

Good lord you are triggered.

Going on with my day. You have fun convincing yourself how normal it is to defend your love of underage cartoons. I'm sure that will work out well for you in dating.

you're really gonna be that smartass that pretends they don't see a clear point just to start an argument, huh.

you can clearly see that she is being depicted as a young female. probably not at the (U.S.) age of consent, which is 18. you can clearly see that she isn't supposed to be a grown woman, and if you argue "oh well it doesn't *say* that she is a kid", then you know what you're doing. You're being *a smartass*. so go drink some Gatorade and kys.

>I can't defend my stupid accusations in the slightest.
Later! Try not rape any kids since you view them as synonymous with sex!

i was "sexually mature" when i was a 9 y/o. sexually mature does not equal adult.

Yeah, "clearly." It's so clear you can't substantiate what you're saying at all. In fact, you can't even articulate the claim you're making.
She could be 16 or she could be 24. *My* brain assumed she was older because it's a sexual image and I'm not attracted to kids. I can't speak to what *your* brain assumed or why.

no you werent wtf is wrong with you

Ok well since you're so fascinated with modal logic all the fucking sudden, "sexually mature" definitely doesn't mean "underage" either.
Any of your ridiculous fucking homos, feel free to present a single actual reason you assume she's "underage."

I really do think that we're likely talking to a bunch of literal homosexuals who view any non-deviant intercourse as "pedoshit." They wish they didn't have to go underage to find a guy who looks like a slender woman.

(And I'm usually not one to throw these smears around, but in this instance, you FAGGOTS started it.)

what, do you expect me to prove it or something?

when i was 9 i'd take the family laptop and look up "naked people" and do you know what. girls mature way quicker than boys do, and if you don't believe that a girl can't masturbate until she's 18 then google it.
i'm not a faggot, i'm a girl

>i'm not a faggot, i'm a girl
Yeah fucking right, and if you are then maybe try hitting the gym instead of being a cunt about the sexual preferences of others.

By the way, I also started masturbating when I was 9, and it didn't turn me into some kind of retard who thinks "child" whenever I see a nude depiction of an actual dickless female who isn't a hambeast.

Not him, but having sexual urges is not the same as sexual maturity, I'd say. Hell, I masturbated when I was like 8. Nothing came out, but it felt good. Certainly couldn't grow hair on my balls or create a kid.

did you just unironically say pedophilia is a sexual preference???

>this kid expects me to have enough money for a gym membership

I dont like it, would rather the roles be reversed

You would do that to someone?


well i got my period at 11, aka old enough to have a kid.
ie. underage, sexually mature.

I'm a male, sorry to get your hopes up

Actually no, you illiterate turd, I didn't. The only person in this thread right now who thinks "children" when they look at the OP image is you.

How is it pedoshit, it's a hentai picture of a guy fingering a woman's asshole. What's so "pedo" about that? Go back to Plebbit you SJW asshole.

buddy i'm not the only one saying it, i'm arguing on behalf of the other people who aren't posting in this thread anymore. there are multiple people on the same side as me here.

ITT a bunch of redditcucks accusing people of being pedophiles for liking women that aren't traps or lardasses

lol seething hag roastie

Oh right sorry, I should have said:
Actually no, you illiterate turd, I didn't. The only people in this thread right now who think "children" when they look at the OP image is you and your homosexual friends who are bitter that men only look like women when they're underage.

She's not a woman. You're a pedo and probably a rapist if you want to do lewd things with a girl before she's an adult, around the age of 19-20 (18 is still too low I think)

nah its just some goyim redditcuck who thinks that liking girls that aren't fat or trannies is a crime against nature.

actually no, you illiterate turd,

there are countries that actually try to cut down on having small-breasted women in the porn industry as they resemble children more, so no faggots and girls aren't the only people who think that.

Yeah well before we let you rewrite laws to your preference, I think you should have to present ANY SUBSTANTIATION FOR YOU ASSERTION WHATSOFUCKING EVER.

Read this question carefully because literally 0 of you stupid stupid fucks seem to be capable of addressing it:

the hentai picture is FICTIONAL first of all you retard, even if it was depicting a child no one would really be hurt. second of all, it looks like a sexually mature woman in this picture who is just petite. what is so "pedo" about that? you into trannies and fatasses or something?

>18 is still too low I think
Stay mad, granny

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> small-breasted
And there it is. There's the crux of this whole thing.

Here are some objective facts: Many grown women have smaller breasts, some men prefer that, and those men usually aren't pedophiles.

There's nothing you can do about any of that other than lose weight so you'll stop being so bitter. Alternatively, feel free to eat shit in hell, you fucking asshole.

If you're so sure the picture doesn't depict a child being raped, why don't you stand up in front of a jury and defend that picture then? Oh wait you'd go to jail, pedo

its their redditcuckery that makes them think "everyone on Jow Forums is an incel and a pedo REEEE!!!!11!!" because they are autistic. its clearly an 18+ woman from what i can see, she's just small. also its hentai, its not a real woman depicted.

It's probably just the clear age difference between the two

We've now pivoted to "I was only pretending to be retarded" (yes you are that transparent you fucking cunt), so I'm going to take that as the indicator that you realize you look stupid.
So have fun looking stupid. I win. I'm done replying.

Its not a child you stupid reddit goyim, it's clearly a petite woman. Learn to see you blind fucking retard. Plus its hentai, no real people are actually in this picture you fucking roastie hag.

imagine living in a shithole country that arrests you for looking at cartoons

alright buddy that's not my point. my point is the features that could be compared to those of kids.

i for one am also short, and small breasted so i also look like a kid. and i get comments *saying* i look like a kid. implying other people (or drawings) that i resemble, lots of people think they look young.

nope, she looks like a petite woman. i've seen women in porn videos that i've found on pornhub that look younger than this but are of age.

It looks very affectionate

what makes you think OP pic is sexually mature?

they probably live in some cuck state like california or a country with retarded and outdated laws like the UK


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You mean every western nation in the world? Anyone who was pulled up on loli charges took a plea deal because they knew as soon as a jury saw the content, they'd be instantly convicted.

It's a depiction of a child, liar. It's clearly a school teacher/student setting, where there's not only rape of an underage, but abuse of power, sicko.

Keep those fingers in your ears and scream louder.

Oh I meant to mention: Stick to your makeup blog, you walking practical joke.

its clearly not a child, go back to jerking off to tranny porn you reddit jew.

i agree wtih everything about this ty

>be not a titcow
>will never be considered an adult

I'm not a child

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Canada and England are the only Western countries I guess

alright buddy i will. thanks for the advice, i really appreciate it

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she's a small breasted woman who's clearly of age. what do you think everything is like porn where every woman has big tits and big ass? fucking moron. you're literally getting triggered over a cartoon, go back to tumblr and screech like an Sjw over there.

Don't worry. It's only literal homos who think that (including this one lesbian I heard about).

its Jow Forums you fucktard, don't like it? go back to plebbit.

Except it's happened in America as well. Nobody wants to push loli content to the supreme court because they know it'll set precedent for everything else to get locked down. It stays in a grey semi-legal state for now, but know that your day will come, pedo.

Mentally deranged incel making excuses for his rape fetish.

aw buddy if i was a lesbian wouldn't you think i'd like seeing this shit?

>mentally deranged incel making excuses for his rape fetish

Correction: Mentally superior Chad with good eyesight that sees this picture is clearly not CP or Rape.

She's not an adult so no she's not of age. Wanting to fuck girls under 18 makes you a pedo. Age of consent needs to be higher.

buddy you FUCKING RETARD it was a JOKE you FUCKING IDIOT have you EVER HEARD of a JOKE you CUNT

^notice excessive use of profanity because it's Jow Forums culture. it was a joke buddy

You probably do, but let's not think about that too hard in light of the other viewpoints you've offered today.

if you're short and not fat you literally have the perfect body

And the vicious abuse continues.

keep screeching goyim, it's not getting you anywhere you autistic motherfucker. she is an adult and i am not a pedo, i think pedophaggots or anyone who abuses children should be brutally murdered.

You should let me make you pregnant to show them

>vicious abuse
if you think "short and not fat" is """"vicious abuse"" you need to gtfo and go back to tumblr or some other SJW screeching platform you cuck.

>And the vicious abuse continues.

fatfuck lmao

i didn't think it'd have to come to this. i don't wanna turn this thread into a pity party for a little girl but if that's what i gotta do for you guys to understand the severity of these situations, than that's what i gotta do. When i was 14 i lost my virginity to a fucktard i met off /soc/. it's not like i wanted to, but he said that since he drove 6 hours to meet me he deserved it. So if you guys really think lookin at kiddy porn on the internet is ok, it made this guy groom a little kid becusae he was so fucking brainwashed by Jow Forums culture and thoughth it was completely fine.

>it's not like i wanted to
>met on /soc/

You literally exchanged a meetup with this guy on Cams and Meetups for sex and you are claiming that you didn't want to lose your virginity to them? Plus, you were 14, the fuck were you doing on Cams and Meetups trying to lose your virginity, it's literally an adult board you mentally retarded roastie bitch.

buddies, she made a good point

implying you didnt enjoy your cunny being split open and havent been fucking since then

stupid whore lol

why did you give him your personal info retard

>sexually mature
My titties were bigger than the OP image when I was in fifth grade lmfao

the picture OP posted isn't kiddy porn, and it's a drawing anyways. quit screeching over a drawing, goyim. GO BACK TO PLEBBIT GOYIM.

buddy i can't speak for this story but you probably don't know the whole thing either. instead of making assumptionjs about her reasoning, maybe *don't go off the main point of the story because you can't find a logical way to say she's wrong*

she literally just said the whole thing you downie fuck

seethe harder incel whiteknight