Where are all the ISTPs at?

I would've thought this board would have some but their numbers seem to be pretty sparse.

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Threadly reminder that ENTPs shall inherit the Earth

Is Vinny an ISTP?

Are we breaking the /mbti/ record nowwwwwwwww~? *w*

I saw an ISTP here~: ! UwU

Yeah, sometimes it's someone else's turn to rule the world! ^_^

Perhapsss~! :3

You know, we never really hear much about Vinny's personal life, does he have a gf, what does he do beyond what he tells the viewers?

I spend 99% of the time lurking because I don't want to talk with people

I lurk a lot.

I also recommend that all ISTPs get a "technical" hobby or hobbies. I've been training in muay thai for 3 years now. It's great.

I've read MBTI posts about Vinny before and he's usually pegged as INFP.

why are there so many INTPs on this board? there are like 20 different classifications but like 60% of the time when the topic comes up most robots identify as an INTP

Hi ISTP here autistic about everything planes trains and submarines its a Gr8 life

INTX are more likely to think they are better than others because of autism, that's why every mbti thread is a battle between INTP and INTJ to see which is one is more autistic

INFP here, is there any hope for us?

Who's more autistic between INTP and INFJ?

because we're the most prone type to fail life

I think they are on the same level, INTJ is probably the most autistic of all types

INFJ leans more towards personality disorders than autism, imo

Hello /MBTI/ INFP-T here,though I rarely post on this threads.
I feel like I can't progress in anything I try in a substantial amount,like, I can be doing something for the whole day if It is catching but I can't bother to study something I don't like,or to have a meaningful routine, what can I do?
It feels bad to not having something to say when you're asked: what do you like to do?

INFJ checking in. ISTPs are cool as hell.

what makes ISTPs cool?

Not the same user but what makes ISTP cool is that they're dedicated and humble in the pursuit of their passions.


>tfw only passion I can say I have is firearms
Its something I guess. Nothing like making physics your bitch and appreciating the engineering used to achieve it.

what do you guys think of infp males?

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because some types are more prone to become normies/chads and other are nerdy/suicidal types
guess where INTP falls

I'm the original INFagJ checking back in.

I've only ever known one ISTP irl really well. He is, to this day, one of the most unique and hilarious humans I've ever encountered. I've met several internet dwelling ISTPs though. Cool people.

I also find you guys to be pretty smart, which is another redeeming quality in any human.

They're really laid back and really kind despite Fe inferior. They don't really judge others harshly like INTP does. Their Fe is kind of artificial and sometimes devious, but I can tell when they genuinely mean well.

Vinny is that normalfag who got burned out by normalfaggotry and just went monkmode. He has videogames, a chat that likes his jokes and a band he has control of. He's living his own dream.