Take the test and shame others for their results

Take the test and shame others for their results

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i like yours, user

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How is materialism/spiritualism a dichotomy? How is idealism/pragmatism a dichotomy? How is rationalism/romanticism a dichotomy? Why would they use these terms colloquially instead of using them in a way which is less ambiguous?

I'm a disney villain >:)

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Here are my results.

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So many moralfags in my board

>tfw radical centrist
I just want muh guns, damn it.

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Am I a pleb?

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This seems pretty basic compared to previous posts in the thread

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What am I, gay?

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shame me originally

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Hey look there's a meme test

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I'm not even sure what most of this means, did I pass?

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Results here nigs

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hope this shows that i am a good person

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I have a big ego and I like money, fuckin yippee

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well shit, I was sure I'd have literally the opposite results on every scale, maybe except egoism/altruism

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the biggest egoist in this thread so far, hooray

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>50/50 on egoism
Cool and good.

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Well, thats a bit boring.

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Nihilism reigns true

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Dammit, im always so milquetoast when it comes to these. Almost every question falls into a grey area for me, and I can see why people might think something different from me so I cant say I agree with them nor disagree.

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insert witty comment here

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rate me originally anons, FUCK YOU BOT.

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a lot of results make it look like we're really friendIy guys

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i dont get it. is this like 23 and me but for your brain - useless?

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Im sorry im not evil

here are my results.

fuck the r9k "unoriginal" filter!

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Niggas all out round here akin lyike damn botch youza fuck head ass moufygha

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fucking bot how am i supposed to post when i have nothing to say?

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>taking a 74 question test to just further confirm im a self-isolated selfish piece of shit

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Heres mine, hedons r gay

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shame my results anons

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This is mine, kinda interesting

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well this was expected

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That's a very interesting result

devout Orthodox Christian, for context

Mine lol ree

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Here is mine, hope i have good traits

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no suprise here, im a selfish egoist who constantly tries to romanticize my actions

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Unsure what to think

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This does quite accurately reflect my confusing personality.

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Greetings, fellow ascetics and spiritual beings. What do you believe in? I believe in Myself as the fallen reincarnation of both the Creator and Destroyer waging an internal struggle for control over the next eon. Wait with abated breath for whether I live like an angel or die like a devil, for that will reveal the fate of mankind for the next hundred generations.

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What Twilight Character Are You tier
based schizoposter. Shine on brother.

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I want what you're smokin

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I don't smoke because substances that alter the perspective of right thinking individuals, such as myself, are forbidden if I am to inherit the mandate of heaven. No, I've learned through years of careful observation that I am the chosen one and all that surround me are my children. I must choose to be a good mother (kind, altruistic, but ultimately leading humankind into complacency and disreapir) or a terrible father (angry, egoistic, but ultimately leading humankind into stability and serfdom). It is a hard choice, fought by the many within and without, the inner elves of the mind and the dwarves of the earth. Truth and freedom are found only in knowing me, understanding me, truly becoming one with Me.

>stirner pic

I'll send one in tomorrow. I have a spot at the end of my walk I like to sit at that can see almost all of San Diego from a decent elevation. I'll send in a short video of the area and try to give my story. I have some advice at least that isnt full doomer or boomer. I was a gfless virgin until the age of 26. I'm still not in a good place but I learn a little more every day, I'm just trying to help out people who suffer like i have.

dichotomy of the soul, or whatever

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So more people can understand it

The heck is your collum?

You're a pleb yeah, you're gonna make yourself pretty miserable that way
What do your badges mean?
You also, what do your badges mean?

Well you have to have some kind of mental illness to somehow feel as though stuff, which is only there to make you happy, is more important than happiness itself

Also for those who do not know, the hexagon is platonism and the cross is monotheism.

The column is Stoicism. I forgot to highlight it.

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Ah fuck here is mine
And the (you)s with no text was just generally commending people
Posting meme dichotomy in a minute. Seems like a fun cross comparison.

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>Tfw no one else has objectivism

I dunno how they got Jow Forums, I don't use it and don't agree with it.

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oops, forgot to post pic originally

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egoists are gay

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Say that to my face, pal. I've got a wicked sense of humor too.

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Why can't egoist define the ego?

I acquired "Rousseauian". Many of my results are closely matched. I found it interesting that Hedonism was above Asceticism, considering that I live a lifestyle of self-control with diet and fitness, do not fondle myself endlessly or partake of drugs, and so on. Furthermore, my typical mindset is one of logic rather than emotion, which is why I found the "Rationalism vs Romanticism" disparity to be so interesting. I wonder what a philosophical combination of greater Spiritualism and Egoism values might suggest. Do any of you have thoughts on my results?

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Id say the results I got in this test have accuracy.

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So, what would you rate this result, user?

Fuck, I'm autistic as fuck.

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Looks about right to me, although the quiz didn't give a match for any particular philosphy which sucks

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How much of an asshole am I?

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I dont know but you must pretty boring

May seem like it, but like what said, I'm a self-isolated selfish piece of shit, so I'd say it's pretty close

I dunno if this is good or bad but whatever.

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Seems about right. looks like i also hate life

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Here's mine anons
Originally originally

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holy shit, I'm alpha af.

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Nihilists, nihilists everywhere friend. I wonder if nihilists are drawn to this site, or people become nihilists because of this site.

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What a big fucking waste of time. How can it tell me to judge something that can't possibly be determined to be absolute. I should have just put neutral for every question.

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