ITT: Steven Universe Edits 2: Electric Boogaloo (Pokemon Edition)

Twitter is losing their shit over fan art of the new pokemon trainer Nessa. I say we stick it to them. Take any fan art of the character, make them white, then reupload it. We saw the shit storm that ensued the first time something like this happened, so we can make it happen again.

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bumping but ion have anything to add cause i cant draw

it'll be fun to see another meltdown from the sjws. this deserves more attention. bump

Why do you care? Go obsess over twitter whos somewhere else faggot, NYPA

Yeah that would be funny so I'll bump this

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Yeah I don't really care. It's not gonna get me a gf.

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You dont know that. Maybe it will get you a gf.

i'll give this here a bump real quick

You can make a low quality ms paint edit if you want.

I am soo bumpin dis thread

Are they really? I saw this image, had a chuckle, and assumed it would be lost to time. Do they get up-in-arms about every whitewash joke?

definitely bumpin this

this wan't even part of it

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yes, they really do get triggered every time

Neither of these people have any idea how copyright law works.

Yeah sure start editing fags

do you really have nothing to do in life but this?

When will white people stop shoving their "values" on asian artists?

Whites will defend the blak kweens til we extincteded

What do you think?

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why don't you post pictures then, because I'm way too lazy to look up twitter or even learn how it works

Summer sure is great.

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You sir have earned a bump for your thread.

Bumping this cause it'd be hilarious

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So nobody is going to stop this fuckin faggot bumping his own thread?

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just got done with this one

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Great work, she looks so much cuter when bleached!!

she is dressed like a whore

aren't they supposed to be 10?

this one is a repost

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gym leaders tend to be much older

its a swim suit

I'd honestly prefer it if she was as dark as possible.

blonde or black hair? you decide

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post requests already

Sorry to disappoint but she's legally required to be as dark as possible

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I personally prefer her black.
So I'll pass this one.
Not for any specific reason, I just like her more black.

> Tee hee it's just a swim suit you creep
> Pretend arent bothered by my pussy lips and nipples like every one else

so what, people should swim with sweaters and loose jeans or something?
maybe a burkha?

Here, have a bump for your thread. This idea is magnificent.

Mmm, I like the dark one better.

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The character has been designed with a rather tan skin in mind, so whitening her actively detracts from the qualities in the character design, like her color scheme.
However is not an issue, because the colors are consistently washed out and brightened, so the design still works.
The "fixed" version on the right is a travesty.

These do not work as well as the original design.

Sorry she looks best with only a light tan.

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Found this pic in another thread.

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Aint this a pol thing though? Ah hell who am I kidding. Fuck the Sjews.

I did my part, please post it on twitter

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here's another good pic i found earlier..

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I'm not a waifu fag like you weebs but I gotta say that she actually looks more attractive with darker skin

"We should show those sjws just how racist we are, that'll show them!"

We get it you are racist. The person who lightened the characters skin is a racist to.

Imma just bump this thread reeal quick.