What have you done to try and get a gf recently?

What have you done to try and get a gf recently?

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literally nothing my whole life, thats why in here


Nothing. There's no point, because if I got one I wouldn't know what to do with them or how to keep them. I'd just be setting myself up for failure.
I don't want a gf anyway. Women are just pieces of jiggly meat to sink your cock into imo anyway

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I go to bed earlier to be in a better health
I try to stop porn and fapping
I try to work to make money and get third world women later

>What have you done to try and get a gf recently?

Asked a coworker for her number. She's cool but also kinda strange and might be lesbo

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user, I already got one. She's not the jealous type but I don't think she'll be ok with me seeing another girls.

I tried talking to this one cunt again since I had to ask her about something, but every time I talk to her, I end up more disappointed in women and feeling like I shouldn't even be bothering.

Nothing. I already took all the right steps. I found a career, lost 50 lbs, increased all my PRs, started dressing nice, and started making a point of going out regularly even if it's by myself.
After my experiences with women as a teenager, it took a massive amount of effort to even *think* about trying to make myself attractive, but I did it, and you know what?
All it netted me was the opportunity to get ignored by all the same vapid stacies on the same dating site, until I finally wound up dating someone who seemed fairly intelligent and *almost* didn't resemble my fucking elementary school teacher, and she turned out to be a literal whore. That's after I was already privately struggling with the realization I missed my opportunity to be with someone young and skinny.

So basically the last thing I did to try to get a gf was I pretended to be a normie until I became demoralized by what a fat whore everyone is.
Is there some alternative process?

how the fuck are you supposed to meet women? Not in college and tinder is nothing but fat thots

stores, parks, coffee shops, clubs, church, through your parents, basically outside

Swiped on tinder.

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>dyed hair
what kind of shit taste prefers this to natural blondes?

is tinder a good way to meet new girls?

It's the perfect way to feel how rejected you are and get ghosted by the very few matches you'll ever get.

I've decided to join my university's D&D club and anime club. I've wanted to for a long time simply for the enjoyment of the club but I'd be lying if I didn't also hope to find a cute nerdy weeb girl there. I'm on the very cusp of normieness so I think I could have fairly good chances when considering the population of the average anime club.

>is tinder a good way to meet new girls?


the best way to meet girls is through friends, work, university, activities

basically, leave your room faget

My god. What if I want an internet girlfriend?

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You tell me robotofamalanga

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why do you want an internet gf over a real gf

I have social anxiety. I hate going outside.

theres girls that could deal with that. my gfs roommates never left their rooms/beds besides for food, job, and school

Nothing, because I don't care and they're not worth the time.

i dont have friends, there are no women my age at work, not at uni, dont have any group-activities. guess i am fucked

I'm trying one dating app with very few women... since I'm too lazy to get a fake phone number from the internet to create a tinder account( since I dont actually own a phone card). But so far I only found complete whores and fake accounts.

this is actually fucking sad. People are even capitalizing on love. We should fucking stop those dating app kikes and create a new virus we'd launch specifically on their servers