Jojo hate thread

I got through about 5 episodes, what a load of trash. And I have strong stomach for garbage anime.

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Trash taste, trash thread. Read the manga

based even if bait

The 93 ova is p good but the rest is trash.

>watching this gay mafia anime

kys tranny

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>thinking part 5 is the entire show

Nice one retard. If you only watched 5 episodes, why is there a pic of shizuka? Hmmmm, did you actually watch the show and liked it, but now you're just baiting because you live a sad life, or are you such a dumb fuck that you watched part 4 first??? Either way you're a dumb nigger.

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newsflash: all anime is garbage

part 2: the more weebs praise the more garbge it actually is

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honestly 3 episodes is enough to like part 1. but part 1 is the hardest to sit through despite being the shortest and moving the fastest.

Yea I like all the other parts but can never force myself to rewatch part 1, once you've seen it and moved on to the other parts it becomes boring imo

he posted Stardust Crusaders. Part 3 is indeed trash

Good show, ruined by the fanbase. I hate JoJo fags.

>I have strong stomach for garbage anime.

and yet you somehow can't get into one of the most popular and well known animes at this moment. wew

ok, but did anyone ask?

watching 5 episodes doesn't mean I watched each season in full. I watched one episode per part.

ah I see, you're retarded

>you have to watch Anime in full context to enjoy it

You can show a normie any episode of Death Note and she'll be interested in watching the rest of the series to understand it better. You show any episode of Jojo to a normie they will most likely call it random garbage.

I'm pretty sure I was never interested in any anime on adult swim or cartoon network because I never saw episode 1, that is except for inuyasha since I read the manga and when CN did a naruto marathon I finally got into that.

>one episode per part
why? do you just watch a random episode or episode 1 of each part? otherwise, of course it's not going to make sense

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rate my shit taste


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definitely overrated as fuck. no one even know what jojo was before the anime series started airing and now everyone pretends it's the best thing ever despite the anime being barely animated garbage.

i tried getting through the manga yesterday and today. part one was garbo and part 2 was better but i couldnt stand it. bad translations may have played a part into it though

Uhh sorry retard but that's the invisible baby from PART 4

>no one even know what jojo was before the anime series started airing
That's mostly because the series was a localization nightmare in several places due to copyright music references. I think we still dont have a full localization of the Manga here in the states.

>but muh prog references

its poorly writen, it can be fun if you turn your brain off, the hordes of normies saying its a magnum opus makes it shit tier unreadable

Wow, all these posts and not a single one of you can actually articulate an argument for WHY it's bad. This guy came closest

I wonder what makes it different this time around then, the references are still used and clearly audible despite the licensed subbers' efforts to censor them in the subtitles

Disregard these shit-tier taste plebians, post part rankings


I don't get Jojo. The aesthetics are very good but the content seems to be mostly Rube Goldberg fight scenes with mad-libs super powers. Like Dragon Ball Z if Vegeta was wearing Gucci.

>and clearly audible despite the licensed subbers' efforts to censor them in the subtitles
About that, before we started getting the "creative" name changes we get from crunchy, people were expecting phonetic shit akin to Za Warudo. So yes, the engrish is apparently different to calm copyright infringement fears. I mean to be fair how are you going to sue over some engrish that then gets subbed and dubbed over as something not even close to the copyright?

>mostly Rube Goldberg fight scenes with mad-libs super powers
I mean...that's kind of a big draw desu. Its not even weird in the context of anime at large given how tournament arcs all about wacky powers are a thing, biggest difference characters will employ seemingly mundane items for dramatic effect

>disliking jojo

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People can't explain why Jojo is good without being cringe.

that's true. On the other hand, plenty of the best fights are actually good and not rube goldberg at all, like jotaro vs both darbys, jotaro vs dio, johnny vs valentine, jolyne vs pucci, polnareff vs vanilla ice, hayato vs bites the dust, gyro vs ringo, survivor, white album, etc. There are plenty of really good fights, but the majority of the filler is just silly and not really very serious.

You should hate the community around the series, they're a fucking tumor. They're Naruto tier levels of retarded. The show and manga are fine, but obviously manga > anime.

I will never understand why people hate Dragon's Dream, that was a fun fight. Are people just too retarded to get the whole Feng Shui thing even though it was explained at the start of the fight? Yo-Yo Ma was infinitly shittier but all people do is complain about Dragon's Dream.

>Yo-Yo Ma was infinitly shittier but
YoYoMa was really just a roadblock, the actual fight taking place was FF vs Pucci as FF eeded to kill the user so Jolyne could progress but Pucci was defending him.

Imagine being a Yo-Yo Ma apologist.

I'll apologize for fucking anything that technically has a Pucci fight attached to it, sorry.

Literally leave this site. Get the fuck off. This is the problem with newfags is you dont know a damn thing about this site. Go suck start a shotgun normanfag normalnigger.

where all the San Diego Saints boys at?

>part 4 image

>Literally leave this site. Get the fuck off. This is the problem with newfags is you dont know a damn thing about this site. Go suck start a shotgun normanfag normalniggger.

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Thad is a based GOD. Don't even think I'm anything but honored to be compared to hi..

Why watch shows in order at all
Just watch random episodes if it doesnt work its the shows fault

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The localization is still in stardust crusaders

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Its fun and beautiful to look at faggot

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My favorite anime isn't praised very much at all, so it must be amazing.

Based op BTFOING jojo normalfags

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>Got through 5 episodes
>Image is part 4

Oh yeah, because I love watching anime out of order and making a decision based on those random episodes. That's why I love Dragon ball z so much because those random episodes were so good. I remember the first couple of episodes I've ever watched it was the garlic jr. saga. Nice bait faggot

hur dur Anime is only good if you watch it in order!

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Go read a book but only read random fucking pages
Watch a movie but only watch partial scenes.

If you like watching random garbage, stick to moeshit or slice of life instead of story driven drama anime, and stop bashing people for having different interests, retard.

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>hur dur Anime is (...)good

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