Robot sports

Recommend me some robot-core sports. I've been training rock climbing/bouldering for awhile now and it's decent fun,but the community is full of extremely hot and talkative girls,so it's kinda distracting and i obviously get crushes on them.

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While it's not really a sport, hiking and camping is really good for your body and soul. Nothing beats camping in a beautiful spot in the middle of untouched nature.

Nice, I'm a climber too with delusions of going pro some day. But I recently got an injury bouldering a few weeks ago so I've been unable to climb.

I'm hiking from time to time ,but it's not possible to do it very often.I'm looking for something to do almost every day.

Climbing can be very robot-core, especially if you focus on learning all the knots and procedures. Know how to escape the belay and self-rescue an unconscious second from the third pitch of a trad climb? Then you know way more than the (admittedly cute) yoga pants gym rats who top rope on a single nonlocking quickdraw in the anchor on the sports crag.

I feel any mountaineering sport is robotcore, unless you get really good and ripped from it. I climb, hike and ski tour, I'm not very fit but I can talk about avalanches and how they form all day, or use a map and compass. Never get the hot trail runner chicks either.

How fit should I before I attempt to get into bouldering/climbing? I'm a complete skinnyfag, but wanna get into a sport like this

How old are you? I' ve never thought of going pro because 12 year old girls are better than me.

Op here.I'm skinnyfag as well,but i can almost do one arm pull up.In climbing the most important stuff is your grip strength and using your legs well.I would say it's mostly a technique based sport.

Get into it now. You'll get in shape just by doing it and the best way to train for a sport is just to do it.
Going pro is mostly about being an instagram influencer, unless you're Ondra or Honnold tier. Plus there's plenty of popular niches you could feasibly become the best at, such as off-width climbing.

If you're skinny you're off very well. Worse to have extra weight a.k.a. being fat.

Wall climbing is much more about pushing with your legs than pulling with your arms. Bouldering can be more pulling, but this depends on the difficulty, and anyway, you should always go for using your legs/core because if you pull on your arms you'll be tired in no time.

I suggest you just try it, and be comfortable with sticking to the easy climbs in the beginning. It should be about having fun, and you can have fun and have fantastic experiences even on easy climbs.

Go for it.

Thanks, that's actually very reassuring

I'm honestly kinda gymrat (mainly bouldering) myself.Climbing on rocks is overall something kinda expensive and time consuming so i can't do it very often.

Running all alone, down a long gravel road nobody ever goes down, for miles and miles.

I second climbing, but I myself got into it thinking it's perfect for outcasts - well gues what, it's not. It's a nice way to force oneself to socialize, but it's not an option, it's a necessity - you need other people to engage in it, unless we're talking bouldering.

For complete outcasts hiking and long distance running is where it's at, and I strongly recommend the latter. Hiking is nice for potential adventures, but it's hardly a sport. Running gets you more pumped up, and allows you to push your limits. I'd never have thought I'd ever try a marathon, let alone complete three and still be hungry for more.

Climbing and running is a perfect mix of building applicative strength, endurance, and casual socializing with breathing space for solo missions.

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Yeah , i thought the same about climbing.

hiking, archery, camping, sword fighting

not that euro-garbage. USA, brooklyn/bronx/ Long Island HANDBALL

there are some places in my town for climbing/bouldering but i am worried about going there myself and about not being able to climb since i never done that + plus me being unfit

any tips? can you do it solo?

I was just like you. Just ask the place if they have rental shoes and try some easy bouldering first . The community is extremely friendly so you can find a train buddy in less than 10 minutes.

ok i will maybe go there this week. im just worried about going there clueless and not knowing what to do or not being able to climb

And as if that weren't bad enough, you retards choose the most normalfag infested, vapid sports imaginable to call "robot" as well, fuck off.

lol what's a non-vapid sport then?
don't tell me you're some tapout shirt wearing normie

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is pretty practical.

oh no, i was right

Don't speak for me retard.
There are no non-vapid sports, they're all for normalfags. However rock climbing is the absolute pinnacle of obnoxious hookup app tier bullshit hobbies for you to engage in.

>don't even bother trying to improve your health if you are a robot just stay a skinnyfat faggot forever


>tfw finished college and moved back into my parents house and don't have anywhere to boulder anymore
I miss it

whatever you want to tell yourself, fatty

It's pretty straight forward if you're just bouldering, the different routes will probably be marked with colored tape. You start with your hands on the double-taped or otherwise marked holds and go to the top or otherwise marked hold. Don't climb underneath another climber. If you fall try to roll if you're not confident in your landings (it's perfectly safe to drop onto your feet since the walls are like 12 feet high at most, but you can hurt your ankles if you land badly). They'll probably explain all this to you anyway.

Climbing is based, but I get jealous seeing chad and Stacy couples all the time

Oh, and grading. Bouldering routes ("problems" in climbing lingo) are graded by difficulty. In america the system is V0, V1, ... V13 or so. V0 is very easy and can be done by basically anyone who isn't extremely overweight or disabled. V1s are harder but still pretty simple. V2s are a bit more challenging. V3 is where it starts to get more difficult and require actual skill and strength. Anything above V6 or so is VERY hard.

Climbing/bouldering is full of normalfags not even close to robot is right. Archery has the most autistic fanbase so it's the closest.

Started doing boxing recently, and I really enjoy that.

Why are you so proud of being a robot? As cheesy as this sounds, doing a sport that forces you to interact with other people can really help you getting out of your stell

>buy some shoes
>chinese foot binding
Is it supposed to turn my toe joints purple?

Personally, trying to interact with others has never actually helped me with my lack of social skills. It's not a "shell" guys like me have, it's a genuine inability to adapt.

thats most normie core "sport" ever

they're supposed to be uncomfortable but not as much as you're describing. you can also take them off between climbs

e-Sports dude. If you're seriously good at Counter-strike, Call of duty, Halo, League of Legends, SS:BM or DOTA2. They make around 20-50 grand per tournament. If you're scared to skydive, you can try to get a job as a Sherpa on Everest or skydiving instructor. Hang gliding is pretty extreme so is base jumping try those if you're bad at Vidya.