Life is all about eyes...

Life is all about eyes. Normies don't understand people can have deformed eyes and their personality has nothing to do with how their eyes look. You could be happy on the inside but your eyes will still be ugly. The normies refuse to listen though. They honestly think a person's eyes represent who they are on the inside.

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You could photoshop the right pic to have a bald spot and proclaim it's all about hair.

>tfw some random girl I didn't know in high school once just told me I have really nice eyes when I was passing by

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what a faggit

Kek. Eyes are important yes but you're fooling yourself if you think that's it. I have very pale blue grey green eyes with a hint of yellow I've received numerous compliments about my eyes since childhood. From strangers and friends alike. I also have very long eyelashes. Ive heard countless girls including every one of my exes moan about the fact that they'll never have eyes or eye lashes as nice as me. Ive been in conversations where people will randonly blurt out how pretry my eyes are. Its fucking annoying as shit. I flinch whenever a girl tells me it now because every girl I've dated has said that first and i hate them all. But even with all this most of my friends are better off then me. They're taller have better skin better face shape and better hair. Overall facial athetsics trump eyes.

James Franco proves you wrong, and gay.

He was speaking about eye shape user...

>OP thinks women reject him because his eyes are angled in a wrong way
oh no no no

>eww that guy looks like a rapist stacy
>tell me about it becky

Attractive eyes tend to have positive canthal tilt, but they don't necessarily have to. Franco has good looking eyes. They're a good size, and have a good length to height ratio. His canthal tilt is also pretty close to neutral, which is actually better than positive in most cases.

>it's the eyes that make you look like a rapist
>not your overall demeanor and way you hold yourself
>op is a rapist
oh no no NO

Yeah man if you don't wanna get called a rapist you need to behave like THIS. Nobody ever talks shit about these guys. Fucking creep. Learn to respect women by beating them and having sex without their permission. Not being a shy beta rapist who respects their boundaries.

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>their personality has nothing to do with how their eyes look
Objectively wrong. All facial features are a physical manifestation of a persons mentality. Tough people don't randomly get shit facial features. Canthal tilts especially are a result of whats going on in someones mind. You can in a sense train your face through thinking, but it develops over a very very long time. Once it is set there is no going back. Maybe stop being a pussy and in 10 years you won't look like one.
>You could be happy on the inside but your eyes will still be ugly.
Maybe stop being happy and you wont look like fucking Dopey.

my eyes are brown, negative canthal tilt, asymmetrical to the point that my left eye looks almost lazy, and generally just the type of eyes that lookism guys would call incel tier. but i have gotten more compliments on my eyes than any other body part throughout my life. im constantly told that i have warm passionate friendly eyes, my wife says its like looking into a bonfire. i usually see the truth to a lot of incel lookism things but i have to disagree here. eyes have unique magical property, they can be deformed or ugly but still filled with soul

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>he thinks if you switched bodies with an incel and the rock or brad pitt their faces would suddenly change.

sigh. this "just world" shit needs to go away once and for all.

there is a very strong co-relation between the physical and the mind

to what degree it is, im not sure. can you be good looking and be autistic inside? can you look like a ugly yet on the inside be a normie, or be "good looking" on the inside?

what does that even mean? hmmmmmm............

its so interesting. chico is notorious for having tons of promiscuous sex with lots of women, and david gandy, pic related, is equally notorious for being an autistic loner who lost his virginity at like 21 or 22 and only had sex wtih like 3 or 4 girls and was never promiscuous

either way, its all just speculation and your fate is seeled by god. personally i have a model tier bonestructure, yet im a 28 kv neet. i dont know what the interplay between personality and bone structure is, but its very interesting

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>You have full control over how your face looks. You just gotta be positive bro. When you're positive on the inside it shows on your face.

Yikes science says otherwise.

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Meanwhile this Jew fucked over 5k women despite looking like Droopy.

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Where does OP say anything about getting laid? OP simply has a problem with people thinking your canthal tilt, epicanthic folds, eye color, etc determines a person's personality.

Cool strawman bro

Idk what women beaters have to do with anything, but yea, if your posture, the way you behave and speak give out a creepy vibes people and especially women won't like you

It's got nothing to do with the angle of your eyes I promise

this is such a subjective statement. WHY is life about the eyes? because you look better? because looking better supposedly gaurantees you getting laid and becoming chad?

how can you reasonably tell me life is about the eyes?

if i told you, life is all about eating garbage from a garbage can, how can you tell me im wrong?