Let's see if we can get one of these running lads

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these threads are fucking stupid and you're stupid

Imagine being unable to appreciate comfy threads

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hey user, how are you doing mate?
glad you made a /comfy/ thread

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Now for some isolated comfyness

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Not so good fren, another shit day for no reason. The feeling of impending doom is growing stronger. How about you?

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I'm doing meh desu, not really good nor bad

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Very nice op comfy threads are based

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was planning on drinking and playing vidya all day but woke up to my mom going on an autistic repetitive rant about how her sister in law insulted our poor family. i'm starting a small business soon and hopefully will make enough money to move very very far away. wish me luck comfybros


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how's it hanging bros? im doing okay. havent slept for a couple of days

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I hope you succeed robro, what kind of business will it be?

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Are you on stims? I've never done more than one sleepless night without them

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Contributing. I hope you're all comfy.

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How do you do fellow comfort lovers. Ever feel kind of lost and anxious for no particular reason? Like you have a hard time doing anything or relaxing. It comes and goes, it's the worst because it makes it hard to get comfy and content. Life is in what should be a fairly contented place right now, but there's still this lingering emptiness.



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I want to start writing complex stories but dunno how to start

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what vidya did you plan on playing lad? Ive lost interest in games for a while now, I miss it

I found this in a random thread, but it counts

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at my job right now op, no comfyness for me today.
thankfully my shift will end in 40 mins

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>t. tranny with gaping neo-vag

Yeah sometimes that happens. Best thing you can do in my experience is get a good nights sleep.

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streetlight at night

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tfw avoiding sleep as a way to delay the inevitable tomorrow morning

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very relatable lad
I put off going to bed as long as I can but I put off getting up even more

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Do you smoke by any chance? Even though it's unhealthy, chain smoking cigs all night can be a good way to pass the time if you don't wanna sleep. They keep you company in a strange, melancholic way.

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I can't feel the comfiness in this one

thank you
league of legends or maybe one of the steam games i've bought but never played.


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i'm off from work until thursday. doing alright until then. been playing some crossniq all day (a puzzle game with a cool y2k aesthetic)

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text here

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Any anons who like nice pictures but arent full on artsy fags should go to /wg/. Its a great board

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Anyway, how are you guys holding up? I am afraid to end up like my grandfather. He just works his ass off all day and drinks to drown his sorrows. The man is 86 and still can drive a bike 20km in the summer heat. But man, he is driving me to the edge of madness because of his drinking

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Just dumping at this point

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Something something nice thread op

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I love making Google Happy.

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if you dont want to end up like him just dont
as long as you pay attention to your life you wont suddenly wake up one day an 80 year old alcoholic

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I used to live here as a child, which makes this photo even comfier.

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Maybe try your hand at writing character bios for tabletops, or join one of those text-based roleplay forums

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that piggy looks real comfy

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silly illiterate pig couldn't read the warning

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I have some comfy anime pictures that make me want to kill myself but, I already wanted to kill myself so that is no change I guess.

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a little interior design inspiration from ikea

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I like small spaces. They are cozy.

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The pain really does never end.

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here's a pic from a trip i made to ocean city a few months back. sunsets are always very beautiful

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It is very hard to be comfy but here. The water in this photo is so clear and beautiful.

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search up bart on the road in yt

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I would really like to go swimming there.

I miss simpsonwave

It is not about me, but about him. My mother is having anger and panic attacks. Poor man, tourtured by demons

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Do drawings qualify as comfy?

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they sure do fren

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playing quake live listening to liquid swords while a storm passes over, all curtains open

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Here OP I fixed the awful green cast on your photo.

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Read some writers who are already doing complex stuff. Murnane, Gass, Cusk, Hempel, Beckett, etc.

Pick one and only one
jk I don't know who that is

Comfy bump originally

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>ruining a nice shot of a beach at sunset with your shitty overpriced sissy drinks, your "packed" wallet and your fisher price idiot machine
Yuppie Scum Fuck Off

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