20 vs 1 Speed dating

>he's got to be tall
>older than me (26)
>doesn't want children in the next 7 years
>into choking
>likes to dance
>everyone leaves


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is that actually what happens? pretty funny , but not clicking ur stupid link for adrev

James is my nigga. Love his style
Also this text format was retarded. Glad they changed it

Ok I don't want to ruin the thread but is /ourincel/ Dax here?

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>not clicking ur stupid link for adrev
That video has 13,7 million views. I'm pretty sure they can handle 20 clicks from Jow Forums.

This is a microcosm of modern dating at large. This girl's standards aren't even as high as the average woman's.

What nationality is that thing?

American. Guaranteed 2nd or 3rd generation Azn.
Like white girls, but with all the worst qualities dialed to 11.

It would be fun if everyone was just texting her:

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Absolutely retarded and annoying. Does this cock gobbling whore have any distinct interests or personality traits outside of drinking, partying and being a self absorbed social media addict?

They should make another video like this where a roastie speed dates with all robots

I meet her criteria.

disgusting, we have reached the peak of degeneracy

it's time for this world to end already

No. She literally only asked questions centered around hedonism and barely even grazed personality with the dancing thing.

She didn't seem too demanding to me.

The funniest thing to me is shes actually pretty ugly. MAYBE a 6 with extremely good makeup and outfit but no one outside of pathetically desperate beta orbiters would try to accommodate these retarded and arbitrary standards

Come on now. The single men around 30 who are in the top 10% height and don't want children yet are not that common.

She just wanted to be surrounded by 20 6'4" white chads. Nothing wrong with that. The selection of "men" was pathetic.

>troll with weak b8
>genuine retard
>roastie, also qualifies as retard
Pick one. Definitely not a Chad, because the Chads I know flat-out admit how brutal women's standards are, meeting them or not.

I'm kinda anti-natalist. I just want to fuck.

The only unfair expectation was height, but she was tall herself.

You know a 6 is by definition more attractive than half the women out there, right?

> 6'7"
> well older than her
> nothing wrong with that
> I can't dance but have no problem with having fun
They just picked a shitty crop of men.

Use adblock and a video embedder. They won't even get a view.
6/10 is a grade D, bro. Barely not failing.

And you know her criteria fit the top 20% of men right? Whores that are barely above average think it's reasonable to get a 6'2 Chad to choke them with a 10" cock and also wait several years for kids while they party and bullshit. Gtfo faggot white knight beta

>hair dyed an unnatural color

You're an idiot if you have anything but low expectations for a woman like this being reasonable.

Pretty alpha move from the two guys walked out on her at the beginning

>i like to be choked
vile roastie. Degenerate fiend. I would never date a women so sick in the head. How is this normal?

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Fucking dyed hair asian roastie having standards that high?
The hell did she expect?

This guy looks like he can have a good laugh

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the plebian human mating ritual is so overrated. Can't you see that it's the desire of an NPC? You only mate to reproduce another cog.

It's accurate. Nothing unreasonable about what she's looking for, but it's not so common. That you're going to be able to take your pick of people who meet your criteria from a room of 20.

Hell, you could onto a dating app with that criteria and get only a small handful of prospects in your entire city.

Should have picked you and 19 other 6'7" older guys that actually like to dance. They could run a train on her and after she is ready to settle down in 7 years she'll take your non dancing ass.

>Must be noticably taller than me
>Must be older, even a month too young is too young
>Must like partying and clubs
>Must have similar kinks

"I dont think I have to bend my values that are important for me"

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There's nothing wrong with what she said if she was looking for a FWB or a casual relationship

The problem is she says these are qualities a life partner needs.

damn this videos reminds me how ugly i am, i guess, and how i will die alone and virgin.

why do 5'4 girls want 6 feet men and higher? these girls have fathers who are 5'7 and their expectation are so much bigger than what they can accomplish

>he's got to be tall
>doesn't want children in the next 7 years
>into choking
>likes to dance

Now what I want in a girl
>has a dick
Looks like she isn't getting my cock.

>gets up after she makes fun of feet fetishes

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>that moment all the manlets leave
When will they learn

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They're women. They like feeling little next to their man, they like feeling protected, and they like feeling like they have options.

They're going to explore their ability to land the tallest guy they can in the range of what's socially en vogue. Doesn't really matter how tall they are.

And by "how tall they are," I mean "how tall she is."

Proof that if you are tall you cant be a fuckin robot.


Don't you just wanna take women like this and beat the shit out of them for being so utterly unworthy of all the affection they recieve?

At first glance, she seems like a nice girl. But then you just uncover layer upon layer of filth. The word is not demanding, it is evil, pure fucking evil.

And she is just one of many.

I wonder how well she would fare if her face was disfigured in an accident. Suddenly she is the one who isn't pretty enough to be with anybody.

>The problem is she says these are qualities a life partner needs.

Outside of the dancing thing which is obviously unimportant as she'll more than likely grow out of clubbing, why are the rest of her criteria a problem for a life partner.

Most women like a man who's a litter older, experienced, and established. She said she'd like a guy who is 6' which is reasonable as a 5'6 woman. A guy that is sexually open-minded and wants kids eventually, but wants to wait a little while and have some time being a couple first.

for once one of these videos is funny, though I only skimmed through it. She's not going to be single for a while though, whenever she wants she can pick up a guy either because he'll pretend or she'll drop her standards, let's be real.

Its not all girls. Most just care about you being taller, as long as your in that range, youre fine. A bitch isnt going to whip out a tape measure and if shes that hung up on height, she's not worth it to begin with

Alright I guess being 5'8 really is what ended my life.

I should've been 5'11 chad. I just knew it.

Ever since opening up to dating boys my love life has completely transformed. Guys are kind, sweet, affectionate, attentive without being needy, have unique interests and interesting personalities... it's insane. Why was I subjecting myself to this nightmarish female mate selection process?

The point of the segment is that these essential attributes to a long term/life term partner. What's implied from her is that a rather than what they're about, what their life goals are, she prioritizes getting choked more than them having a job or whatever else.

Having those qualities as a long term partner isn't bad, but if she's looking for those qualities in a LRT first it may be a rude awakening.

>26 but don't want children until she's 33
>has to conform to my fucked up fetishes that I will ask for in the first 5 minutes
Literal womanchild


Tall men can't be robots.

Because being attracted to females is natural while being homosexual isnt.

can you tell me why homosexuality isn't natural?

god she is cute
I want fuck this cute insect

I mean, I don't think OP's summary really does justice to what she says though.

She says stuff like wanting to ensure that she and a partner are mentally and financially established before starting a family, which most people aren't at her age of 26. Hence why she's talking about not having kids in the next 7 years. She's taking into consideration the physical attributes she find attractive in a partner and that she'd want in a kid. I'm a 6'4" male and at 32 I can tell you one of the things that excites me about my gf being 5'9" is that I'm basically guaranteed to have tall sons. And she only uses the choking thing as an example of her point about wanting a partner who is sexually open-minded and willing to explore. Watch the vid. Her larger point is she wants someone who views sex as fun and wants to try new things, but in the normie way (i.e. she doesn't want some r9k weirdo into feet or scat or shit like that).

Again, all totally reasonable for a life partner.

Because homosexuality does not produce life. It is nstural to have children and though.

>fuck its over
>its happening
>lyndon 'adolf' apostol
Some chan posters, I see..

Nothing fucked up about her fetish.

I don't get that argument man!
Like, heterosexuality doesn't produce life either, semen inside a pussy makes life. If they semen is from a gay man or straight man makes no difference. I bet a lot of straight men fuck women who they are not in love With or even attracted to, they're cumming from stimulating their penis With her vagina. Gays can do that too! It is a Choice!

Heterosexual thoughts don't create babies, semen in vagina creates a baby.

I bet there is a lot of gay sperm donors who has had their semen picked out to make babies. Or trannies who have donated semen to secure their lineage before cutting off their wiener.

I don't get this arguement man!

I've watched the vid several times, even before OP started this thread. Let me rephrase my point to mean that they are not bad qualities to have in a partner, but are being to be hard to find, especially in a speed date. Also I find the speed dating thing to find a LRT is moronic. I'm 6'2 and like tall women too. I understand she used it in that sense, but that wasn't clearly explained to the men she texted, which is the whole point of the segment.

The basal reasoning is much the same as for opposition to artificial contraception: sex not intended for reproduction must be an aberration and a sin. But an abundance of evidence points to the opposite. Committed homosexuality, with the preference appearing in childhood, is heritable. This means the trait is not always fixed, but part of the greater likelihood of a person's developing into a homosexual is prescribed by genes that differ from those that lead to heterosexuality. It has further turned out that heredity-influenced homosexuality occurs in populations worldwide too frequently to be due to mutations alone. Population geneticists use a rule of thumb to account for abundance at this level: if a trait cannot be due solely to random mutations, and yet it lowers or eliminates reproduction in those who have it, then the trait must be favored by natural selection working on a target of some other kind. For example, a low dose of homosexual-tending genes may give competitive advantages to a practicing heterosexual. Or, homosexuality may give advantages to the group by special talents, unusual qualities of personality, and the specialized roles and professions it generates. There is abundant evidence that such is the case in both preliterate and modern societies. Either way, societies are mistaken to disapprove of homosexuality because gays have different sexual preferences and reproduce less. Their presence should be valued instead for what they contribute constructively to human diversity.

>I understand she used it in that sense, but that wasn't clearly explained to the men she texted, which is the whole point of the segment.

That's fair. I'm just defending that there is logic to her criteria. I don't disagree in the slightest that she's presenting it like an entitled brat.

But that's also a point of the video. To emphasize the importance of actually talking about with someone and what is lost in trying to date and get to know people via texting and social media.

You forgot
>I'm an alcoholic and (most likely) can't control myself while drunk
>You must be my age or older, not even a few months younger
>you must be way taller than me even when I use high heels

Seriously this chick is an 5/10 tops and wants a 10/10 male, top kek.

I didn't see it as a point of that video, but I guess it could bring new light to it.

Honestly nice having a civil disagreement on Jow Forums without it devolving into shittalking.

Normalfags are just the worst, especially niggers.
>They really bouta give the short homies anotha L
Why do they have to text like niggers? It's like they read Huckleberry Finn and thought that blacks should type how they speak.

I figured the fact that you had her and the guys sitting together in room but not actually communicating except via cell phone was pretty deliberately putting on display how people typically go about this courting/screening process in the world of modern dating, and some of its drawbacks.

And yes, always good to come across people who actually want to exchange and consider ideas rather than just argue to feel right.

Why do you type like some butthurt white trash redneck still mad about the Confederacy?

Westernized chinks are the worst. However Slav Halfbreeds are the peak. In the Quran, Allah describes woman like this are the entry level gifts to you, I wonder what's the next level is

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>Westernized chinks are the worst

ehh while not as good as FOB asians they're still vastly superior to white roasties. Even if they adapt american culture a little too much they'll still be subservient and good relationship material for a white guy.

>Hates niggers like 90% of the world
>Hurr you must be a mad US southerner hahaha btfo

>Not lying to fuck and dump this dumb whore

This is why you don't get sex

Women don't know what they want so it's really lying

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No one cares about you or where you're from.

You're a reddit-spacing nigger


Wtf does that even mean?

The fucked up part is how she screens people for date on wether they'll choke her or not.

>Manlets saying they're getting Thanos'd by the thot
Wew fucking lad

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it means that you are a massive faggot

what's with all the normalfags and tall normalfags in this thread? christ this entire board is fucking compromised

Failed Chads exist user...It's a sad sight to see

The only way to salvage this ugly retard gook
>remove her fucking hair dye
>plastic surgery to make her ears not stick out like the amerigoblin meme
>fix her big gook lips
>fix her flat SEA nigger nose
>stop shaping her eyebrows, let them be natural
>her jaw is big but it's not terribly big, free pass
>bleach her ugly shitskin
>stop wearing the ugly tight yoga pants and wear a god damn skirt
>get rid of all her cleavage, there's nothing to show off lmao
>who gives a fuck about any dancing (except for square dancing, that's the ticket)
>she is a decent height for a female, pairing her with at least a 5'6" male is the way to go, but no taller than 6'0", above that is reserved for taller women
>she should only be paired with an asian man, miscegenation is disgusting and should be punishable by death, for all races on earth
>she should already be married with 2 or 3 children by now, more on the way, at 26
>fetishes are bad, just get over it and take a dick in the missionary with lights off, gook cunt

Am I missing anything?

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Also, why the hell are they texting? Why don't they talk when they're right in front of each other? Why can't she talk out loud in front of them and then they go around with a response? This is fucking stupid. If it's for speed dating, talking is faster than texting.

ching chang chong roastie
wala wala bing bong toastie

>6/10 is a grade D, bro. Barely not failing.
What is this facebook broscience holy shit
looks are not a homework score
5/10 is mediocre looks and she's a 4

>heterosexuality doesn't produce life either, semen inside a pussy makes life
Only heterosexuals do that. Heterosexuality is the root.
>I bet a lot of straight men fuck women who they are not in love With
>Gays can do that too
They don't.
>I bet there is a lot of gay sperm donors
Most of the sperm would go unused without infertile heterosexual couples.