What's wrong with owning slaves? You feed them, cloth them and all they have to do is work for you

What's wrong with owning slaves? You feed them, cloth them and all they have to do is work for you.

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im inclined to agree, but only for sub-humans like nigger and trannys

or we could just get the homeless people who are addicted to drugs drugs in exchange for free work
sound like an idea?

No. Homeless people are fed to the sharks or lions.

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why do people hate the most down trodded miserable people on earth? repeated trauma causes suicidality which makes them not want to work and give up on life. just because they arent happy and got sick of this fucking world doesnt mean that you should have a murderous contempt for them.

Would you make me your slave, Kashii? I'm very submissive as long as you're kind to me haha.

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they complain about not getting paid enough for their amount of work

Please don't waste your common sense and decency in threads like this.

They don't work because they're angry about their situation. This is the problem with it.

Why should i feel sorry for retards who escaped using drugs then cause havoc on others because they are depressed or mentally ill? Why wont they just end it by killing themselves and being Satan's playthings instead of shitting on the streets and expect people like you to give them free things?

Its people like you who enable these autists to self destruct and have
people like me pick up their tabs.

No. You seem lazy and a future bum.

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I am lazy, but I could still try to please you if you showed kindness and affection to me.

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I'll show you a bat and a shovel that ill use to bury you.

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Why are you being so mean? I was just joking about doxing you.

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Now kiss
original comment

You should know better than to joke with me.


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There's nothing wrong with owning slaves.
Humans have owned slaves for thousands of years before the last 130 years.
A good slave owner is like a good pet owner who doesn't spoil them or abuse them, but rewards them when they do well, and disciplines when they behave badly.

why would you wanna make a tranny your slave we're very weak when it comes to manual labour

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I'm pretty dangerous myself.


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>you feed them
Ah yes, bread and water, the most nutritious meal
>you clothes them
Ah yes, skin, the most comfortable clothes
>work for you
Ah yes, 12 hours a day, if not more, of doing the same thing over and over again

If you're gonna argue that if you had slaves you wouldn't treat them that way, others totally would if not worse. And preventing slaves from receiving such treatment would be impossible unless everyone is monitored 24/7.

Because they don't try. They don't put in any effort to better themselves. My uncle was homeless for 14 years before he died. In that 14 years the only thing he ever did was bum money off his family. When offered help, the first thing he did was try to bum money off of another family member before coming to us.

>manual labour
What other reason is there to have a tranny as a slave besides bullying them everyday?

I don't see any guns in that video.

There are modern day slaves in Thailand and they seem
happy to have masters.

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>implying I need a gun to ruin you
Gonna visit every Burger King in San Francisco and ask for the manager until I find you.

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Any employee in the modern world is already a slave, but better because they can buy your products with the same money you paid them to make them. Consumerism is one hell of a drug. As for the homeless, generally I agree they're disgusting subhumans, but killing them is pointless cruelty. Just kick them out of cities and towns, being a bum isn't what they did wrong anyway. Being a bum is not wrong, no one is obligated to society. But no one needs to enable them either

nothing like watching two narcissistic avatarfags go at it

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>he'd waste gas, time and money just to find me
>see me
>he wont do shit but have gay fantasies about me


Who the fuck is this no name tripfag?

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Says the tripfag. Spic calling the nigger black.

>the most down trodded miserable people on earth
that's where you are wrong

suck my girlcock, weakling.

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They chose to be a bum. Every action is a reaction. You want to drop out of society? Then suffer the consequences.

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>implying that partaking in a sick and twisted society such as ours is a good thing
thats where youre wrong bucko

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keep these thoughts in the realms of fetishes. go play free cities and stop talking.

>burgerflipper hasn't got the ability to reflect about his own life and come to the conclusion that he is the slave, aka wageslave

Colour me surprised

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literally orignally this.

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Bullying their prostate and kissing them on the forehead? Why would you not want a wife who is 100% willingly submissive, loves sex, wants to be around you all the time, and can never get pregnant?

My fantasy is to be a mercenary in a, well, fantasy, setting and buy a cute elf slave girl. I would have her do simple things like cook for me, take care of my horse, clean my armor, and keep me company. I would earn her trust through kindness and she would come to love me. I'd grant her freedom and she would choose to stay with me anyway.

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You really have no reason to be so smug, tripfag.
I have more than enough of all three. I suppose a wagie wouldn't understand that. I'm sure everyone would like to know what an Asian ghetto wannabe looks like.

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aaaaaah, you got me there gaynon. i didn't think of that...

also how are you doing fren

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You get one reply from me, tranny. Get your rank up before you take on the champ.

I rather talk with Aiste who seem to be busy elsewhere....

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what're are you gonna do about it, avatarfag?

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Kashii do you unironically support Israel before your countrys own interests?

According to the archives his oldest post is from a week ago and he already has almost 300. So it's just a tripwhore trying to make a name for himself.

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no i just stopped using my old trip >w>

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A chink, a sp8c and a tranny walk into a bar...

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Israel is our countries interest. A small state thats smaller than Idaho is worth protecting.

Look up Nagi. That was my old trip.

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i give this post all of my leddit gold

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My favorite part about avatar/trip/namefags is that every single one of us seems to think we're somehow different from all the other ones. No one hates attention whores more than other attention whores.

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maybe we should all be friends and just hug it out.

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Slavery treats the individual as a means to an end and not an end and of himself. Could every man be a slave? No. Could every man be free? Yes. Would you begrudge your enslaver? If so you must reject slavery as being against your categorical imperative.

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Are you really a tranny? Are you doing hrt or something?

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All attention should be focused on me. Because im famous.

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ehhh yeah i am. i've been on hrt for like 10 months now. it's going alright. are you a cis fembot?

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Are you though? I'm way more obnoxious. I deserve to be rewarded for my efforts.
Many people assume I'm a fembot, but unfortunately no. I don't plan to take hrt or anything like that though. I'll most likely just kill myself in the next few months or years.

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awwww, its cute that you use a fem avatar even though you're a guy. you shouldn't kill yourself though, user. i'm sure things will get better for you soon enough. are you a neet like me?

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Yes I'm a neet living with mommy right now.

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oh nice, i'm living with my parents right now but soon i'm moving in with my gf(male), i'm looking forward to it. how old are you?

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But apparently white men are the ones who want to be owned by big ethnic cock. Just make slavery voluntary and see what race wants to bow down more I say :)

do not post BLACKED on this thread. do NOT. stop. NO NIGGER DICK.

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It's pretty nice that you have it figured out like that. Do your parents support you? I'm 21, how about yo?

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A lot of homeless people are seriously mentally ill or schizophrenic. Also, if you have an IQ below about 83, it's almost impossible for you to do any job well. Even operating a till at a shop is out of the range of most people at this level.

i'm 18! my parents have been pretty supportive about stuff, which is nice. if they were shitty about it i probably would've just an hero'd. what country are you in user? im a britbong myself

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back to /trash/ with you.


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That's nice. I haven't told anyone about my feelings. Not even in therapy. I'm in Norway. What do you plan to do when you move out? Work? Studies?

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i'm planning on getting a degree in digital forensics. might take a while to apply for a college and get my shit together but that's my main goal at least. for now i'm just shitposting and playing plants vs zombies.

you seem sweet, user. do you have a discord?

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>digital forensics
Seems like a cool choice. I'm an international relations dropout myself.
Sorry, I don't use Discord. I'm not always as nice as I may seem now, so it's probably for the best.

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aaah i see. it's just you seemed to be as mentally ill as me, which is interesting to see on here.

safe travels, avatar user

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I'm likely way more mentally ill than you. I wish you all the best too.

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So obsessed with bbc you have to bring it up even when nobody is talking about it.

the words of a man who knows his race yearns for submission