I just want to fuck a swole varbie before I die

I just want to fuck a swole varbie before I die

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I'd be happy with any woman at this point, but a varbie would be a nice plus.

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Of course I wouldn't say no to any girl but having sex with a varbie would be perfection

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I would actually feel inferior since they are in better shape than me but it would motivate me to work out.

Just accept the fact that you never will and avoid that disappointment on your deathbed,

Both these women looked so much better before they got beefed up.

I would be too diamonds to worry about being a twink

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Your opinion. You are entitled to it no matter how shitty it is.

I would happily fuck either version

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I just wanna marry a swole natty girl, is that so much to ask?

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Nah I'm not a twink. Just a little flabby. I need to get jacked and pick up some gym chicks.

She doesn't even look much older. Var must be magic.

I want her to rape me tbqh with you anons

I feel like saluting her with my dick.

I have a smorgasbord of varbies to fap to on Instagram. Im too busy fapping to worry about that.

natty girls can't get swole desu
great taste btw

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>tfw literally magic muscle growth pills for girls
best timeline

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Some can, girls are weird

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I beg to differ.
This woman existed long before steroids.

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Is that a morph? I feel like getting a time machine to grab her thighs.

> huge natural tits
> good muscle mass
> well proportioned.
She's perfect.

really hot but those girls are athlethicc
natty girls can't get the varbie look

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That's ok. I'm just saying women have some natural ability to grow muscle but most choose not to.

Yeah, but it looks shopped. She must have wowed people in her era.

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she was 5'2, she'd look much less impressive in real life

I'd hit it.

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I hope you guys are all lifting, otherwise you've got your priorities wrong

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any woman that has the drive and discipline to get Jow Forums is worthy of admiration in my opinion
varbies just get me hard faster
picrel is 100% natty

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I'm trying desu, but I don't think I will ever look good enough for a varbie.

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Yeah I know. Jow Forums girls probably want Jow Forums guys.

If you WANT to you have to work for it retard. Why would they go for you when they can literally get any other guy, especially a muscular, smart alpha male?

Even more so, women don't like begging men. Bunch of pathetic numales in here. Off yourselves.

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why not?

literal perfection

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Joan Rhodes was another.

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>to big for the average guy's tastes
>too small for fetishists tastes

Blah blah blah. Go back to your cuck thread and worship BBC.

Small frame and shit genetics. The best I could do natty would be "cute" ottermode and most of these chicks only go for bodybuilders.

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Pics? Post them on /soc/ and link it.

smoll buff girls are cute af desu

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>ignores everything and gets triggered by an image of a darker skinned person
This is why you remain single while I have a girlfriend and two FWB's. Gonna go play some Mario Kart with my FWB later tonight. See ya.

he's right, despite posting a black guy. Are you more muscular than the women in this thread? If not you should be working on yourself instead

>The best I could do natty
well most of the women in this thread aren't natty either

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just get bigger then

what's the problem with the black guy if he's getting more pussy than you

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>ywn have a qt gf that wants to grow for you

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I don't have anything against black people, but when people post them here with white women it's almost always a cuck thing
Even good porn that happens to have black guys in it has been ruined for me by cuck fetishists

fmg is one of the hottest porn concepts. Real life fmg is even better.

Anavar won't get me there tho. I have to inject test if I want to make gains as a guy.

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so the problem isn't skin color, it's you getting baited
you gotta realise there's an entire world full of people with different skin color, having thoughts like those will make you look at them as nothing more than a sex object, and sadly that's what's they're being represented in our society

to add onto that, interracial couples are inescapable. its nothing more than the world changing anons, no reason to be scared

that's true, but you can start with sarms and see how far that gets you. Test is healthier than anavar anyway

My brother from another mother

Nothing beats real life fmg but you should read Natalie and the Pumpsuit

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I literally said I have nothing against black people. It's simply the case that when people post them here, it is a cuck thing 99% of the time.

Anavar destroys the liver. I don't know how varbies do it.

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Is there any good fmg porn? Asking for my dick.

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then is what a cuck thing?

I wish my legs would grow
fuck squats

do Jow Forums girls want boyfriends with big brappers?

Yes they do double heil. But you have to have a muscle butt and brap pure protein.

>tfw swn spoon you
y liv

>parallel universe Jow Forums is varbies posting chubby dudes in HIGH EST threads
>ywn live in that universe

>swn give you a brutal handjob

I really dont get this fetish, kind of like reverse tranny, im attracted to girls who are soft and smooth, with curves in their tits and hips, not muscles

Nigga did I say I wasn't gonna work for it? I'm working on getting Jow Forums, I'm not retarded.

>reverse tranny
it's still a girl

These girls all look disgusting and unnatural. like they are on juice.

>like they are on juice.
huh yeah I wonder why they would look like that

yeah instead of a guy that looks feminine i.e. tranny, its a girl that looks masculine, reverse tranny

it's called a tomboy usually

I'm natty and my arms look like this. you're retarted if you think women can't put on muscle mass just because the majority of them have never lifted a weight in their life.

Pics and location or you have the big gay

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kill you are self degenerate

Pls I just wanna give you love and a better understanding of English

>like they are on juice.