Would you date a femanon?

Would you date a femanon?

Why / why not?

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im so lonely i would date literally any"thing"

would you date a trap then?

Of course I would. I consider femanons to be superior to normie woman. A 2/10 femanon is equivalent to a 8/10 normie.

>I consider femanons to be superior to normie woman

Even with the associated mental health disorders?

yes, traps are superior to w*men

I want nothing more than to date a homely white femnon who will sit on my face as she shitposts on her phone

Yes. It's just a part of who they are as people.

I would but OP looks so close to my mom idk how Id feel about it

>implying that females are able to comprehend let alone post here

I bet I've been here longer than you, kid

I did but it wasn't by choice, she raped me.

Also this. Femanons please let me be your chair.

There are no femanons in germany so no gf for me

im from the edge of the map... in espelkamp

Can we ask your story?

No. If I ever found out my gf was a 4chaner I'd beat her.

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Duisburg here didnt expect someone on Jow Forums would be in NRW

no idea, it all depends on how we get on and if we fit each other.

just like any other woman,

being on this website tells me nothing about the particular girls interests/hobbies/even ages

as long as we both wish to i'd date a femanon

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I don't think it's that interesting, she was just assertive and forceful with me and physically stronger because I'm a skeleton. The first time we did anything she literally forced me into amazon position and raped me because I couldn't stop her.

How big is the Chance to write with a femanon who is actually a dude beating his meat to the fantasy of getting fucked by a robot

I dated an egirl from here wasnt that bad but you see her in a light the orbiters never will

Fembots are unironically best girls, don't let anybody tell you otherwise.

NO, I want one fucking woman and she's on the other side of the country.

i wish, but im too autistic to talk to people irl

no they are all whores
also the term "fem


I won't date anyone. I am a horrible partner

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Normalfag women aren't crazy though just really ignorant

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Yes, we would be more likely to have common interests, that's what I want

l would MARRY and IMPREGNATE a fembot

german anons unite

anyone from franken?

you were a orbiter TOP KEK

Date? Sure.

But I don't think I'd get to emotionally invested as I'd be very confident that any woman that spends her time here has something exceptionally wrong with her.

>but you see her in a light the orbiters never will
is it beautiful?

Wrong you were
I miss her a lot yeah

I wanted to but it turns out she's a slut who fucks the first person she sees out of a relationship. Good thing she lives in another country.
God I need to find someone else to orbit.

>I wanted to but it turns out she's a slut who fucks the first person she sees out of a relationship
been there.

No because femanons are like every other roastie. All want chad and are extremely vapid. They deserve a good hiding.

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Yeah but only if she's a tomboy and at least a switch or dom.
bonus points if she's fit

I've dated a couple of girls from here and not I doubt I want to again. Fuck that I want a normal girlfriend, not just some stupid mentally ill womanchild. Not again I hope.

yes. even trap or trans. I'm so lonely.

>implying normie biowamen don't have similar disorders

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>tfw there are more femanons in Germany than Oregon
then again I guess that the kind of girl who would come here probably joins some queer satanist cult if she lives in the PNW

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this, dont delude youself anons, being vapid whore is not part of being a stacy, is part of being a woman

It was just 1 'girl' from germany

>from germany