My fellow beta's post your favorite pictures of you trolling guys on discord as a girl, I'll go first

My fellow beta's post your favorite pictures of you trolling guys on discord as a girl, I'll go first

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fuck off you retarded piece of shit

YunoTm Is me

>actually believing that guys believe you're a girl on discord

the mental gymnastics on this one

I'm just fucking with them until they wanna commit suicide

This specimen tried to hang himself multiple times bc 'i broke up' with him

What's wrong with you, seriously

and i'm the leader of an african tribe deep in the nigerian woods

cut your bullshit user

Not really that much is wrong with me

you're a piece of shit
leave these poor mentally ill people alone

No thank you I just want to eradicate them so they can't breed

Doing Gods work.

Tired of the normies on this board. Keep going until its clean.

Thank you my dear user (original comment)

>gaymen laptop
Don't you have homework to do or hrt to take, kiddo?

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Not really user I graduated hs two years ago

teach me how to do this it looks fun

Just go on any Nightcore discord server and fuck with them to your heart's content

fucking hell there is an entire discord dedicated to that shitstain of a genre?

Yes user and it's very interesting to see how they react to everything

>Haha, let's troll some betas!
>He called me cute... I mean that's quite pathetic lol. Let's play with him more
>H-He hasn't answered my lewd pic tease in 2 hours... Did he find me out? Doesn't he like me? ...Ah he was playing with his friend...
>T-These roleplays are just so I can laugh at him later! *I moan under you, begging you to kiss my neck more* H-H-Hahaha...
>I-I wonder if I should get a voice changer so I could play with him more... It's unfair he plays so much with his friends, he should play more with me!
>S-Should I tell him that I'm not a girl? He said he likes traps so maybe if I put some effort...
>Hehe... Now I sent a nice pic of my legs to him~ O-Oh... His dick is... I-I mean haha, I get to share this with guys later!
3 months pass...
>Man I'm nervous... Meeting IRL with him... I wonder if I did my make-up decent...
>B-Beta-Kun! Y-You didn't tell you were so tall...
>Well, let's go get something to eat~


-----Quit Game

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Wtf is this shit it's even worse than Nightcore

-----> Quit Game

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Error. You cannot quit real life like that

>I don't mind fast food, though I wouldn't want to get out of shape...
>Y-You would love me anyway? B-Baka Beta-Kun...
>You want to feed me? I-I'm not your pet! ...At least not outside of our roleplays...
>W-Well if it makes you happy... Aaaaa~
>D-Don't call me a good girl here! People will give strange looks...
>No I don't! I'm just boring average guy...
>Nnh... I didn't know headpats would feel this nice Beta-Kun... I feel like I could fall asleep against your shoulder...
>Sorry that I didn't have any bigger plans, I just really wanted to meet you...
>What? You live close? Well... W-We could always go to your place and play some vidya...
>Sheesh Beta-Kun... You need someone to clean your room
>H-Hey! I'm not your mom or wife! ...What do you mean that I soon am you idiot!?
>W-Why do you have a maid-outfit ofmy size!? I-I...
>Okay, I'll try it on... Oh, it's just a bit tight on the shoulder's but otherwise it's a good fit!
>H-Hey why are you looking at me like that!?

GAME OVER(again)
Maid Rape ending 02

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This is why God has abandoned us

When you "pretend" to be a girl online, it affects your mind. An act that you keep on most of your day suddenly becomes part of you
T.Likes pretend to be a girl in roleplays

continue uwu

It was a joke
I'm sleepy

Personally, I have a life and don't do that. Whatever floats your little boat my nigga.