*record scratch*

*record scratch*
*freeze frame*
Yup, that's me. You're probably wondering about how I got myself into this situation...

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Epic meme friend xddd

It was dark when shooting started.

imagine holding a rifle and being dressed up in tacticool gear and wearing a balaclava and still managing to look like you just shit your britches in a photograph

He looks like he just got caught trying to sneak into his sister's room to steal some panties that he'll jerk off into later.


Pol Pot was right about these genetically inferior faggots.

Goddamn Sam Hyde back with this shit, he always keeps getting away

The virgin white nationalist

The chad black nationalist

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Such a sad way to go out

And not even getting one kill.

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He looks like bubbles

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No, t wasn't. The video is on YouTube.

and not even getting one injury either

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He fired three shots into the side of the building. That is definitely some minor property damage.

Even had a photographer right in front of him

>No one else was seriously hurt in the shootout, which took place outside the Earle Cabell Federal Building and Courthouse around 8:40 a.m. ET. However, some glass panes on the building were shattered.

So, this is the power of the beta uprising

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The guy who got a picture of this idiot had massive balls.
Jk, this was a psyop/false flag.

it all started when i found this website called forch hand

He was going to go to our local anime convention next week too. Dude should have just chilled and come hung out

>t.reddit incel

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I seriously doubt he got killed, shit was suspect as hell

Don't mock him pls. He's my hero.

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Did he ever post on Jow Forums by any chance?

>this time it was unironically sam hyde
The reason why no one was injured is because it was just a skit for an upcoming project.

the one time he didn't get away with it

>be me
>about to commit america's deadliest mass shooting
>i am nearing the target
>really nervous
>notice photographer on the sidewalk
>about to shoot him
>he's readying his camera for a photograph
>have an idea
>let him take the photograph first, then i shoot him!
>the media will publish that photo everywhere!
>should i point the gun at him?
>maybe i should just make an angry intimidating face or something
>or maybe i shou-
>oh shit he already took the photo
>haha, i probably looked like a super intimidating chad in that photo
>now, time to shoot hi-
>oh, he's already gone
>heh, he wasn't even worth a bullet anyways
>now, on to the courtyard, my main target
>arrive at the front entrance
>three people in my view
>let's get this party started
>first mag empty
>ha, that was pretty easy
>i wonder how many i kil-
>they're all running away from me perfectly fine
>did i actually MISS all of my shots?
>nah, i'm pretty sure i hit at least one of them
>i still have tons of ammo in reserve
>time to continue the slaughter
>shit a security officer
>shit he has a gun
>i CANNOT reload in these conditions
>i run to a nearby parking lot
>surely, these cars will provide ample cover
>retarded security officer probably can't even see me right now, lmao
>remove mag #1
>insert mag #2
>now, time to return to the courthouse so i can continue my massac-
>mfw i didn't even get one injury

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Seriously though, who is this guy and why did he want to shoot up a courthouse of all places?
He looks like he's just dropped a 10 lb log down his pants out of fear

I refuse to believe that someone could be this incompetent
I think he didn't really want to hurt people and just wanted a suicide by cop

Can we just talk about how nearly every aspect of this image is lined up perfectly? The way his feet are positioned, his posture, the look on his face, the way he's holding the gun and the extra magazine. It's like every part of him was perfectly lined up to convey "I am insanely nervous and I don't know what I'm doing," This is image is like something you would find on Shutterstock under the name of "nervous terrorist" or something.

top cuck origianilio