Wake up

>wake up
>look up
>see pic related
>"We have been assigned to provide you ultimate pleasure for the next 72 hours in this bedroom." -they all say in unison as if they are robots
>"We're not leaving until those balls are drained. Drained so much it'll take months to push even a drop out again. We're taking ALL of your seed, user." -The one in the center gently says into your ear, as she breaks formation, and mounts you; as the others ring formation around your body, smothering you with their ten heaving boobies
what do

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Nooo I'm saving myself for marriage!

suck all their titties for 71 hours. As an incel is it my biggest dreams to suck the titties of someone i love

cum in 4 minutes, lose all interest in them, and go back to reading umineko.

Don't even touch my dick. Just milk yourselves onto me.

Make them edge me for 72 hours

Ask them to suffocate me with dem milkers

yes, they are all extraordinary fertile, and at peak, so they have literally liters of breast milk that they lather you in, before 8 of the boobies smother your face, and two boobies milk your cock. Even after you ejaculate profusely, she keeps milking. It starts to hurt, but she keeps going, as the boobs smoker you, continuing to lactate seemingly impossible amounts of milk into your face. Within 3 minutes, you've done what only the pros can do, and ejaculate again, performing a double ejaculation.
>"suck on our boobies, user. We're gonna give you 15 minutes until, that cock is being farmed again. :)"
you imagine this to be an impossible task.
>"how can i keep this up for 72 hours, and no sleep? They probably want me to ejaculate 30-35 times within the next 3 days." you think to yourself
but you grin, and bear it. Knowing that it is your duty, to completely seed and plow them in order to ensure that they are all each pregnant, with at least quadruplets, making you the father of 20+ children.
>"This is my burden. My cross to bear."

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keep those thots away from my innocent pp or i will bite their ankles

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Looks like I can't do much about it, so I just wait for it to end.

The lighting in that picture is so ominous, it's like a bad trip. If I woke up and saw that, I'd be sweating ice.


Please just let me go back to sleep, I didnt ask for this

Then struggle myself free and call cops

These women are so ugly. I would honestly prefer to remain a virgin.

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Reverse uno.

I summon 10 giga niggas to aid me and escape. All roasties die within seconds.

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But your double dubs won't be able to stop the giga niggas afterward

originally, and most meaningfully, have sex.

i usually wake up hungry, so would ask to eat some food before the action begins

I'd start with having my cock sucked and getting rimmed at the same time.

Starts with blowjobs ends in murder suicide. Just like dateline.

Id probably freak the fuck out wondering how these spooky robosluts got in my house and try to fuck off out a window

I have a huge impregnation fetish so thanks for the fap OP

Somebody else will take care of it.

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The niggas are my familiars. We forge the contract out of weed and white wymen.

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well I'm a biological girl so it's going to be awkward

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Pleasure is based not only on physical application alone, but mental stimulation and visual preference. I do not find these fat-face double-cakes to be attractive, so them draining my life force is nothing but a punishment. Thus, they cannot provide me true "ultimate pleasure", and should resign in failure.

kill them with my bare hands and use their bodies to make sofa cushions and make stew out of the thigs and buttocks.

Cringe and edgypiIled.

Ask them how they got into my barracks, located in a warzone, in a secure military compound.